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Korean fans from HOT!SPACE & OHPPAHOME made a move to reinforce for EXO




Yesterday Korean fans from HOT!SPACE & OHPPAHOME made a move to reinforce to EXO for the first time.

“Please help yourself to have more to grow with youth and vigor!” They don’t know EXO members’s taste, so they prepared 12 different kinds of delicious muffins for EXO members. Those muffins were packed in sunder for easy to eat, each of them with the paster “Just for You”. They also provided coffee and sodas and put the pasters on caps. The only regret is that the pasters were not custom made because preparation was in a hurry.

One of the bag was accepted with Lu Han’s own hands through 센트님(Korean fan’s name). Another bag was sent to front desk turn over to EXO. Fortunately, all members got it.

Although the reinforec was not perfect, Lu Han was very happy, he took it with great joy.

“Soon they will debut, if they could feel even a little encouragement or power from our reinforece,that’s enough.”

“Please give them more surpport and love, let’s take good care of these kids and waiting for their wonderful debut!”


taken from: luhanlu@tumblr

8D i think it's so awesome our boys have a union already before they even debuted keke

i've updated the first post with a lot of the fansites that have already popped up for various members

if you guys want to check it out ^^ of course, a lot of them doesn't have content yet but data

will be updated after they debut; when these noonas actually have events to go take photos of lol

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holy krisus, jisol.. the first post is breathtakingly pretty. Thanks so much for putting in so much effort for the thread!<3

just a suggestion, maybe you can already put down the respective positions for BaekHyun, D.O and Chen? Chen and BaekHyun would be the main vocalists while D.O will be lead vocalist. :)

I'm so excited for their debut, it's coming nearer! March will definitely be the month. I have a feeling that their mini will drop on the week after.

Since Big Bang's album will be released on Feb 29th, SM might be wanting to wait a bit for the BB craze to cool down(which i presume is a week) before releasing EXO's music.

Still on track and just like the many rumors, March 8th seems like the most possible debut date for EXO(live debut, not in terms of album/mv release) ^^

a simple question to all :D : Who is your current favorite in EXO?(If you do not have a bias yet, who do you think is going to be yours?) and why?

Mine would be Su Ho and Kai for EXO-K while Kris and Lu Han for EXO-M. I usually get my favorites before they even debut because strangely, they already have a certain kind of appeal to me.(Same as SNSD's Jessica) For Su Ho, it's a bonus that he's born in the same year as me.^^

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My favorite from overall EXO is Lu Han :P My fav member from each EXO:

-EXO-K: at first it's Kai, but now I'm torn between Se Hun and Chan Yeol. But I choose Se Hun for now~

-EXO-M: Lu Han obviously <3 Tao will be my second I think

I'm attracted to Lu Han the most because he's cute (yes I tend to like cute guys) and seems to possess many skills. You see that he's skilled in dancing (showed in his dancing teaser) and singing as well (showed in What Is Love MV). I wasn't attracted to him at first sight and really didn't think he'd be my bias, because he looked so young in his first pic and looked kinda different between his first teaser and his pic, so I was quite confused how he actually looked like lol I began to pay attention to him since teaser 9 (Se Hun + Lu Han). I dunno why since that I'm attracted to him. Then BAM! What Is Love MV was released, which really surprised me because I didn't expect him to sing so well and to be one of the lead vocalists (I thought he'd be a dancer or a rapper because of his dancing teaser). So you can guess he impressed me even more :D From what I read on his friends account it seems that he's an outgoing and easygoing guy, and his friend is getting along with him really well. And add the fact that he's the same age as me, you get why he's my fav member above all :lol:

For Se Hun, maybe it's because he's good looking and has certain charisma in some ways. But I don't like him immediately at first sight too, I like him just recently. He also has some similarities in face features with Wu Chun (lol), whom face features I also like.

As for Tao, if I didn't know or get a glimpse of his actual personality, I wouldn't like him as much as now. He has a fierce, cool, and cold image from his teasers, which I don't really dig those kinds of image xD But after I read his weibo's translations long before he released his first teaser until now, and after I heard that he's a playful guy, he seems to be a cute, playful, hardworking, and optimistic guy. This adds a lot of points in my eyes to be honest

In order to elaborate deeper reasons why I like those guys I need to see them debut and how they're on screen :P Sorry for my long reasoning

Btw, from the fav members polling that is held in EXO international forums (CODE:EXO), Lu Han is currently leading for overall EXO fav and EXO-M fav, especially in EXO-M by a lot of points, while Se Hun is leading for EXO-K fav. Although Lu Han is my fav, the fact that he's leading in both overall EXO fav and EXO-M fav quite surprised me, because I thought Kai would be leading lol I think Lu Han doesn't stand out as much as Kai does, and the likes of Se Hun or Kris also stand out more than him. Or maybe it's due to him being the second member that has his teaser released? I dunno but I'm quite happy of course xP Well things may change as they debut and appear frequently on screen

Well I think SM will release something today (February 29th), because it's being February 29th that only exists once in four years lol Well SM better release something, it's a special day~

Sorry for my long rambling post :x

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^ lol. i think most people are trying their hardest NOT to like Kai because that'd be like giving into SME's not so subtle marketing LOL

@jaefan: noted and added! I'm kind of wary about editing the members info at this point because a lot of it is unconfirmed t_t

hmm..favorites so far. was immediately attracted to Kai, but that's a given because of all his ties to taemin from shinee :x haha. Actually wasn't that interested in Exo until the teaser with dubstep was released. After reading a lot of his older weibo updates I'm really starting to like Tao; Kyungsoo, just because of his age/face/fact that he's a lead singer ;) kek. ^^ but yeah, those three so far. 93er's and the honorary 93er.

