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Thanks to junki_saranghae at the News thread


[K-Drama Hub] Updated July 24

Back last year we reported little snippets about one of Choi Wan-Gyu's new Project Dramas, the 사전제작 (100% Pre-Broadcast Shoot), Season-based 에어 시티 (Air City). We knew only a few things about it: that it would air Season 1 on MBC starting from the 2006 Winter season; that it would feature the full roster of Choi's new company, including Choi and Jung Hyung-Soo of 주몽 (Jumong), Jung Sung-Joo of 장미와 콩나물 (Roses & Beansprouts), Kim Young-Hyun of 대장금 (Dae Jang Geum) and 서동요 (The Ballad of Seo Dong), Jung Jin-Ok of 해신 (Emperor of the Sea) and more. And, finally, that it would be produced by Yoo Cheol-Yong of 올인 (All In).

What we didn't know was who would star in it. Now we know at least one of them, or at least there's a very strong possibility it'll be one of them. Go So-Young of 아파트 (Apartment) is apparently strongly considering the offer to star in the first 20 Episodes of the show, which would mean a return to TV after 8 years, to be precise 1998's MBC Drama 추억 (Memories). That's confirmed, but for news a little more on the 'rumour' side of things, it seems that Lee Jung-Jae, Won Bin and Jang Dong-Gun are interested in the show, and one or two of them mgiht actually end up starring in it. The synopsis for this first season was sent to many top stars, including Kwon Sang-Woo, Lee Byung-Heon, Choi Ji-Woo, Eric Moon, Ha Ji-Won, Park Yong-Woo, Lee Young-Ae and many more, so we'll get to know pretty soon who will be chosen.[DC Inside - 7/23]

Source & credit: http://www.twitchfilm.net/archives/006071.html

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Found this previous update at LJJ's page at Fantom.

Photos taken at Mise-en-scene's Genres Film Festival (with the theme 'I Love Shorts') last June 30. More pics from that event here. (thanks to melusine for the info ^^)



Jo In Sung, Jeon Do Yeon, Gong Hyo Jin & Hwang Jung Min.


LJJ, of course .. is the one in red. :D

Credit: naver.com, mstarnews, isportainment & Fantom.Ent

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Guest yongieee


i dont konw how to explain this..

but lee jung jae has the SEXIEST ATMOSPHERE AROUND HIM!!!

his voice, his look.. ITS JUST SOOO HOTTTT

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Hi yongieee! Welcome to Lee Jung Jae's sexy thread! :lol:

No matter how's the hair, LJJ-ssi will always be a credible actor with presence & real talent to boot! :wub:

During Fantom Entertainment's official event in June.




Source: naver.com, copied from Fantom Ent.

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Guest Rxgoodleaf

Found LJJ thread! ^^

After watching Il Mare (시월애), I have become his fan... totally!

I wouldn't say he is "pretty boy" good looking, but there is something about him... especially when he smiles!

Watching his latest, Typhoon (태풍) as I type...

Back to concentrating on the plot... :D

So far so good...


Just finished watching Typhoon... surprisingly entertaining!

Lee Jung Jae in navy uniform... need I say more? ;)

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Guest genna

Oh I hope he'd star in a new drama! He hasn't really been in many dramas before and watching movies doesn't really staisfy me. lol... and about his hair, when will he get a decent haircut? xD

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Welcome ccbabe & Rxgoodleaf to Lee Jung Jae's!

I haven't seen Typhoon but love LJJ in IlMare & An Affair. Can't wait to see what his next project will be... whether it's the highly-anticipated drama or a real deal of a movie. :)

Oh I hope he'd star in a new drama! He hasn't really been in many dramas before and watching movies doesn't really staisfy me. lol... and about his hair, when will he get a decent haircut? xD

Welcome back genna, long time no see. :blush:

Let's hope LJJ will surprise us all .. and soon! :lol:

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  • 2 weeks later...


Remake of Korean Movie to Hit Theater

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter


What would it be like to see Hollywood stars replacing local actors in new versions of popular domestic movies?

The answer can be found in the upcoming Hollywood film "The Lake House," the first domestic remake film titled "Il Mare (Siwolae)."

With the increasing interest in local movies overseas, international film studios have bought over 20 copyrights to South Korean films since the late 1990s to produce remake versions of them. Most enthusiastic Hollywood studios have bought over 10 domestic movies' copyrights including "My Sassy Girl," "A Tale of Two Sisters," "Old Boy," "Phone," "My Wife Is a Gangster," "My Teacher, Mr. Kim," "Hi, Dharma!" and "Jail Breakers."

Overall, the 2002 South Korean film "Il Mare (Siwolae) and "The Lake Hous" have many things in common including their basic storylines, but the original has been adapted in the remake to fit the life in the United States.

