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'Typhoon' Ready to Hit Nation

By Kim Tae-jong

Staff Reporter


Jang Dong-gun, left, and Lee Jung-jae in a

promotional photo for the film "The Typhoon"

The division between South and North Korea has been a successful formula in the local movie industry, proved in such blockbuster films as "Shiri" in 1998, "Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War" in 2004 and "Welcome to Dongmakgol" this year.

The upcoming blockbuster "The Typhoon (Taepung)" also took a motive from the popular subject. But can it make the trend continue?

"I am very sure that the film will be very satisfying," said director Kwak Kyong-taek Monday during a news conference after the preview screening of the film at CGV Yongsan, Seoul. "I spent more time, effort and money on this movie than ever before and worked with the best actors."

"The Typhoon" deals with the tragic situation of the divided nation, which Kwak said was inspired by his father who fled from North Korea and missed his hometown until he died.

"Because of my father, I've always wanted to make a film about the tragic situation of this divided nation. And I hope this movie will remind people of the necessity of reunification," he said during a news conference in July.

But at Monday's premiere he also said he wanted to express his hope that the nation can be more independent when asked about some scenes that may be considered to contain anti-American sentiments or nationalism.

The film portrays the face-off between two young men from different sides of the two Koreas, but the confrontation is much bigger in scale and scope than previous movies with similar themes.

Starring the nation's top actors Jang Dong-gun and Lee Jung-jae, the movie was made with about a 1.5 billion won budget, almost 10 times more than what Kwak spent for his biggest hit "Friend (Chingu)" in 2001, which drew over 8 million moviegoers.


Actors Lee Jung-jae, from left, Jang Dong-gun and Lee Mi-yeon at

a news conference for "The Typhoon" in Seoul, Monday

It took one year to finish the shooting, which took place in various regions in South Korea as well as other countries such as Russia and Thailand. As the blockbuster involves numerous action scenes over water, it needed to build various indoor and outdoor sets, recreating warships on simulated seas.

However, as the film centers on the two characters' relationship which starts off hostile but develops into friendship, the two actors said it was hard to express the complex emotions through their characters.

"My character Sin is a person like a fire, who erupts with intense energy and emotion," Jang said. "At first, it was really challenging for me to understand the character, but I was able to sympathize with him and act the character after I heard the experiences of defectors from North Korea."

Sin is a mixture of all the unfamiliar, tragic and masculine characters that he has played in his previous movies such as "The Coast Guard" in 2002 and "Tae Guk Gi," Jang explained.

The film revolves around pirate Sin who decides to get revenge against South Korea as his family was killed when they defected from the North but were rejected by the South. A patriotic naval officer named Kang Se-jong (Lee) tries to stop Sin from his dreadful revenge.

"Typhoon" will be released at local theaters on Dec. 14.


12-06-2005 17:53

Credit: The Korea Times


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He's way HOT! I like him since "The Affair"!

By the way, anyone has a pic of his girlfriend? Want to see what she looks like!

Thanks so much!

I'll post a pic of Kim Min-hee from the TV drama My Sister in Law is 19


she is pretty but her acting needs a little more exercise

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Thanks Koala, I appreciate your help! Umm...she's okay...but I always imagine someone even more prettier than her. Oh well...as long as they are happy! All the best to them!

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Updated Dec.9,2005 19:08 KST

'Typhoon' Puts Action Above Character Development


The new movie “Typhoon” ready for release on Dec. 14 is already making waves as one of the audience draws of the year. Chungmuro’s most expensive movie ever boasts a stellar cast including Jang Dong-kun, Lee Jung-jae and Lee Mi-yeon. It is directed by Kwak Kyung-taek, the man behind the hit “Friend.”

A U.S. ship carrying a nuclear device is hijacked by a gang of pirates headed by Sin (Jang Dong-kun). Sin escaped from North Korea and wanted to defect to the South but was rejected for diplomatic reasons and thus lost his family. Now he has decided to take revenge on the country that tore him and his family apart. Elite officer Kang Se-jong (Lee Jung-jae) is assigned to prevent the calamity.

“Typhoon” unfolds on a grand scale, racing from Russia via Thailand’s jungles to the streets of Busan, which may go some way toward explaining the W15 billion (about US$15 million) budget. The movie starts off with a bang - a gunfight at sea - and barely lets up on the pyrotechnics throughout.

