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Too bad they removed Sandglass..cos I'm dying to watch it now.

ripgal, I posted the tudou link a couple pages back =) Hope that helps.

Shenny, if you haven't downloaded Sandglass, I happened to find this drama on tudou a while ago (click for playlist), that is if you don't mind streaming-viewing. <a word of caution: it doesn't include eng-sub :sweatingbullets:. The episode-summaries from eyes of dawn forum will definitely come in handy.>
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About Sandglass, jahye had uploaded the complete drama episodes in non-CB links at the drama thread. Aish.. I just wished my connection is strong enough, as soon as I'm done uploading other series... I have to start on Sandglass already. :sweatingbullets: One of the best Kdramas there is, one that sets the pace & one that launched LJJ's to stardom. Not to be missed. :blush:



A boxset of the series would certainly be a worthwhile collection to have but like ripgal said, I don't think we'll have it in Malaysia. Most shops & fans, too are into the latest & trendy Kseries these days. I managed to get The Interview by pure chance at Speedy when they had it on discount. :sweatingbullets: Clearly... they had no idea who LJJ or SEH were.. at all.

Hi alittlebitofjulie, selamat datang to LJJ thread! :lol: So happy that many (in soompi especially) are getting to really know & appreciate this awesome actor... in his own right! And soooo about time! :wub:

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Guest ripgal

Yes, rubie (again a fellow Malaysian :lol:). I'm happy that he's slowly getting recognised..altho this should have happened earlier. hehehe..

I just got Il Mare done and I must say Lee Jung Jae's a superb actor. From all his roles that I've seen of him, he's definitely one of those out there whom you'd find hard to nit pick on. I find it absolutely difficult to find flaws on his acting.. Watching Feelings again made me go WOW...Was this even his debut drama? He's so pro!

Btw, a comment from soonja regarding LJJ in the AC thread..

People have always said LJJ is very down to earth kind of guy and I believe him. I think he studied architecture or designing or something like that so he actually designed and decorated all of his restaurants. He owns a chain of Italian restaurants called "Il Mare" after the movie that he and Jeon Ji Hyun starred in together. And do you remember his "playful" scenes with MW when they did that flashback scene? That's how he usually is in real life. I remember seeing all the interviews he had with Jang Dong Gun in the movie "Typhoon" where LJJ was very playful, goofy and witty. And he's a very natural actor which I like, which means that he makes it look like he's not acting at all. By the way, if you haven't checked out "Typhoon", you should. If you like LJJ's bod now, you should have seen it in this movie. There's a scene where LJJ's character plays football (the U.S. kind, and not soccer) at the beach and he's shirtless...wow! It's worth seeing the movie just for that. But I liked this movie very much. But be warned: there are very little if any "love" scenes. This is purely an action genre movie but well worth it, I think. But maybe that's because JDG is my favorite actor. But I digress...
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Guest heartshapelove

cmy_185 ~ yeahh its okay i was actually able to dl Over The Rainbow [movie-- thanks to ay_link's suggestion]. im more excited to watch it now since ripgal posted that picture on the other page. [~omg LJJ in flannel?! gahh i <33 my korean faves in flannel XD]

but ughh i still have to wait for the subs to dl D:

i think im goin to be spending a lot of time cbing from krfans...

is there a specific folder that has all of LJJ's movies? i think i did go through each folder but then i ended up just starting from the beginning and am going through all 900+ vids looking for LJJ vids O...O

has anyone watched LJJ in White Nights 3.98? i put all 20 eps on my cb list. i didnt think the files would actually work but after being away from my cb for a whole night... my cb was able to dl eps: 9, 11, 13, 15, 19 and now workin on 18.

