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The Great Soompi Debate: Who is/was the Least Convincing WGM Couple for you?

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The Most Convincing Couple is Yongseo because they are slow...

The first episodes of WGM were yeah awkward because Seohyun didn't know anything about love. But after some episodes, you can see that they have become closer.

In the first episodes, they used to sit so afar from each other, Seohyun was shy when tlalking to Yonghwa. But later, you can see that they started to sit closer to each other, joke around and even Seohyun started to hit Yonghwa's arms and glare and scold him. Okay, the wedding photoshoot was awkward yeah because it included kissing scenes. They were awkward and careful because it was their first kiss, Yonghwa's first kiss and Seohyun's first kiss. But when it came to that choding concept, they were comfortable again.

Well yeah this is how a real relationship grows, it starts with a awkwardness then slowly it developped into closeness then love. And this is how was Yongseo's relationship and this is why their relationship was the most convincing among all the couples. Seohyun has changed a lot after she has met her Yonghwa, this is what her unnies say in so many interviews. She's now more talkative and comfortable with guys. Yonghwa and Seohyun are the only WGM couple who are still being teased by their members members and in interviews about each other. Why?! because there must be something going on between them that make everyone tease them about until nowadys.

Some people say that Yonghwa is closer with Shinhye because they looked comfortable around each other in HS BTS. Well guys, Yonghwa and Shinhye are friends, how do you want them not to be comfortable around each other. She was comfortable with Minhyuk and Jang Geun Suk and Hongki and all the staffs too not only with Yonghwa. Sure you will see a lot of BTS of Yonghwa and Shinhye together the most because yeah they were the lead actors in Heartstrings but hey guys there are BTS in all the dramas that's why we can't rely on the BTS to say that they are real. And Yonghwa and Shinhye said hundreds of times that they are just friends no more and no less.

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