But the action scenes are sometimes clumsily bridged, and while in itself the duel at sea that forms the movie’s climax offers plenty of stunt action, the cracks show too clearly for it to have any great impact. Among Korean blockbusters, it lacks the deft depiction of characters seen in “Swiri” and the emotional subtlety of “Taegeukgi: The Brotherhood of War.”

To be sure, the cast do their best, with Jang Dong-kun as Sin radiating confidence from the close-up of his bloodshot eyes that opens the film. Lee Jung-jae is good as the suave Kang Se-jong well, and Lee Mi-yeon acquits herself creditable in the dramatic role of Jang Dong-kun’s older sister.

But the main characters are too single-track to come fully to life, with Sin focused on revenge, Kang Se-jong on a soldier’s honor and Sin’s sister on sacrifice. The reunion of brother and sister after a long time apart may bring tears to the eyes of the viewer, and suffering of the North Korean refugees may break hearts. But the strong emotions depicted throughout the film are never fully developed.

Furthermore, the plot creaks, not least at the moment when all characters suddenly decide to risk their lives and in the way the U.S. gets involved in the case. “Typhoon” is slick entertainment, but Chungmuro seems to have become too obsessed with scale at the expense of the personal touch that holds it all together.

(englishnews@chosun.com )

Source: Digital Chosunilbo


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Guest P.Bradbury

So pleased to see Lee Jung Jae is on his own thread., He is a brilliant actor and I admire his talent very much. When he was playing opposite Lee Mi Sook he really pulled out all his technique to match her. she is one of the finest female actors and to be with her is a challenge for any actor. Lee did it beautifully in a very strong story with a great many powerful scenes. 'An Affiar will always be one of my favourite films.


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My thoughts exactly. I simply love LMS in 'An Affair'... first time seeing her act.. her screen presence is undeniable, very charismatic for an actress. And LJJ of course, matched her really well even with their age difference.

genna... good to see you here. I'm still not done with my "White Nights 3.98" :blush: even with LBH & LJJ there... the dubbing is making it harder to finish the series. :sweatingbullets: LJJ's most famous series, btw ... if I'm not wrong (with the title) is 'The Sandglass' or 'Hourglass'. It's one of the most-loved & highly-rated Korean dramas of all time and one that shot LJJ to fame.

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^ Thanks rubie! I'll be sure to check it out ^__^ oh and White Night is a great drama! I love LJJ's role and his story. LBH was awesome! I wish he had more screen time though! lol... I just can't get enough. Enjoy the series! =D

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Hi everyone, sharing a photo in the news today. :)


A row of actors, from left, Kim Seung-woo, Park Shin-yang, Jung

Woo-sung and Lee Jung-jae carry their own portrait scroll in a

rally against scrapping of the screen quota system in central

Seoul in 2001. The Korean film industry was under constant

challenge from outside, especially during the 1980s and 1990s.

/Courtesy of Coalition for Cultural Diversity in Moving Images

For the full article, please click Behind Rise of Korean Films to read.

Courtesy The Korea Times.

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I love this guy. He has charisma and so much talent.

I just saw his movie with Lee Young Ae. I don't remember the title but LYA's character had cancer and LJJ's character was a comedian. I really cried buckets during the last few scenes when he was performing in the finals of a nationwide contest, while LYA was watching in the audience. It was really, really moving.

Oh, I saw him in Il Mare too.

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I love this guy. He has charisma and so much talent.

I just saw his movie with Lee Young Ae. I don't remember the title but LYA's character had cancer and LJJ's character was a comedian. I really cried buckets during the last few scenes when he was performing in the finals of a nationwide contest, while LYA was watching in the audience. It was really, really moving.

Oh, I saw him in Il Mare too.

hi skylar..think it's The Last Present.

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Guest dadedum

Phew, finally found this thread on page xxx, I guess soompiers aren't big fans of LJJ :(. Just finished watching the movie Over the Rainbow. It's a romcom from 2002 with Chang Jin Young as the female lead. The plot's rather simple - you can pretty much figure out the ending after the first 20 minutes, but the execution was nicely done, very much to the credit of great chemistry between the 2 leads and the supporting cast. So if anyone's looking for a feel-good movie with a bit of nostalgia on a Sunday afternoon, this is a great choice. Some pics:



Besides White Night 3.98, what other dramas have Lee Jung Jae been in? I'm very interested in watching more of his dramas =)

LJJ was also in Sandglass (soompi members get a discount from yesasia) as a bodyguard. I think that was his break-out role.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Lee Jung Jae 이정재 - [Movie: Deliver Us From Evil]
  • Helena changed the title to Lee Jung-Jae 이정재

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