i dont know which of those eps that i checked on first but i was worried that maybe i was cbing the wrong show. because i kept on seeing Lee Byung Hun instead of LJJ [which was weird for me because i didnt know LBH was even in that show~ yet alone him having the lead role... lol i just expect LJJ to have all the lead roles! haha] ... anyways i checked again and i did see LJJ *eee* he's soo cute when he was young and tryin to be all serious~~! ahaah

rubie ~ thanks for posting the link to sandglass thread. it looks like they took the Sandglass torrent links out of D-Addicts. which bums me out because torrents work faster for me and it wouldnt have to take up my wait time on dling other files from MU :/

ripgal ~ thankyou for the group wedding pic. i love weddings in general but it is even more awesome to see CELEBRITY weddings and how they can bring in some of my faves for one big picture. O.O

hehe i recognize some of the other actors that i like: Jo In Sung and (ithink) Yun Jung Hoon? ... & yess LJJ just had to stand out. ^^

mangoicy ~ aww those pix of LJJ and KMH looked soo cute. it really looked like they were in love. as much as its probably nice that LJJ is single now lol,... it is sorta sad to know that they broke up too. :(

these pix remind me of the June 2005 W mag Brad and Angelina edition:

[especially the bed scene]


[i do check out the Air City thread, but i guess i didnt read that post by soonjap that ripgal posted here... after reading it and seeing that photoshoot pix above, LJJ will now remind me of Brad Pitt too hahaha. :lol: ]

soo i was curious to know who the corner guy was in this pic..:


and aww~~eee i was soo happy to see it was LJJ's bff: :w00t:JUNG WOO SUNG [*lovelove* how they party together! hahaha]...

omg i knew JWS did a lot of movies but gahh i didnt realize that they were BOTH the stars of: CITY OF THE RISING SUN!! ~duhhshouldhaveknown~ohhmyygawwdd i wished my cb could actually start dling Rising Sun! >.<

because seein my two bff faves in one movie >> *ded* :w00t:

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So happy to see so many new posts in this thread ^_^ *waves to all*

Jo, you saw Over The Rainbow? hehe... cute movie huh? ^^

yeah I wish they did a close-up of them hugging/kissing at the end...huhu.. =)

*seeing Jang Jin Young really makes me wanna see her new upcoming drama with SIK this coming Fall*

Oh, oh,... and I loooove that scene with LJJ and the doggie, poopoo...heheh.. <3

Aite.. some random pics :D

*funny how no matter how often I search for his pics, I can always find a new one out there... * :D

ljjpressconjdgfl1.th.png ljjpressconzs9.th.png htm20070420092926020200pn5.th.jpg furniturecc4.th.png 07302201ht1.th.jpg

ljjlmyeu6.th.jpg ljjpinkfm2.th.jpg ljjjwsxy4.th.jpg

ljjplayerag7.th.jpg ljjwildatheartuk1.th.jpg ljjglassescw9.th.jpg

ljjdorkyww3.th.jpg ljjldgmi7.th.jpg img120306813629510og7.th.gif 72614659ql1.th.jpg

112flzavms80os84oq24242yi0.th.jpg 32flzavms81mc8xmq24242fcu9.th.jpg ljjcoollooksiw1.th.jpg

Buddies :D


^ Shin Hyun Joon - Kim Seung Woo - Lee Jung Jae ^^

AIRCITY press conference w/ CJW :D

ljjcjw8vm7.th.jpg ljjcjw6uj8.th.jpg ljjcjw5cg5.th.jpg ljjcjw3na5.th.jpg ljjcjw2mj8.th.jpg

^LJJ is so adorable when he imitated JW's pose... :lol:

ljjcjw4gv5.th.jpg ljjcjw7af1.th.jpg ljjcjw1zc2.th.jpg

Lastly, one of my most favorite pic of him :wub: :wub:


^ the word "HOT" is underrated. It can't even describe this one *lol*

totally need to make up a new word for it... :wub:

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Guest ripgal

heartshapelove , no probz. I've been searching up and down for his pics lately..but sadly most of them have already been posted here. However, no harm going thru all the pics again right? You can never go wrong with LJJ. XD

Shenny, yeap..Over The Rainbow was reallly warm and cute. I had expected a lil more towards the ending, but overall it was a good movie. And it's really unique on how the director used different perspectives to reflect Jin Soo's memory. And oh, thank you so much for the pics. Saving them right away..^_^

