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sisters........... IM SO WORRIED. just this evening i still believe kris wont be stupid to leave the group.. im sure he will back... but once kris fans on my twitter timeline tweet about their worries.. i cant help to be worried too... sis... there are some rude fans ask kris to leave the group, saying him a burden to the group TT.TT posting rude things on instagram.. im very very sad right now.. where is he??? why he MIA in the middle of promotion... why he doesn't not show up when everyone worry about him??? sis... i feel like crying here.. im truly worry about kris.. kris baby, kris king, kris emperor, kris my darling... where are you??? im dying here.... please comeback fast... show up.... or atleast update your SNS saying you are fine... i cant sleep if you keep MIA. kris... please... please... oh god, please let him hear me... please protect him... he's very2 important to me. TT.TT

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MORE fancams       BAEK IG

I am very new to kpop and Exodus would be the first album I purchase. And as much as I love EXO, I am not a very big fan of american football. Does anyone know yet(I guess it might be too early to ask

Guest HildaP

Good morning everyone...hope everyone is sleeping well.I-) ...this is a funny fanmade video...some people are so talented to come with videos like this.

sis @PaulaL,Korean culture is very interesting and sooooo different from western. The more I learn about it,the more I like it. Except for the bowing so many times,if you notice in some videos Lay bows more than the other members,he must be very,very respectful of elders and of seniors.If he meets me he probably bow for a while(LOL)

Anyway,the news that our guys got hurt made me so sad,its all I could think about last night. And I hope sis @yoyo_icecube,that Kris comes back soon. I read in one of the Kpop blogs that SM is starting an EXO-L sub unit.Have anyone read this too?  But,even after 5 yrs of training he has to make his own life decisions,idol life is very difficult...almost "slave"like...not for everyone. So I hope he can make the right choice for himself,Im sure he will.

sis @yoyo_icecube this video is just for you!





tumblr_n5ki0jcdT31qhmxnlo1_500.jpgwild man alert!!!!!

                                                      tumblr_n5kb07pkLx1rrrhdho1_500.gifpeppermintseok-latte work.



tumblr_n5kh09vbLv1qhmxnlo1_500.jpgooohhh lala!

tumblr_n5kgvb9iWO1sar79lo1_500.jpgmy Ximini


                                                  tumblr_n5kgtyMv6f1sar79lo1_500.jpgyes dear,be right there!


                                                        tumblr_n5kfpjqTVT1qhmxnlo1_500.jpgoh dear,who dreesed him?lol


                                                                           tumblr_n5kfpa5upO1qhmxnlo1_500.jpgunnie Hilda!!!!!


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@HildaP sis, thx for the video. i will watch it when my internet get better. i dont think kris will leave, im just worried of him because he's no where to be found. im also scared he might get hurt by the rude comments, while things like this happen they took this chance to creat chaos which should not be happen, they should just leave kris alone. he will back.. he definitely back *pray hard in my heart*. and sis dont believe about exo-L subunit. its actually new business started by SM selling cloth, and others things.. using exo's name.. exo-l also once said as one of possible fansclub name. but.. nothing is confirm yet. if you want to read about products SM might sell later(and in comment section, you can see my comment there XD).. you can read here: http://kpopkfans.blogspot.ca/2014/05/is-exo-l-going-to-be-name-of-exo-fandom.html

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Guest HildaP

thanks sis YoYo for the info...Im with you praying for kris safety. As for the album,well,not buying it...I bought a smart phone instead and got Instagram. Like all the other foolish girls in Instagram I follow the guys that already have an account and guess what? Chanyeol is now following me! What do I do? Maybe he saw my photo and saw I was no threat to him...hahahaha...an older unnie with a huge crush on EXO...DAEBEK!!!!

tumblr_n5k3srN4Mh1qgnxifo1_250.gif.tumblr_n5k3srN4Mh1qgnxifo2_250.gif.tumblr_n5k3srN4Mh1qgnxifo3_250.gif                                                                     tumblr_n5k3srN4Mh1qgnxifo4_250.gif






tumblr_n5e03jrTTh1se9uioo1_250.gif....tumblr_n5e03jrTTh1se9uioo2_250.gif....tumblr_n5e03jrTTh1se9uioo3_250.gifSWAG KING


tumblr_n5kojz5yS01rtbnipo1_500.jpg                                                                                              tumblr_n5cjmdM6vn1semc0do1_400.gif


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Guest frozenintime

Kris leaving? What? 
Oh god please nooo
But I saw a pic on tumblr of Kris on a subway in China...

I hope he's alright. He loves his fans very much, I don't think he would. But if he thinks that leaving is best for him and his family, he should. I will always support him!

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Ok, there seems to be some worries around here. Time for relax. I really don't think that Kris would leave. It's natural for boys to get upset and even to argue and maybe he just had a bad time and needs some space. Anyone who has lived with another person knows that there are good and bad times, now imagine living with 5 persons! It's impossible for them to always get along, really. I truly believe everything will be fine.Quite right, sis @HildaP. I also like the korean culture very much, especially the respect for your elders and seniors, although I wouldn't like seeing Lay and he bow to me! But he is the one who does it more often from all of them, indeed.I finished my drawing! Here it is! Hope you like it! It's the first time I put a drawing made by me online!I have to say that I've been doing many things for the first time since my EXO adventure...Lay_zps702f389e.png
I can only draw by sight, so I made this from this picture:

I loved to do this, especially drawing the eyes and the lips... oh my god...It's my gift for you!

