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Micky of DBSG


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Guest ;SulHwa


This has to be one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time.

Yoochun is seriously the dorkiest thing, ever.

Those caps are hilarious. I never noticed how the laughs randomly so much xD It's so cute.

He even sneezes cute T_T

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Guest jinjooshii

aww wow micky laughs at anything..hmm me too

maybe we have some connections ^_~ haha jk

hes so cute when he laughs and smiles..

just a big AWWWW to him

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Guest xxcrazy_onexx


wow, that sooo cute

i like his sneezing ones keke

and i wonder what he smiles/laughs at while he's preforming

the othesr seem so serious...haha, he really seems to be in his own lil world :rolleyes:

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Guest Chisuna

The laugh and then serious face is <3333 I LOVE when he does that! and from ultra serious funny to cracking up and over absolutely nothing!

kya <3 he is such a cute little dork!!! <3

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Guest tofuu

LOL he's soo goofy, in most of the MV's, perf's, and clips you catch him doing the most silliest things and having these priceless expressions :P

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