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Guest sarahkc

cupdaddy said: WOW I think I have just read through 100+ posts. seems like there are more newcomers everyday. how exciting!!!
@sarahkc you're from France!? you're so lucky, I'm a big fan of Toure de France! I would do anything to be in your country right now! 
looks like everybody is asleep whenever I get on here, oh well :)>-

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MORE fancams       BAEK IG

I am very new to kpop and Exodus would be the first album I purchase. And as much as I love EXO, I am not a very big fan of american football. Does anyone know yet(I guess it might be too early to ask

Guest hajiwonsarang

HildaP said:

aahhhh our sweet Tao...nice photos sis@tofu_cloud. I like this one of our happy virus. I wonder if Dara likes him as much as we do?Is that her name? The one our Chanyeol likes so much that he freezes when he sees her.


They do look innocent but they are males and Im sure their hormones are working all the time!!!!

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Guest dhebbie2t

Hello everyone :-h :-h :-h

I already spotted sis @HildaP and @KoreanA you guys are early

sis @hajiwonsarang you're busy

and to everyone that is online

Good Day

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Guest dhebbie2t

Tofu_Cloud said: i like them wearing makeup too but when they use that golden brown color or anything with red tone hue... it makes their eyes look tired and irritated... im curious if guys feel the same way when girls wear red, brown hues......

anyways while we are on the topic

strangely i think she looks soo much like CHEN at the end...
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Guest dhebbie2t

Tofu_Cloud said: i think Tao would be such an awesome bf!!!! i love these pictures i think they are soooocuteee omg cuz Tao is soo innocent.
So i get so happy knowing he has female friends his age since he mentioned he doesnt care about females cuz he is still young and too much into his work and job as an exo member. (AND NO THEY ARE NOT DATING OBVIOUSLY, just friends!!!!!!!)

 The glares fierce look that they both have XD (krystal looks super cut out command cut and paste.... i think this picture is fake and  photoshopped..... still cute though)

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Guest luehoney

Wow.. Look at those pages!!! I'm so sad.. I ALWAYS miss all the conversations!! And i see there are some newbies too! Hello @redhill, you are the first guy here i think... It's kinda interesting to hear your opinions regarding the boys.. What you said about Baekhyun..i kinda agree.. There's no need for him to apologize, because he did absolutely nothing wrong... Having a girlfriend.. Is not a crime.. Sisters!! I miss all of you guys! Sis @dhebbie2t, @hajiwonsarang, @HildaP, @KoreanA thanks for keeping the thread alive!!! I hope next time i'll be able to join you guys!

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Guest dhebbie2t

I already did my homework
done back reading the posts
None of the sisters log  in while I'm back reading
sis @KoreanA and sis @HildaP are you still there?
@SarahKc comeback I'm already here
Hello @Danielle92 :-h
I also spotted sis @califgirl hi sis :-h
sis @Tofu_Cloud thanks for dropping by here sometimes
Kai thanks for a new topic, another thing to discuss with the sis
@hajiwosarang comeback whenever you're free
and hello also to @luehoney that just logged in

I Love You All guys

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Guest KoreanA

yeah sis I'm here :-h

sis @luehoney I missed you don't go :((

sis @hildaP is in dreamland I guess :D

BTW I love that Chen's gif :x :*

OMG guys this pic is daebak!!!


Forever the kid :*

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Guest HildaP

hello sisters...hi @luehoney  hugggssss and nice to see you sis. Im still here,barely...had a bad night and when I finally slept it was almost time to get up.Im not staying for long here today...have a few things I need to do

sis@dhebbie2t   look at this...310 pages! My dear,if we all could get together how fun it will be! We are the sisterhood of the traveling EXosoompiers! ok let me calm down


I see oppa Kai has come back and he is full of observations. Im glad that he feels comfortable with us. It is interesting to see a mans point of view...even if we don't agree with him...he has some interesting points. That is what makes a forum more alive,different people,from different countries all able to express their opinions without fear of attack. Maybe we will have more oppas to join us.

Now my dear sisters,its time for me to say...later tater! hope to see you all soon. I love you all!

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  • Guest changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] EXO 엑소 THREAD ll #EXO_SC #WhatALife

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