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@HildaP chanyeol following you??? sis, are you sure you follow the real park chanyeol's account??? i don't want to burst your bubble but, i think we should make sure if its real or just fans's accout or imitate account. because, if he really is following you, its must cause a havoc right now.. and my timeline will be floating with screencap of him following you.. exo fans check every seconds who is following who.. btw.. thx for praying for kris. i really appreciate that. hope he's fine somewhere on earth..im not ready for him leaving for galaxy. 
@frozenintime it's just rumor. i don't think its true, but seriously, what the heck he do in shanghai instead of going back to korea?? he's in the middle of promotion, not hiatus.. seriously, i don't know what's going on.. but.. if he need space to breathe...we should let him to.. and.. about picture of him at the subway in shanghai, i think the one who posted the pictures already clarified that it was just kris's looks alike, not kris himself. inside of me still think he wont leave the group, because... if he really wanna give up, he already did during his training days, those days when he won't even dare to call his mom because he's scared of listen to her voice might lead him to pack his things and going back to his family.

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@PaulaL wow.. your drawing is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. my drawing skill is just the same level with kricasso.. but yours.. wow!!! sis, its really good. :D the hand especially, looks very detailed and neat.. 

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ kriscasso XD 

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Guest HildaP

hello sis PaulaL the drawing is great! It looks just like him. What a wonderful talent you have. Thank you for posting it. Im going to save it.

Sis @yoyo_icecube don't you go bursting my bubble!!! The one Im following is yixing107lay_...he has 10706 followers and 7166 that he is following...myself one of them. So far,its ok with me,all im getting are photos of him and some videos of that cute face...and its not Chanyeol...its Lay...sorry about that.

 "and my timeline will be floating with screencap of him following you" what timeline is that? If you don't have Instagram how do you know he is not Lay and not following me. It really doesn't matter sis,wether is him or not.I would love to know its him but its no big deal.














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@HildaP what i mean is my twitter timeline. lay currently already have half million followers. everytime exo update something or follow somebody they will exo fans will update it on twitter.. that's how i get to know all the instagram news.. plus.. my sisters got instagram.. usually they will share anything from instagram with me. yeah... its doesn't matter actually..what important is their updates photos and instavid!! so cute!! 
well...if you want to make sure.. this is the list of the real exo's account

and this is a few screencap shared by twitter user.. this is how i catch up with their instagram updates. exo fans are all very generous for updating the instagram update on their twitter so that fans like me wont be left behind :)
lay following weijia (happy camp MC) cr. twitter EXO_M_KBnldqhkIYAEYMMz.jpg

this is screencap showing lay follow one person only (which is tao), this screencap was when he just open his instagram. cr. twitter #insta_exoBnIDRiLCYAAS17J.jpg

ps: thanks for posting kris's picture.. he's so HOT!!

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Guest HildaP

thanks sis for explaining it to me...its interesting an way out of my league. Anyway,since you burst my bubble I might as well unfollow whoever that person is. aaahhhh...sigh :((

Kris HOT? Nooooo he is sizzling! He is more than hot.He can melt us with a look from those eyes.

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@HildaP its okay, you can follow the real them from now on.. and enjoy communicating with them by leaving comment on their updates eventhough the chances they might reply to fans is like 1/100000000000000000000000000000000 but.. im sure they read. ah... i miss him already... hope he's having fun somewhere on earth.. not in galaxy, im worried he might going back to planet exo.. :( i still want to see him here.. on earth.. galaxy is too far for me... a normal human who can't fly like kris.. :(

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Guest HildaP

tumblr_n5l25yOl4D1sau4xyo1_500.pnglove that shirt

sis @yoyo_icecube                saw this on Kpop blog

I saw this on weibo and apperantly he filed in court that he wanted to annul end his contract with SM?

There's no translation yet but here's the source: http://m.weibo.cn/1642591402/3710424304263707?featurecode=10000001&_status_id=3710424304263707&luicode=10000001&uicode=10000002

you know anyone that can translate this? you have weibo?

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Guest HildaP

Im sorry sis @yoyo_icecube  but it seems like Kris is wanting out of his contract with SM but lets wait and see what happens in the next few days.


I hate SM co. with the way they treat the Idols,and I cannot say if other companies are the same but the contracts only benefit the company and they treat the singers like slaves...I think kris had enough of it. I hope that some of the other guys don't do the same. OOOhhh Im so sad.

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Guest HildaP

Maybe its just a rumor but then,where is kris? How about the show tonight...was it tonight?





You need to stop believing everything

If he stay in china, he has something really important to do, so stop freaking out and spread rumor unless sm confirm it.


 tumblr_n5dbepyzPs1rmsnsro1_250.giftumblr_n5dbepyzPs1rmsnsro3_250.giftumblr_n5dbepyzPs1rmsnsro2_250.gif                                                                   tumblr_n5dbepyzPs1rmsnsro4_250.gif




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Guest luehoney

Really, rumors of Kris leaving EXO is not something NEW.. there has been rumors of him leaving before this.. and as we can see, Kris is still with EXO.. please.. I don't want to believe in any of this.. let's not speculate until it is proven true.. I'm so sad right now.. I can't imagine how @yoyo_icecube is feeling right now..
YOYO, be strong!

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Hi Everyone.
I want to wait for SM clarification as well. I also hate the rumors especially with something concern to K-Pop idols.I had enough  of this issue since DBSK, 2PM...
Be strong!

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