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Guest kdramafanusa


Lee Jung-jae still in talks for film "The Housemaid"

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok kave@asiae.co.kr

기사입력 2009.12.25 10:05 최종수정 2009.12.25 10:05


Korean actor Lee Jung-jae [Yedang Entertainment]

Korean actor Lee Jung-jae is reconsidering his decision to appear in Jeon Do-yeon film "The Housemaid", agency Yedang Entertainment said a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Thursday.

Yedang explained that although Lee had initially considered doing the film, he is currently "negotiating the details at the request of the producers" and that "a final decision will be made soon."

The film's producer Miro Vision also confirmed today that "nothing has been set" regarding Lee's participation in the movie.

"Housemaid", a remake of a 1960s classic film of the same title, is about a middle-class family breaking apart when the husband has an affair with the maid. Cannes-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon has been cast as the housemaid while Seo Woo, from the critically acclaimed film "Paju", will play the wife whose husband is cheating on her.

The thriller film will be helmed by Korean filmmaker Im Sang-soo, who has written and directed many hit movies including "The General's Son", "A Good Lawyer's Wife" and his directorial debut "Girls' Night Out".

"Housemaid", set for release early next year, will start shooting next month as soon as a male lead signs on.

Reporter : Ko Kyoung-seok kave@asiae.co.kr

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>


Lee Jung-Jae (City Of Rising Sun) & Jeon Do-Yeon (Harmonium In My Memory) won Best Actor & Best Actress at the 20th Blue Dragon Film Awards in December 1999.


source: Blue Dragon official homepage

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Guest yatmun21

April 13, 2010

‘Housemaid’ May Feature at Cannes

By Lee Hyo-won

Staff Reporter

Award-winning actress Jeon Do-yeon appears as a maid in Im Sang-soo's "The Housemaid."

The erotic thriller, due in theaters next month, is a remake of the 1960 piece of the same name

by Kim Ki-young. /Courtesy of Sidus FNH

Kim Ki-young’s 1960 erotic thriller, “The Housemaid,” was digitally restored ― under the auspices of maestro director Martin Scorsese ― to feature at the 2008 Cannes Festival. This year, a remake by Im Sang-soo may possibly be shown in the upcoming event next month.

“All I know is that a rough copy of the film is at Cannes,” Im told reporters Tuesday in Seoul. The film’s special connection with the French festival does not end there; the new version stars 2007 Cannes Best Actress Jeon Do-yeon as its notorious leading lady. “This is my sixth feature film, and I've never worked with such an impressive cast,” said Im.

Jeon plays the role of an innocent housemaid who is seduced by the young, handsome and powerful master of the house (heartthrob Lee Jung-jae). Suspense and intrigue ensue as the wife (up-and-coming “Paju” starlet Seo Woo) and elder housemaid (veteran actress Youn Yuh-jung) learn about the liaison. “It is in short a luxuriously produced cheap melodrama,” said Im.

When asked to compare his reinterpretation with the original film, the “A Good Lawyer’s Wife” director confidently replied that the basic premise remains unchanged. “A peculiar housemaid comes to work for a high-class family and has an affair with the man of the house. The plot is the same as Kim Ki-young’s piece. “But considering how 50 years have passed, there will be parities in terms of production quality and size, as well as how the actors interpreted the characters,” he said. “Kim is a master director, but he was younger than I am now when he directed the movie. Though age has little to do with anything, I felt I should do a better job.”

Jeon said it was not an easy decision to take part in the project. “I gave it a lot of thought but I chose to do it because of the director. When I read the script I had no idea Eun-i (the housemaid) had to go that far, playing multiple roles. It was physically strenuous but I had a great time, and it was a very enjoyable project,” she said.

The 37-year-old actress, who showed a whole new level of emotional vulnerability in “Secret Sunshine,” pushed the limits of her physical capabilities for “The Housemaid.” “I didn’t realize it when I wrote the script, but Jeon had to hang suspended from a wire, do sex scenes, scrub the tub, have all these tubes stuck in her body at the OB/GYN, and even simple-looking scenes like carrying a tray of wine and glasses up the stairs were not easy. I felt really sorry... But Jeon was so professional and tried so hard. I have great respect for her,” said the director.

Jeon, however, said that she was never able to fully understand her character. “I couldn’t understand her because she is too pure and innocent, and is thus overly confident and candid. I always had my doubts about my interpretation, but the director trusted me and I thank him for that.”