*on a slightly unrelated note, everyone in this thread should drop by the soompi live chat this week (thursday), spazz about exo in real time ^o^

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Oh yay. This thread is picking up pace ^_^

Hm... I can't really pick one favourite but for now, EXO-K: torn between Baekhyun and Chanyeol whilst in EXO-M: torn between Luhan and Kris

BaekHyun because ever since I saw him dorking out in that video he's shot straight up my bias list and ChanYeol cause I've stanned him since I saw him in SNS's Japanese mv.

Luhan seems to age backwards and Kris is very mysterious, I want to see him smile lol.


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Hey guys if you want to send Lu Han a birthday message send an email to dearluhan@hotmail.com OR send a tweet to @dearluhan900420, you can either send it in Chinese/English/Korean. Keep it short (as possible) but meaningful. Include your name and country when sending the message ^^.

- passing on message from dearluhan fansite

and I haven't seen this posted yet ..sho...keke predebut kai


cr: as tagged

plus SME updated the exo youtube playlist like 30 min ago :|

.....come on sme unhide the video :<

Baby Don't Cry by Exo Teaser 21 (KAI 7th)

kai is so lonely in these teasers :| sm should let the other members dance with him tht poor bb

but YES to the r/b style bb making music *o* digging it. digging it.


this kid in a fitted white long sleeve. so fitted mhmm :3

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I'm surprised that SM released another solo teaser of Kai. I really don't get why SM releases so many of Kai teasers when Kai will be hated by people even more because of that. Maybe because he's the one that can bring out the feel of the songs? Dunno. I feel bad for Kai :[

Anyway the song Baby Don't Cry is really good. I guess this means that EXO will debut with a full album, because 8 songs are too many for an EP/mini album. Which means, more teasers other than Se Hun-Lu Han continuation teaser are coming lol :/

The songs that have been included in the teasers are so good so far. I'm so gonna buy the album x3

Do you guys have any speculation for who are the ones that sang in EXO teasers so far.? This is my speculation:

-My Lady

Korean ver.: Su Ho, D.O.

Chinese ver: Xiu Min, Chen

-Into Your World

Korean ver: Baek Hyun

Chinese ver.:Lu Han

-Let Out The Beast

Korean ver: Chan Yeol

Chinese ver:Tao

-Two Moons

Korean ver: Kris, Se Hun/Chan Yeol, Key

Chinese ver: Kris, Tao, Key

-Baby Don't Cry

Korean ver: D.O., Su Ho

Chinese ver: Lu Han, Chen

How about you? ;)

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Hyperventilating right now, 'Baby Don't cry' sounds sooooo good. Ugh I want the album so bad. 

I reckon we'll get 24 teasers altogether, 'What is Love' was released after the 12th right? So it could've indicated that we were halfway through. Which means we have 3 more to go. HunHan and 2 unknown. Unless the last 3 will be used to reveal the debut song and mv. [i hope] 

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Well maybe you're right. Or maybe SM will release 4-5 more teasers so it will be 12-13 songs in the album. Idk I hope SM will release it once a day without dragging it for too long

In the Chinese ver of Baby Don't Cry I'm sure there are two singers who sang it, which are Lu Han & Chen. And this fact is confusing me because I only hear one singer in the Korean ver. If there are actually two, they sure sound so similar o.o I'm sure D.O. is one of them, and the other one maybe Su Ho?

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I hope so too. This has been going on forever now.... >.<

And as for the song, EXO-K's version, since we haven't heard Suho's voice [i think] then it might be his, but I hear two people singing in the chorus. LuHans singing voice surprised me, I didn't expect him to be that good tbh. 

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Guest lolly88

why is everyone so certain sehun will be in exo k?,the division is not even out yet

i think at this moment ,anything is possible .

a simple question to all : Who is your current favorite in EXO?(If you do not have a bias yet, who do you think is going to be yours?) and why?

mine would be D.O, Baek Hyun ,kai and sehun for now .

kai because he is everywhere and i ship him and taemin blush.gif

D.O and Baek Hyun i feel that both of them are very good in expressing their feelings when the sing ,especially ,their facial expression

sehun cos he's such a shy kid ,and is the baby in the group ,got a thing for the maknae in groups

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For Se Hun, because his name is still in Korean that's why I'm sure he's in EXO-K. SM has changed the name of Koreans who are in EXO-M to Chinese names (Xiu Min and Chen), so I don't think SM would leave Se Hun out of that if he were in EXO-M lol

And also, someone has mentioned that in EXO-M's youku page it's already written that the members are Lu Han, Tao, Chen, Lay, Xiu Min, Kris. Dunno if it's right or not

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Guest PsychedelicAir


Not that you don't know but I need to say this, you did a brilliant job with the first post.

= = =

Baby Don't Cry

Chinese Lyrics





凛冽(?)的月光, 把眼睛关上。







Baby don’t cry, tonight.


Baby don’t cry, tonight.




So baby don’t cry, cry


Credit: 19930502 @ Tumblr

English Translation


Don’t hesitate anymore, okay?

Please take out my heart

Love is like a ray of dazzling light

At the next night’s moonlight, close your eyes


If it wasn’t me but some other guy

If it’s only words in a dream

Laugh! cheers! drink!

I will exchange my love for your pain


Baby don’t Cry tonight

When the night lights up again

Baby don’t Cry tonight

Just pretend it has never happened

You will never disappear like foam

You really don’t know?

Baby don’t Cry tonight

My love will protect you and never let go

Translation Credit: Allkpopfangirl @ EXO Thread, 6theory forum

Please do not remove credits

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  • AlexandraReid changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] EXO 엑소 THREAD ll #weareoneEXO

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