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Hmm not sure but..I read somewhere the one after Sehun is Chanyeol and the one next to him is MoonKyu because people say he's short.

@freesoul: Yeah he's the one walking with Tao.

Here are more photos of the mystery guy. Chinese fans call him 牛仔哥 "cowboy" haha.

*quoted image*

sr: weibo

110909 SNSD's Concert VCR

*quoted image*

might be this guy cause of his dyed hair?

*quoted image*

saw this on exo's baidu bar somewhere. he could be the rapper @2:45

[PREDEBUT] 101117 SM Trainee

OMG the mystery guy  is soooowub.gif pretty!! Seeing them all together in concert is gonna cause a lot of nose bleeds!!w00t.gif

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Guest Kui4eva


EXO-K member Kyung Soo. People are suspecting that he is the vocalist of the group. He's the one in the red pants in the EXO group picture.

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lol, dead at 'Cowboy' and 'Lil Fatty' [though he doesn't look fat at all], where do they come up with these nicknames?

Maybe KyungSoo and Jino together are the main vocalists, I still believe that the white blazer guy is Jino. 

I need a Chen teaser, we only saw a tiny glimpse of him in gayo daejun and those photos >.<

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Guest babyblueangel

hmm i didn't really see yixing in him at first, but now looking at more pictures, it's a lot more obvious.

[Predebut] Yi Xing aka Lay



7561e034jw6dfan5kmvbmjj.pngcr: Xing's Paradise(兴迷乐园)

This is Yi Xing's Baidu Profile

SM this is what happens when you name him Lay


sr: baidu

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Guest lolly88

oh my i am so glad we are allow to post even if they have not officially debut yet on music shows or release their mv

or album

something interesting which most of us probably have already seen the news on twitter

There was a coference in Beijing,China yesterday and SM got 70 young musicians together to get good music for EXO. One of the composer who attended the conference said that there will be 10 more teasers till EXO debut. Also, 6 members in EXOK and 6members in EXOM. In EXOM, 4 Chinese members and 2 Korean members.

translations are from this this two screen cap from the people who attended the SMTOWN china writer conference yesterday

i think its pretty fair to divide them into half each ,and 2 koreans will be in EXO M so they have each other as companion -_-



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Guest Kui4eva

^I don't know if I could believe that. I'll just wait for SM's confirmation. It's already hard for a Chinese group created by a Korean company to try to make it in China. Adding Korean members make it even harder since there's anti-Korean sentiments in China. It's better just to have 6 Chinese members and 6 Korean members.

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Guest Kui4eva

looking at the rumors about group members.... does it mean that jino will not debut in this group??? T_T

If he's not in EXO then he will probably end up in M3. SM is supposed to release another boy group but this time the group is more vocal oriented. Maybe they think he's better in a vocal group.

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Guest ribbonchariots

Hi :) Suddenly got interested in Exo-K & M, esp Se Hun & Lay! (: Hope they'll debut soon! I can't wait hehe ^^

Anyway, i chanced upon a fancam which Kai and Lu Han were on it. They were rehearsing for SM orchestra for SBS gayo daejun. I think Lu Han looked damn hot when he's so hardworking, still trying so hard even if it's just a rehearsal! Kai was practising alone behind Siwon. Omg, I'm starting to like them already!

111229 (Fancam) SM Family rehearsal full @ SBS Gayo

cr: uploader, YT @ Cho4Kyuhyun

Exotics, ( the fans of Exo i supposed? correct me if i'm wrong) Nice to meet you guys (:

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