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Guest ripgal

^Ooops..I guessed I missed the pics you've posted in the previous pages. hehe..There are just too many pics of LJJ that I can't honestly remember I've seen them before. Thanx a lot for the Mindbridge scans chinggu.. I really envy those who get to work with LJJ. Esp Kim Min Sun..she's really lucky! ^_^

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Ripgal...I'm really thankful for the site that you and Rubie posted...the LJJ official site...there are lots of photos there especially his filmography...luckily there are pics of his much older projects so saving is just a breeze...

Shenny...thanks for the Mindbridge pics...I've actually seen some of the CF's in YTN before so it's good to have my own copy to rewatch it over and over

here are some pics that I got from the LJJ official site...finally some more pics from his 1997 film Firebird





there are also pics from Firebird that I also posted at tthe first few pages of the thread...Page 2 to be exact...it's really awkward to see LJJ is this kind of Action Flick lol! I don't know why....and actually his partner in the film is Oh Yeon-soo of Jumong fame...lol can't imagine that OYS can pull off this kind of role as well haha

other random pics





sources: http://www.leejeongjae.com/filmography.html


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Guest ripgal

koala, thank you for the pics. Have you seen Firebird? Is it a good movie? I didn't get what you mean about "this kind of action flic"? What kind of action flic is it? hehehe..just curious. Cos I'm thinking whether I should download the movie.. just to satisfy my cravings for LJJ. hehehe..:P

Again, this pic is my fav out of your batch..love it love it when he closes his eyes..


Another random fact I found out about LJJ's influence on others as an actor..this made me laugh :lol:

Another fav actor of mine KSW, actually said in an interview that he initially developed an interest in acting because he was soooo impressed with LJJ's portrayal of the loyal and faithful bodyguard in "Sandglass". Talking about influence, it has been around since then, just when he debuted as an actor...:P

2 Wallies



credits: CJW baidu bar/ LJJ baidu bar

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Guest ripgal

pic from AC Ending Party


can't spot LJJ tho.. it's too blur..

I hope they release a video or something later..

There might still be a chance for AC 2 tho..according to an article I read, the casts/crew were presented with a 7 FULL A4 page petition at the end of the party, asking for a 2nd season. Altho I doubt they'd make it, no harm hoping right? ^_^

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Haven't been able to check out all the posts properly :sweatingbullets: but the pics are lovely. :blush: Still more to come, huh. We can even open up a huge gallery for LJJ-ssi! :lol:

Wahh.. ending party already.. time flies so fast! ripgal, maybe that's LJJ.. circled?


ps: the AC wallies are simply beautiful! :wub:

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Guest ripgal

^ Ohhh..that could be LJJ-sshi..

Anywayz, some pics I got from leejeongjae.com..darn, this is a very good site! And you can even leave a message there..at the foreigner's board..^^


^ Is the other guy the haraboji from Bad Family?




This one's taken from Lee Ji Hoon's first debut song MV




^His most recent pic, taken on 07/07/07..

credits: leejeongjae.com

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^ sigh~~ such a cutiepie! :wub:

thanks Jo for posting them here.. hehe.. I saw that last pic of him (the recent one) in that site, and I was like :w00t::wub:

hee hee.. yeah , such a great site! ^^

Found these cute icons too, aren't they cute? (can be 'chop' off to make avatars keke)

even though the pics are nothing new, but they're too cute to be missed! ^_^








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^ I like LJJ's, of course. :P


A bit of late update mentioning LJJ's movie :blush:

July 11, 2007

"Ice Bar" Wins Top Prize at Fukuoka Asian Film Festival


The family film "Ice Bar" won the best picture award at the 21st Fukuoka Asian Film Festival that was held in Fukuoka, Japan from Jun 29 through July 8.

The film's production company MK Pictures said that its director, Yeo In-kwang, personally attended the award ceremony last Sunday to receive the top honor.

"Ice Bar" was chosen for the top prize because of its beautiful portrayal of a local city in the 1960s and 70s, and for the natural and realistic acting of its leading actress and child actor who played the roles of mother and son.

"Ice Bar" is the fifth Korean film to win the best picture award at this film festival. The other four award-winning films were "An Affair" in 1999, "Nowhere to Hide" in 2000, "Bad Guy" in 2002, and "YMCA Baseball Team" in 2003.