Btw guys, I've just seen Oh! Brothers. It's sooooooo good. I still can't get my mind off that movie. It's a simple yet beautiful movie blending humor and family elements exceptionally well. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Esp towards the middle and the end with Sang Woo aka LJJ slowly accepting Bong Ku (Lee Bum Soo) as his brother. It was simply touching and beautiful... I think I can rewatch this movie gazillion times. Besides LJJ looking so suave and handsome in here, Lee Bum Soo was equally funny to watch. Both of them make a very compatible pair of brothers really..and I really applaude them for presenting awesome performances in the movie. Really...anyone who hasn't watched this movie, you guys should watch it. Highly recommended...:D

p/s: The ending scene of movie really made me roll on the floor..I was already bawling my eyes out from SW crying over his father's death at the end..and really touched over how he's changed because of his brother. Then came the only pic they had together....:lol: The traffic camera!!! HAHAHAHHAA....

I'll come back with captures...I am seriously obsessed with this movie. It makes me wanna watch it all over again right now!

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Guest alittlebitofjulie

Hi there fellow Malaysian mate! :D Welcome to the thread. Like you, I'm also a new fan of LJJ. I caught him off Air City and was totally mesmerised by his acting power. Totally a cut above the rest of the actors I've seen and very professional and dedicated.. now I'm already a hard core fan of him.

Oh about the CD shop in Kota Raya. It's inside a mall called S&M just opposite Petaling Street. They sell a lot of Korean dramas and movies and the prices are quite reasonable. I'm not sure if they have all of LJJ movies/dramas. But I'm pretty sure you can get Il Mare, Typhoon and Sandglass there. I hope they still have Sandglass tho. Cos the last time I went they were selling it...but it's such an old drama I'm not sure if they still have it. :(

If you have a speedy internet line, you can try watching some of his movies @ crunchyroll.


I just got done with Il Mare and Over The Rainbow at this site. It's a streaming site with English subs. So you don't have to worry about not understanding a thing..

OR you can also try clubbox. It's really really very easy downloading from Clubbox esp if you have a speedy internet line. You can check out the Clubbox tutorial at the resources thread and here's the CB link to all of LJJ's works. Most of his dramas and movies are uploaded in this clubbox.


They're in chinese. But if you need help, you can PM me. ^_^

Hey 'ripgal', thanks so much for all the links!! had a happy minute there imagining all the good acting to be enjoyed over and over again... hehe..now if only i can get my clubbox to work again.. *chants working mantra*.. like you i got hooked onto LJJ in Air City :P ..s'pity the plot is not more dynamic and tight, the actors are really good, all of them... then i rewatched Typhoon and Il Mare again..and again..cos i couldn't help getting mesmerized with how he portrays LAYERS of emotions with only small gestures.. such fine acting *drool*

and to the rest who welcomed me, thanks and hi! *waves happily* this thread has a very feel-good vibe abt it :)

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Guest heartshapelove

saw the pix below @ JWS' thread...

May 26, 2007

Fan signing session for Durban in Busan

[credits: daum + durban + suejinners]





my fave one of the bunch:



















ps - i want that banner in my room, but it looks way too big to even fit. :blink:

..this one too was on JWS' first page:


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Guest alittlebitofjulie

its me again.. does anyone know where i can get high resolution version of the pic used on the cover of the OST for Air City? also, the pic that ellabel uses for her banner... i like the mood and lighting and am planning to perhaps use those as references for some photography classes..thanks in advance!

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Guest ripgal


^..That banner is indeed too big. And ppl would think you're crazy if they see such a HUGE banner in your room. :lol:

Anywayz, here are caps from Oh! Brothers. Again to reiterate, this movie was GREAT. I loved it... I thought it's even better than Il Mare, Over The Rainbow and Typhoon. No romance no action, just plain humor combined with family elements, it'll make you cry and laugh at the same time. And most importantly, the message of the story impressed me a lot. Blood will always be thicker than water and hence twill always be brothers despite the disability of either one. (Sang Woo - character problem/ Bong Ku - his disease). Seriously, this movie will definitely touch your hearts. All in all, Lee Jung Jae and Lee Bum Soo rakwed the whole movie! :D












Alas my favourite cap..and the one which made me laugh non-stop


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^ hehe.. Jo, thanks for "Over The Rainbow" caps ^^ I like this movie too =)

And besides, it's great to see Lee Bum Soo again after Surgeon BDH. Even though his character here is like 180 degrees different than Dr. Ahn :lol:

heartshapelove, hehe thanks for posting it here... I saw it in Jung Woo Sung (another hottie<3) thread too, and oh boy, I'm so jealous at those korean fans who got to shake hands with LJJ <_< kekeke~~ lucky lucky~!

