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August 2, 2016 Onwards and upwards for Lee Jung-jae: Panning of his Korean War film can’t stop star actor from feeling good Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily Lee Jung-jae,

August 25, 2016 Yeo Jin-goo, Lee Jung-jae cast as prince, army leader in upcoming period flick Actors Yeo Jin-goo and Lee Jung-jae (Fox International Productions) Actors Yeo Jin-goo

July 26, 2016 [V Report Plus] Meet ‘Operation Chromite’ actor Lee Jung-jae Naver V app V Movie uploaded a candid interview with “Operation Chromite” actor Lee Jung-jae on the V app o

rubie hunnie, thanks for all those magazineT pictures :wub:

I found this one, a lil bigger hehe..


Kim Ji Sung is simply HOT lol :wub:



^I wish there's a bigger version to this. He looks so adorkably-cute kekeke~~

oh wait, I think I found a few, from his modelling pics.. heheheh..


and this is I think his Il Mare italian restaurant? :)


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^ That is awesome find, ay_link... I've always wondered & wanted to see LJJ's Il Mare. Such a quaint, lovely place. :wub: Quite the entrepeneur... isn't he... with the restaurant and a fashion company with JWS. Not forgetting cool Air City to boot! :D

For you.. the dorky Jungjae in a bigger capture :blush: :lol: Just sexy! :wub:


Photo from Cine21

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^ :w00t: thanks rubie! :D yeah, quite the enterpreneur he is.

I saw bunch of food pictures from Il Mare, and yum~~ they look so delicious! ^^

And since I'm in my stalking-mood today, I went hunting for pictures of him. Hee. :D

Modelling pics






Him and camera...

gosh, such a dork. lol.


B U F F.


Another adorkable-pose



Nice collage. Him and camera again.


LJJ and sunglasses B)


LJJ and friends :)

with Jang Dong Gun




with Jung Woo Sung


with Song Hye Kyo


last one..

with former gf, Kim Min Hee


^ modelling for Louis Vuitton, I think :unsure:

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:w00t: OMO, I had no idea that beneath the suit, LJJ has a to-die-for body. I was literally with my mouth hanging open when I saw that shirtless picture. Daym, he's hottt!!! I can't take this much hotness what with LJJ, JWS, and JDG.
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Guest ripgal

OMG Shenny..you just made my day with the beautiful hunkilicious adorable pics of Lee Jung Jae..

I love them....esp the adorable pic with his specs on..this man is one HOT guy..totally irresistable..:wub:

Thank you so much! I've gotta catch Feelings I MUST...

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^ Jo dear.. you should see Neukkim/Feelings hehehe.. you'll be more surprised to see him 13 yrs ago :lol:

OK, I'm still on my stalking mood, and so this time I wanted to find out more about his Il Mare :)

what a cozy place! ^^
















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I love the Il Mare pics, thanks so much for them... priceless! :wub: The restaurant is said to be furnished with LJJ's taste as he studied/worked as an interior designer before. Cool huh! :lol: It's no wonder that we seldom see him around (when he's not acting)... his other love keeps him busy.

I'm so glad that more pics of LJJ are being posted here. I can't express enough but it really makes me happy seeing the thread coming alive again. I've only seen 2 episodes or Air City (waiting for the subs first which are so precious!) and the drama thread is already conveying everything about LJJ that I knew others would just love him for.

Anyway... ay_link... LJJ famously turned down Full House before, he was the first choice (offered highest fee at the time)... which I'm glad he didn't give in. It wasn't about the pay but as an actor, it's just not him taking the role. He also turned down Untold Scandal... by the same movie director whom he worked with in An Affair, offered him the role first but it's just not meant to be. Storywise, acting-wise, romance... An Affair is way better, totally steaming the screen. I have a feeling that LJJ (just as LBH) doesn't do period pieces because they don't think they'd be able to convey the timeframe perfectly, not having lived in such duration... you know.. it's the actors' thing.

Anyway, I adore him in Il Mare and forever stuck on LJJ through An Affair... I love Lee Mi Sook as well. Despite the different age gap between them, LMS is one charismatic actress and LJJ (as the younger guy) complements her perfectly.

ps: I love that pic of him in glasses and white shirt... sweet and sexy! :blush:

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Full House? :lol: My goodness! lol! Thank goodness he rejected that role!

I can't picture him in there coz Bi himself was and still is THE perfect cast for Full House leading man ^_^

LJJ really is smart in choosing his movie/drama projects. Good for him! Smart man indeed.

Thanks rubie sis for the info.. hehe. Even though Air City is not my first LJJ encounter, but come to think about it, I've only seen 2 of his movies, Il Mare and Over The Rainbow. I haven't even watched Typhoon yet :lol:

An Affair sounds like a great one too.. so I'll download it right away ;)

hopefully this torrent is still alive, hehe. What is it about?

Hmm 1998 movie eh? hehe.. just four years after Neukkim/Feelings, which is another drama I'm watching right now beside AC.

