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I've always had this little crush on LJJ since "Il Mare" that never went away. The way he carries himself in this quietly-confident-but-never-cocky way, his mysterious aura and onscreen charisma ...I like.^^ And ooh when he danced in "Over the Rainbow" ala Gene Kelly in "Singin' in the Rain", I went nuts. :wacko: Come to think of it, I've seen most of the stuff in his filmography--any movie with him in it, then I'm (at the least) marginally interested to watch it. So yeah, many K-crushes later, I guess my LJJ-lurve is here to stay.

CF goodies galore!

Magic N Icon (with gf Kim MinHee)




Maxim Coffee (with Lee MiYeon)







Maxim Coffee (with Ahn SungKi, Lee MiYeon, Kim JungEun, Park HaeIl)


Charbyl (with Jang SeoHee)


Clride (with Song HyeKyo)


KTF (with Jo InSung) --> cute :P




W article part 1+part 2













Vogue article











Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article


Film2.0 article



Film2.0 article




And THAT right there was my favorite scene in "Typhoon." :phew: The movie was a machismo-drenched, logic-defying yawn-fest and LJJ was totally wasted in it. I hope the next project he chooses will utilize his talents much MUCH better.

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My favourite Jung Jae movie will always be 'An Affair'....He's one of the most sexiest Korean actor i have ever seen!! :rolleyes: ..And 'City Of the Rising Sun'..tho' 'Interview-Dogma' is interesting too!. 'Il Mare'..'Oh Brother'..gosh!! i like them all!. Yeah..i think 'Typhoon' did not do justice too..what a waste for that gorgeous man in that cool white naval uniform..*melts..*

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LJJ & LMS totally burned the screen in An Affair. :sweatingbullets:

Il Mare got a Hollywood makeover but each time I saw the trailer, I'd always remember the Korean hero instead. :blush:

Wishing this awesome actor a better acting offer in the future, one that doesn't restrict him in any way... LJJ deserves more...


credit: Fantom Entertainment

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Guest nikkainah

hello rubie...

thank so much for that gorgeous pic of LJJ... :) i also watched him in An Affair and i really, really find him soooo sexy... :blush:

i do agree with you that he is one talented actor and that he deserves much, much better projects in the near future.... would try to make some time to watch TYPHOON... :phew:

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Guest haneul_norae

I'll post a pic of Kim Min-hee from the TV drama My Sister in Law is 19


she is pretty but her acting needs a little more exercise

she's his girlfriend? are they still together?

i love this guy... :P:D i love his acting... he is great

i saw him first on il mare (which i really love) and then over the rainbow... and also asako in red ruby shoes...

i havent watch his movies with action genre... maybe one of these days i'll try too..

is it me or he looks like the older brother in the drama snow white taste sweet love????

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Hi there! :)

I think they're still together..

I have not watched that drama u mentioned..and yes u must watch his action movies like Typhoon, The Last Witness, City Of The Rising Sun and the drama White Nite..he's so cool in them!! :sweatingbullets:

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Guest yufeifei

LJJ fans,

Hi! There's a poll going on in my blog and I'm inviting everyone here to cast your votes for your best leading man.

And I can bet who your vote goes to ...

Thanks in advance! Check my signature for the link.

P/S : All the other *nominees* fans will also be invited ..

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11/10/2006 - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! :w00t:

Thanks to yeohweping at the News thread



Actor Lee Jung Jae has been casted as the male lead for MBC large scale production drama "Air City". His last drama was SBS "White night 3.98" in 1998.

YESSS!!! :w00t: Good to have LJJ back on the small screen. A very good news indeed, well-deserved.

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Similar news with details translated by CindyW88 at the News thread :)

10/12//06 – Lee Jung Jae (이정재) is selected to lead the weekend drama “Air City (에어시티)” scheduled to be aired by MBC early December following the final episode of “Couple of Fantasy”. LJJ plays the role Kim Ji Sung (김지성) who is a national secret agent having calm judgment capability. This drama is a seasonal project celebrating the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Incheon National Airport (인천국제공항) by portraying the airport and navigating officers. Currently, MBC is negotiating the contract with LJJ’s agency. LJJ’s previous drama was “White Night 3.98 (백야 3.98)” broadcasted in 1998.



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Guest yeohweping

Since everyone is interested in this drama, I'll post out some more information that I dug out for With S2's news thread. :P


MBC is going to produce a new 60 eps drama 'Air City' to celebrate the 5th anniversary of In-cheon Airport. MBC will be using 7 writers to script this new drama and it'll be shown in parts as well. Part 1 is said to be 20eps.