Youn complimented her co-star for her stellar performance. “I wonder if I soaked up everything the director said like Jeon when I was her age,” said the actress, 62, who made her big screen debut through a Kim Ki-young film some 40 years ago. This is also her fourth time working with Im. “I feel grateful that I am able to carry on an acting career this far.”

Lee may have played the role of an ill-intentioned, domineering man in the film, but as the only male actor in the film (besides the child who played his six-year-old son), he said it wasn’t easy to work with such intimidating women as Jeon and Youn on the set.

“The Housemaid” is due in local theaters on May 13.

Source: koreatimes.co.kr

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Guest inezjang

^sexii..!! especially the smoking pic! 'smokin' hot! Not too keen on the ambitious blonde tho'..

I can see another 'An Affair'...Jeon Do Yeon is such a brilliant actress!

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Guest yatmun21

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 14: (L-R) Producer Jason Chae, actress Yoon Yeo-Jung, writer/director Im Sang-Soo, actress Jeon Do-Yeon, and actor Lee Jung-Jae attend the Premiere of 'The Housemaid' held at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual International Cannes Film Festival on May 14, 2010 in Cannes, France.

Video: http://www.festival-cannes.fr/en/mediaPlayer/10479.html

Reduced: 70% of original size [ 728 x 555 ] - Click to view full image

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WOW.. this is definitely not for the young ones... there's another side of korean film industry for myself would not tempt to enter. Better just stay on the drama land to preserve my innocence ....

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I just saw Lee Jung Jae on the red carpet for Toronto International Film Festival.

I waited nearly 3 hours for him, and the anticipation was killing me.

I saw his car come and was standing by waiting for Jeon Do Yun's car to come....Then the car parked right in front of me and opened. There he was....He looks exactly the same in person. Unfortunately I didn't get my hand touched by him. He was really shy and waited for Jeon Do Yun to get out of her car. Then they were waving and the fans were making them pose for the camera. The Toronto crowd (around 50 Korean and Japanese fans) were too quiet. So I kept yelling and screaming "Lee Jung Jae is hot". I moved to a different location to get a better view to take pictures. And again, they were just posing and smiling. It was so quiet you could only hear cameras flash. So then I yelled "WELCOME TO TORONTO!!!" And they both turned and laughed.

At the movie screening, they came on stage to introduce themselves. Lee Jung Jae's voice is soooooo deep and sexy. The movie (Housemaid) was better than I expected. The plot was very simple, but the acting, music and camera work was great. I was sitting on the floor seats, not knowing that Lee and Jeon and the director were watching the movie from the balcony. While the ending credits were rolling, they put a spotlight to them and they were waving to the crowd and thanking them.

I've been a huge fan of Lee Jung Jae since Sandglass, and to just see him in person was the best. Never saw a Korean celebrity before....

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Guest be happy

hello every body here :)

this is my first post in this thread ....but actually i decided to post her to write about

my great admiration for Lee Jung Jae after a finished watching AIR CITY with my favorite actress choi ji woo

actually i didnot imagine that i will find some one acting with that great ability as an action actor and as a simply fergaile romantic man

Lee Jung Jae catching my heart with his manly look and voice ...especilly his intimet scene with choi ji woo

i wish for him all the luck and happy life with future great project

i hope there will be AIR CITY 2 :)

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Guest be happy

i hope its new pixs here in the thread :rolleyes:

Two new photo shoots feature Lee Jung-jae



Lee Jung-jae looks adorably mischievous in this photo spread for Cosmopolitan, as well as the shoot for fashion brand Crocodile For Men below.



The Cosmo shoot employs a general Lee-Jung-jae-as-photographer concept, but I’m more interested in his gleefully boyish smile than the camera he’s holding. Below those shots, Lee poses for Dawn Field’s Crocodile For Men brand in their fall campaign.

So. Cute.

ps /; i think he gain some weight :rolleyes:

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i love LJJ ever since i watched "ilmare" and went on a searching spree for all his movies.

he was so hot in "air city", hope that there will be an "air city 2".

regarding "housemaid", i watched it on youtube but the subtitles were horrible. already ordered the DVD and hope that it will make more senses then. but have to say that i dun really like him in housemaid.

hope that he will return to acting in drama soon.

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Guest be happy

HI ilmare

iam also fan for LJJ he is a great actor with really great and several talents

but have to say that i dun really like him in housemaid

i wish i watch this film can you add the link from youtube here plz

and what really is not good with him in this film ??

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