The basic storyline portrays a young man who starts communicating by mail with an attractive woman living in the future, and the correspondence develops into an intimate relationship.

But the obvious difference is, of course, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have replaced Lee Jung-jae and Jun Ji-hyun, respectively.

Alex Wyler (played by Reeves) and Sung-hyun (by Lee) used to be architects, but they both give up their ambition and work as construction works to live against their famous architect fathers, who abandoned their family for fame and success.

Kate Forster (by Bullock) plays a doctor in the remake while Eun-ju (by Jun)'s original character is a professional voice actress.

The couples in both films exchange mails with each other while they live two years apart in time. The remake is set around Valentine's Day in 2004 and 2006 while the original took place around Christmas in 1997 and 1999, with the story continuing on through the spring time in the following years.

The house in the remake is as beautiful as the one in the original. The architect fathers, who abandoned their family for their fame and success, constructed them. Eventually the two sons find out that the house was actually built for them.

The house in the original is built on a sea shore, which gives it the name "Il Mare," meaning sea in Italian, but the house in the remake sits by the lake. In the remake, "Il Mare" is the name of a restaurant where Kate waits for Alex.

The two movies also use similar filming techniques. The split-screen technique in the two films gives the impression that the characters live in the same time and space when they exchange letters and know about each other.

But the biggest difference lies in the development of the story in the latter part.

In the original, Eun-ju can't forget her ex-boyfriend and asks Sung-hyun to change the future from his time so that she can maintain her relationship with him. But in the remake, Kate decides to stop corresponding to him as she feels agony about the unstable relationship with him.

Along with "The Lake House," there will be other remake films opening this month _ "The Letter" and "Christmas in August."

The Thailand movie "The Letter" directed by Phaoon Chandrasiri is a remake of the 1997 domestic movie with the same title, and Japanese melodrama "Christmas in August" by Shunichi Nagasaki is a remake of the 1998 film with the same title.

Overall, the two upcoming remakes also follow the original story, but the Thailand's "The Letter" has less tearjerker scenes than the original, and in the Japanese's "Christmas in August," the female character is braver, as she confessed her love, than the one in the original.


08-14-2006 16:45

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/20...16450811690.htm

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Guest nikkainah

hello dear rubie... :)

thanks for posting that article about Il Mare....i missed watching the remake when it was shown here in the Philippines so i am just waiting for its DVD to be available... :(

am also planning to watch Typhoon this week since my mom recommended it saying that it is a very good movie...

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Hi nikkainah! No problem with the article. Always glad to share anything LJJ with everyone here. But I can't help wishing that it's an article more on LJJ than just about Il Mare's remake. The man's been awfully quiet these days... not even a hint on what he's up to. A movie or drama, his next project will be so highly anticipated! :blush:

off topic

Happy to read about Im Soo Jung's doing a movie with Hwang Jung Min... I love HJM's acting a lot (he's just awesome as a naive sweet guy as well as a really mean baddie) but did wonder what if it was LJJ instead of him in the new Hur Jin Ho's movie. *sigh*

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Guest globosapien

lee jung jae is a great actor!

his gf is kim min hee... he should be her acting coach, because she really sucks... her actiing is horrible to watch

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lee jung jae is a great actor!

his gf is kim min hee... he should be her acting coach, because she really sucks... her actiing is horrible to watch

:P ..Well as we all know KMH is better known as 'Lee Jung Jae g/f' more than an actress..But apparently her acting in 'Good Bye Solo' received quite a good review (tho' i have not seen the drama..i have it lying somewhere around.. :blush: )..that's what i heard..

Of coz Lee Jung Jae is no doubt The man..a real cool actor..i just saw 'City Of The Rising Sun' (with the other awesome man Jung Woo Sung) and what a smasher!! :rolleyes:

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Guest nikkainah

hi, rubie...i would also like to know more of Lee Jung Jae these days...especially his upcoming projects...maybe, it would be good if he would be seen in a k-drama so we could watch him for a longer period of time... :rolleyes:

off topic- that was a very nice idea---ISJ and LJJ in a movie.... :P is there a way for us to request that tandem? :blush:

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I just watched IL Mare yesterday! It's mello and sad, -> good movie :P . But why did they have to make him :crazy: in her life time?(That's the only part that didn't fullfill me :P ) Some what 80 minutes of the movie is slow but it's still keep my eye on the screen (not wondering what's going on outside).

Lee Jung Jae did a great job in Il Mare (like very others of his movie , I guess) But I think he did a better job in Last Present with Young Ae. It's has more deep to his role, he got to be funny-mello-angry-realise.....

Il Mare is a bazzar story, now I wish I had a mailbox that could do that :P (now that would be cool :w00t: )

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