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The Great Soompi Debate: Who is/was the Least Convincing WGM Couple for you?

Guest lualm

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Hi Soompiers,

We Got Married features make-believe celebrity couples who act out assigned missions like real husbands and wives.

We'd all like to know:


(In other words, which couple in your opinion, fails in portraying husband and wife on WGM?)








All members are welcome to assert their points and counterpoints. Feel free to express your views without worrying whose opinions are better. Video links and photos may be posted to support your stand.


No bashing nor flaming of celebrities or fellow fans.

Elaborate rather than just stating your position briefly, and stay within the topic.

Let the debate begin!

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Guest ezzaalias

hyunjoong hwangbo. hwangbo was such a good wife making foods and knitting for hyunjoong. i miss them so much. but i dont want they to be together in the real life.

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Guest gretzelle

this is so funny. Please read the TITLE + INSTRUCTIONS.

Least convincing couple for me would go to nickhun + victoria... I don't know. The moment i start watching their video i feel that they have something missing... the kind of "spark" that exist between adam couple and yong-seo couple... I don't see it in khuntoria. D:

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Guest Raindeer

Least convincing Hyun Joong and Hwangbo

They were awkward from the start to finish, KHJ should not do that type of variety show. In fact, I don't think he's made for variety show at all. Don't hate Joongbo fans, I watched this after I watched jokwon/gain, yonghwa/seohyun and nichkhun/victoria and I tried to watch it with a open mind but it was just scripted the whole way and their reactions were incredibly conscious

Hwangbo I loved, she made a real effort and shes fun to be around. I would like to see her more on TV.

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Definitely yonghwaxseohyun. I know they have a lot of shippers, but I think they're so awkward around each other. I tried watching their cuts, but they were just unbelievable. Individually I love them both, but when they're together, it's just awkward. I don't think they have any feelings for each other. It was only for show, sorry.

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Out of curiousity i watched Yongseo WGM, leading to Nichkhun, Woojung and Teuksora couples.

My take on the couples based on a 30+ male's perspective (spoilers alert)

Yonghwa and Seohyun

- Both couples were awkward initially. That can be said since Seohyun was never in any relationship prior to WGM. But over a period of time, one could see that she can be a caring girlfriend/wife. She complements her partner well and have her partner well-being in her interest. She bought self-improvement books for her partner during the first few dates and make sure she gives a good image whenever she went out with Yonghwa. Even to the extent in learning how to knit and improving her guitar-playing skills that Yonghwa taught. The relationship can go far if not for Seohyun being young and still ambitious in her career. To me, Seohyun is a person that would not waste her time in frivolous things. 

Nichkhun and Victoria

- Nichkhun wanted Victoria when asked which partner he wanted. Victoria is the one that willing to go out for her man. Willing to wait on-hand for her partner, cooking/dancing or what not. She willing to cook 9-dishes meal for Nichkhun's birthday and cooked a 'comeback' Thai meal for her partner. Both of them took their own sweet time to know one another, not rushing to do any form of skinship. One could see that they have developed feelings towards each other although they were only filming for a show.

Jang Woo and Eunjung

- Feels like watching some American teen drama. Both of them seems interested only in having fun. Till now (ep 10), i have not seen any seriousness making in this relationship works. Too much touching and what not. Jang Woo even mentioned that he is not interested in teaching Eunjung on how to swim, but only wanting to touch her waist. At end of the day, its all about sex.

Leetuek and Kang Sora

- Too early in the season to comment but I could see that Leeteuk is very serious in making this relationship worked maybe due to his age, nearing 30's and his enlisting soon. Sora did reciprocate by setting up few events but from what i can see, she is waiting for Leeteuk to make the first moves everytime. She is still undecided whether she should make an effort for Leeteuk. Anyways, I am hoping all the best for Leeteuk. He looked like a nice chap.

So in my opinion, the theme 'unconvincing couple' is too generalised. One couple wanting to have fun, the others are serious, making sure their partners are performing their best.

Thus i put it in this way

short-term relationship - Jang Woo and Eunjung

possible long term relationship - Nichkun and Victoria / Yonghwa and Seohyun

short/long relationship - Leeteuk and Kang Sora (depends on how well Leeteuk charmed/snagged Sora before enlisting)

Anyways tanx for reading !!

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i wish there is a topic for the MOST CONVINCING couple! ;)

anw, least convincing couple to me is... none of the above!

all of them have given us fans, something that comes from their heart, in a way or another...

i like them all but i LOVE yongseo the most! :phew:

enrell, i love your post!

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