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Guest dhebbie2t

KoreanA said: yeah sis I'm here :-h

sis @luehoney I missed you don't go :((

sis @hildaP is in dreamland I guess :D

BTW I love that Chen's gif :x :*

OMG guys this pic is daebak!!!

Forever the kid :*

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MORE fancams       BAEK IG

I am very new to kpop and Exodus would be the first album I purchase. And as much as I love EXO, I am not a very big fan of american football. Does anyone know yet(I guess it might be too early to ask

Guest dhebbie2t

luehoney said: Wow.. Look at those pages!!! I'm so sad.. I ALWAYS miss all the conversations!! And i see there are some newbies too! Hello @redhill, you are the first guy here i think... It's kinda interesting to hear your opinions regarding the boys.. What you said about Baekhyun..i kinda agree.. There's no need for him to apologize, because he did absolutely nothing wrong... Having a girlfriend.. Is not a crime.. Sisters!! I miss all of you guys! Sis @dhebbie2t, @hajiwonsarang, @HildaP, @KoreanA thanks for keeping the thread alive!!! I hope next time i'll be able to join you guys!

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Guest dhebbie2t

Boys are very tired
some of them are injured :(  :(
Tao get injured during the Law Of The Jungle shoot
They saud he stepped on something that hur his ankle
If you will see his ankle it's swollen
So I am wondering how did join the rest of the boys during TLP in ChangSha?
that is why I am wondering why his photos during the concerts, he's always on the chair
and remember sisters the part where in the guys will select a lucky fan from the fans
their lucky fan during the concert was TAO
Poor Tao
Get Well Soon KungFu Panda

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Guest dhebbie2t

Tao to receive extra treatment in Korea for his 'Laws of the Jungle' injury



Tao will continue to get treatment for his foot injury!

SM Entertainment told OSEN, "Tao was injured while filming 'Laws of the Jungle' at the Solomon Islands when he was hurt by the coral reef on his right foot. He got treatment right away by the on-site doctor. He also had examination and treatment at the transfer point in Singapore, and also again in China."

He performed on the 27th for EXO's solo concert in Changsha, but SM Entertainment said, "He performed on stage without overdoing anything. EXO-M has schedules in China on the 28th, but Tao will be coming to Korea to get more treatment."


Hopefully everything will be fine!


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Guest danielle92

KoreanA said: I think EXO always had noona fans  :x

I'm one of them.... But our age is not so big... I'm barely 25 yrs old LOL but when I speak about them I feel like I'm 10 yrs older :)) IDK why :)

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Guest dhebbie2t

@sarahkc hi Sarah

oh no, of course I won't kill you

I will just curse you ( kidding ) =))

Omo, this "who is your exo boyfriend " is this new is this different from "Who's Exo Member is your soulmate?"

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  • Guest changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] EXO 엑소 THREAD ll #EXO_SC #WhatALife

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