Source: KBS Global


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ripgal dear..I haven't seen Firebird yet...as of now...I'm just judging from the reviews that I read on the net...it's an action/erotic flick and they rated it badly...I dunno why...I don't know if LJJ's performance was good but I guess it should be but anyway If ever I can get a glimpse of it I would for LJJ and I know there lots of HOT SCENES in this film...there are exposures as well ^ ^ the movie is very hard to find but if you could find it we would be very glad to see it as well...I don't mind the bad reviews...I want to see the earlier films of LJJ as well :sweatingbullets:

you're welcome about the pics dear...here are some more from the LJJ official site...I love this site like everybody does...^ ^

shenny dear...thanks for sharing the icons...really cute ones...kudos to whoever made the site...good research!

still from Firebird




from Last Witness





more pics coming up

source: www.leejeongjae.com

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Guest ripgal

Found this on the news... hehee..


Who did it better? Uhm Tae Woong or LJJ? kekeke.. ^^

I think they're comparing actors/actresses similar facial expression/gesture

source: link

Huh? Such a weird comparison article huh?

Anywayz, LJJ for me of course. Cos he looks super adorable in there..(tho UTW is one hot guy as well..:P)

I like Han Ji Hye's pose as well..really adorable. (miahne Da Hae shhi...)

Koala, thanx a lot for the reply. Firebird was one of his earlier works huh? I read somewhere saying that LJJ's fame was brought up after An Affair, so I guess his movies which he had done before 1998/An Affair weren't really commendable. But wellz, considering that he was so young then..it could have already been a large success for him. ^_^

I'll try to see if I can get the movie.. and hot and erotic LJJ again? hahahha..:w00t:

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Guest ...TLT...

i think im stp..

im like into korean drama and everything

but i have never heard of LJJ until Air City..

although it;s muh first time watching him act..

he is really a talented actor..

i love his smile in AC..

the way he portray his character really give mee a strong impression of him..

now i really really like him..

he and CJW really really have chemistry in AC =]

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Guest ripgal

^ I was kinda like you, when I first watched AC.. ^_^

I have heard of LJJ, but I have never seen any of his works before AC. I just watched the drama out of curiosity..

And little did I know I would get obsessed over him..and now I've seen most of his recent movies, it made me realise how foolish I was in the past for disregarding and skipping his movies because he was not handsome enuff :crazy: yeah I was very shallow in the past.. Now I'm a 100% fan. :D

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shenny dear...about your article which I forgot to comment about...I also like UTW but LJJ still wins for me ^ ^

ripgal...yeah I guess your right...when an actor goes popular in a certain project, we can say that some of his /her earlier projects can be good or bad, but it is interesting to see an actor's earlier works...you can see how the actor improved through time...like LJJ of course

here are some more pics from Last Witness









source: www.leejeongjae.com

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Guest ...TLT...

^ I was kinda like you, when I first watched AC.. ^_^

I have heard of LJJ, but I have never seen any of his works before AC. I just watched the drama out of curiosity..

And little did I know I would get obsessed over him..and now I've seen most of his recent movies, it made me realise how foolish I was in the past for disregarding and skipping his movies because he was not handsome enuff :crazy: yeah I was very shallow in the past.. Now I'm a 100% fan. :D

lol alrite im not alone..

anyway i will find some of his projects to watch..

at first when i heard of AC i was like who LJJ

forget it im not watching

but after watching the first ep..

im like OMG! im so stp..


hopefully there will be more projects of him..

though i mite be bz with skool but i will try muh best to watch them =] :sweatingbullets:

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Hehe.. okay, so as I'm so starstruck tonite and found this pic... just thought I should share it here and see how you girls think... :lol:

Introducing LJJ's twinnie (or sworn-brothers/cousins/could-be brothers etc...whtvr u wanna call it lol)

click to view:


another one:



Who is he? He's Ha Dong Kyun from WANTED, the sexiest male band with amazing voice! lol!

my goodness. especially HDK... his voice is to die for lol..

If you haven't heard of them, nor his voice, better check it out yourself~~ :D

LJJ-ssi, now I'm really wishing you have an album or something, but I guess I'll listen to HDK and think of you instead!


*runs and hide* :ph34r:

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Guest ripgal

Shenny, hahah..I saw your nic on your msn. WANTED! :P

Anywayz, I can see the similarities..but he's sort of a thinner version of LJJ.. he reminds me a bit of Tony Ahn from HOT too..

And talking about celebrities looking alike, I've always thought Yoon Jung Hoon (Han Ga In's husband/ from Daddy Long Legs) looked a bit like LJJ too. They have the same small eyes.. hehehe..

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