Actress Go Soo Young has expressed her interest to be in this drama. She'll be acting in Part 1 of the drama that will be shown in November. This will be Korea's first action drama with In-cheon Airport as the background.

Credit koreanwind & with S2

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^Hi yeohweping, welcome & thanks so much for sharing the news with us here. Really appreciate it. :)

Just wondering though... if you're more familiar with the upcoming series. It's said to be 60 episodes long with several parts to it with the Part 1 comprising of 20 episodes. Does that mean that LJJ will (only) be acting in Part 1, scheduled to start early Dec alongside KSY? And will there be other (leading) actors coming in for the next part? Or are they in different scenes altogether?

Perhaps we should wait for the real & full drama report, huh? :blush:

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Hi everyone, hope all are doing well. *waveswaves*

Something interesting to share, while the cover centers on Bi (Rain)... look at the top right inset. Isn't that our LJJ from Typhoon? :)

The Times Exclusive Hails Korean Culture

Thursday, October 19, 2006 12:42:08

The British daily The Times has printed a twelve-page exclusive on Korean culture describing how the country has blossomed culturally after shedding its authoritarian past through democratic reforms.

Noting how South Korean music and cinema has influenced all of Asia and that Korean films have triggered explosive interest in Britain, The Times predicted that Korean pop music would follow suit.

The paper also profiled the singer Rain, who was named one of the most influential people in the world by the Time magazine, noting how he overcame poverty and prejudice to become an international star.

The report also said that Korea's zeal for English education is contributing to bilateral ties and that a Korean cultural institute opening in London this year will serve as a base for promoting Korean culture to Europe and Africa.

Source: KBS Global


The image from english.chosun.com

Front - Oct 19, 2006


The cover page of a 12-page special dedicated to Korean culture in the leading British daily the Times on Wednesday./Yonhap

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Finally! Something on the extremely-elusive Lee Jung Jae! :w00t:

Maybe an acting, drama or movie news next, LJJ-ssi?



2 Top Actors Become Fashion CEOs

By Seo Dong-shin

Staff Reporter


Two 30-something popular actors have become CEOs in the fashion business world, preparing to launch a men's suits brand early next year.

Actors Lee Jung-jae and Jung Woo-sung, both 33, established clothing company FAB Inc. earlier this month. They own 40 percent of the company.

Their first project is to re-launch a Japanese men's wear brand "Durban" in February, according to FAB. FAB is affiliated with Basic House, a Korean total clothing brand.

Durban withdrew from the Korean market a year ago. This time, the brand will be upgraded based on the designs and plans thought out by the actor-CEOs, Yonhap News Agency quoted FAB officials as saying.

"Unlike many clothing brands that just 'borrow' celebrities' names, FAB is a company where Jung and Lee actually participate in the management," an FAB official said.

Jung and Lee, both known for their fashionable styles as well as clean-cut facial features and physique, reportedly have been interested in the fashion industry for a long time. The two are close friends since acting together in the 1998 film "Taeyangeun obtta’’ (There Is No Sun).

Lee starred in many films including the blockbuster "Typhoon" last year. Jung's latest film is "Daisy" released early this year.


Source: The Korea Times


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[drama 2007][upcoming] Air City 에어시티



Jan 03, 2007

Hallyu Heroine Returns With New Drama

By Chung Ah-young

Staff Reporter


Actress Choi Ji-woo, popular in Japan where she is affectionately called "Ji-woo Hime," (Princess Ji-woo), is coming back to her Korean fans.

She will perform in the MBC drama, "Air City" that will air in May and June, breaking a three-year hiatus.

Her last performance on television was in the SBS drama, "Stairway to Heaven" three years ago, in which she starred with actor Kwon Sang-woo.

She will play a heroine, "Han Do-kyong," an aspiring executive at an airport corporation who speaks five foreign languages. The heroine suffers a trauma involving her family.

"We've decided that Choi is appropriate for the role," said HB Entertainment, which is involved in the production.

The story revolves around various incidents at the airport such as drug smuggling and passport counterfeiting.

Actor Lee Jung-jae is a strong candidate to be Choi's counterpart, according to HB Entertainment. Shooting will begin early this year and will be broadcast on weekends on MBC in May and June.

Choi has a large fanbase in Southeast Asia including Japan because she co-starred with actor Bae Yong-joon, better known as "Yonsama" to Japanese fans, in "Winter Sonata" in 2002, which was a smash hit in Asian countries.

Choi also starred in "Everybody Has Secrets," acting with Lee Byung-hun. Her roles in "Beautiful Days" (2001), "Winter Sonata" (2002) and "Stairway to Heaven" (2003) boosted her popularity throughout Asia.


Source: The Korea Times


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