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MORE fancams       BAEK IG

I am very new to kpop and Exodus would be the first album I purchase. And as much as I love EXO, I am not a very big fan of american football. Does anyone know yet(I guess it might be too early to ask

Guest babyblueangel

omg yay! i was waiting for someone to start an exo thead ^^ im really excited for their debut!

:) here are the past teasers that have been released EXO Teaser 1_KAI (1) EXO Teaser 2_KAI & LU HAN EXO Teaser 3_TAO (1) EXO Teaser 4_KAI (2)_One Take ver. EXO Teaser 5_KAI (3) EXO Teaser 6_KAI (4) EXO Teaser 7_SE HUN & KAI and the most recent one EXO Teaser 8_SE HUN hints that exo will have 12 members

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Guest exo.lover

YAY an official thread. I am seriously so excited about EXO!! so far my bias is Kai, LuHan and SeHun ~~<3 i want all three of them to be in EXO-K , but i dunno if thats going to happen :/ ah well. hurry up with the teasers SM, we are getting really impatient here.

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what is this group ? like SuJu, dance group? I'm waiting for acappella group from this people. since The Grace and DBSK are left with two people each of them.

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Hmmm... SM has been teasing us for almost 3 weeks now? Longest yet blink.gif Rather than who they are, I actually want to hear their music. The song in the first teaser was quite good! Knowing SM though - I'll probably be disappointed ph34r.gif

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  • Guest changed the title to [THE OFFICIAL] EXO 엑소 THREAD ll #EXO_SC #WhatALife

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