I bet there are more pictures from this event somewhere.. gotta dig in some more.. haha..

I guess after AC ends, I'll watch Sandglass... and hopefully some of you will be able to watch it with me (so we can brag about him on and on and on...........) LOL.

Gotta prepared myself for his ending on that drama though.. since I saw the screencaps yesterday, and it's surely not "pretty" =(

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Guest ripgal

^ I just caught the 1st 20 mins off tudou. No LJJ yet..but will definitely follow the drama because of him. Don't worry..I still can't get enuff of seeing him on screen that I even think of him before I go to sleep..XD I will follow the drama with you chinggu.

I'm already starting to feel the emptiness inside me..cos Air City is going to end in 3 more weeks and I might not get to see the newest live action from LJJ anymore after it ends. :( I guess I can only rewatch his movies all over again..

Prolly unseen?



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^ Do prepare boxes of kleenex when you get closer to the ending.. you'll see why.... All I can say, his character is truly the epitomy of faithfulness.

Just thinking about it made me teary... :tears:

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Jo babe, thanks so much for the wallies! <3

it's quite hard to find his wallies anywhere... and so these are precious! heheh...

hmm the first one looks a bit unusual to me though... hmm what's the term... it's not facing up, but facing down? o_O?

mangoicy, yeah, I figure I may need those kleenex... :tears: aigoo~~

such a tragic ending, looks like...

but since this one is like so high in ratings, and plus it's LJJ, I have to see it. It's a MUST. =D

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Guest cmy_185

alittlebitofjulie : hey, fellow malaysian and kl-ite? i haven't been to kota raya since my form 6 days.. i heard that they shifted the shops that sold all the kdramas from underground to upstairs of Wisma S&M..i used to spend hours browsing the shops but had no money to buy all the expensive boxsets, though they are still cheaper from speedy or other music/video stores.

heartshapelove : how cool that these 2 great actors are best friends..! i managed to dl City of the Rising sun but there are no subs ..;(

Jo : i have not watched City of the Rising sun yet! my friend did intro the movie to me but i didn't know of where to dl it until i saw it in krfans clubbox! too bad there are no subs, but still, i think u can enjoy the drama. I did skim thru the movie, and omg LJJ is in tight pants and body hugging, flowery/pink shirts..haha.. he was really convincing in the role of a con artist..great acting! oh he had a pretty good body too back then!

just wanna share some pics of LJJ, sorry if they are already posted!

nice black and white pic


staring at the sky


look, the green shirt he wore to the wedding!


kang se jong with kid!


more dorky glasses ( at Typhoon's night )









great smil!


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Guest ripgal

^ chinggu, thank you for the beautiful caps of LJJ!!! :wub:

I'm absolutely in love with this picture..


He looks so father-like..and he's in his Typhoon navy uniform!! :w00t:

HOT is really not the word for him.. scorching might suit him more eh?

I've already got The Last Witness downloaded..Will try to watch it these few days. As for now, I'm still in love with his role Sang Woo in Oh! Brothers...heheehe...

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Guest ripgal

I found pics of Lee Jung Jae and some of his former movie/drama co-stars..

And I'm really surprised...cos he's worked with so many accomplished and well known actresses out there..

Lee Mi Sook, Lee Young Ae, Jang Jin Young, Shim Eun Ha, Lee Mi Yeon, Go Hyun Jung..etc. And now Choi Ji Woo.. no wonder he's one of the most sought after actors out there..

1. Jeon Ji Hyun - Il Mare (VERY LARGE PIC)


I don't want to sound pervy..but how I wish I was the one in his arms..XD

2. Lee Mi Sook - An Affair


3. Jang Jin Young - Over The Rainbow


4. Lee Young Ae - Last Present


5. Japanese Actress..sorry I don't know her name - Asako in Rubie Shoes


6. Shim Eun Ha - The Interview


credits: baidu/ movist

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