I'll post more pics of him and for sure will 'camp' in this thread from now on... hehehe~~

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Cine21 captures LJJ :wub:



ps: An Affair is just what the title suggested :blush: ... an affair between LMS & LJJ despite their status... he was her sister's fiance.

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Guest MRS.le


OMG...***faint faint faint *** Come into my kitchen, will you???

you know, before watching Sandglass, I wasn't all that into LJJ... but that series makes me a big fan of the baby-face LJJ.... :lol:

He sure has the charisma...

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Guest ripgal

Rubie, shenny...I'm joining in the craze. Thank you so much for the pics.

I've just downloaded Ep 1 of Feelings. Just caught the front bit and to my surprise it was LJJ!! He looks really good on the bike :P

I've never seen any of his movies yet. Air City is actually my first encounter with LJJ.. :blush: And I have to say he's on my mind 24/7 now.. I'm also trying to find his movies. Plan to get the Sandglass VCD as well, just for him. :wub: Any idea where to get An Affair with subs? I've found Over The Rainbow and Il Mare.. gotta watch it right after I finish my exams. hehehe..

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Guest fivemagic

After watching AC episode 1 from youtube last night, I was so impressed with his acting and his looks. It captivated me right away. I was so mesmerized by the way he looks at CJW. He was hot and gorgeous.

I never really knew about him before, but after seeing episode 1 of AC, I was totally hooked. It's getting to be more and more intense. I am glad he turned down 'Cain and Abel' for this hot leading role.

Thanks everyone for updating infos and posting pics of him from his earlier works and today........BIG thanks!!!

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I've never seen any of his movies yet. Air City is actually my first encounter with LJJ.. :blush: And I have to say he's on my mind 24/7 now.. I'm also trying to find his movies. Plan to get the Sandglass VCD as well, just for him. :wub: Any idea where to get An Affair with subs? I've found Over The Rainbow and Il Mare.. gotta watch it right after I finish my exams. hehehe..

Jo, you haven't seen Il Mare? :o omo~~ that one is a classic! hehe..

as for An Affair with subs, you can dl it either through veoh or torrent.

I can pm you the torrent if you can use BT, there's about 7 seeders left, but it's pretty steady :)

I'm now hunting for his other movies like "Last Present" and "Oh my brother" haha...


And now, collection of his pics in specs. hehe.. he seems to really like wearing them so much ^_^




^ oops.. there's Kim Min Hee :ph34r:

i gotta tell ya.. there are a LOT of their pics together... tsk tsk.. I can't even find Eric & Park Shi Yeon pics that many up until now.. heheheh :sweatingbullets:





^ lol!

I found this one again, without the "cine21" writing on it.. yipppeee!


and this one, the clean version :)


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Guest thunderbolt

Oh boy, LJJ in glasses!! :w00t::w00t:

I feel like going on a LJJ rewatch spree. An Affair, Il Mare, Last Present, Over the Rainbow, Young Man... been so long since I last watched them.

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It's been a long time since I posted here but I sometimes lurk the thread to read news about dear LJJ...since I think most of us are in a hunt of his old movies and pics here I found 2 posters from his 1997 film Firebird, which starred LJJ with Oh Yeon-soo (Jumong) and Son Chang-min (Kid Gang)...I posted some LJJ pics from this film a few pages back...I don't know what the movie was about but I was lucky to have saved some pics than since this film is old and this particular film was classified as a Rated 19 Film, I would really like to believe that LJJ is hot in this film as seen in the poster



link to pics

LJJ's pics in Firebird (1997)

source: Naver, Movist

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Guest ripgal

Shenny, thank you so much for the LJJ pics. He's not the handsome type, but there's just something about him that attracts me, and heck I don't even know what is it. :crazy: Maybe his voice? His smiles? I just don't know..:blush: But I have to say he's already topped my list of my hubbies (in case you don't know I have lots of hubbies..XD) in terms of acting. His acting is just AWESOME. One word can describe it all, acting without having to use the term "acting". I think it's inherent..hahhaa... cos I've just started watching Feelings, and he's already soooo good and natural inside. and also considering the fact that it's his debut drama. PLUS I'm also very impressed when I read that he's quite good with interior designs and stuff, has his own restaurant and can RAWK any outfit and style. I've seen (and saved) most of the pictures in the thread..and I must say he looked great in all the outfits and styles. Loved the serious look, dorky look, long haired look....etc EVERYTHING!!! :wub:

And yes, I've gotta admit that I haven't seen Il Mare, the hit movie back then. I wasn't interested when I saw the cover picture a few years back. (you know my taste in men was kinda different back then..hahaha...)I admit I was kinda shallow and didn't bother to look because I thought he's not good looking. Little did I know I'd missed a big chance to get to know such a marvellous actor. So now I'm looking up and down for his movies and also dramas.

And YES please, can you give me the An Affair Torrent? The subs are already inside right? Or do I have to download them separately? I'm so excited that now my exams are over, I have more time to search for his stuff, download his movies and dramas and watch all the way until my results come out. So pls pls, thank you so much! <3333

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Here's "An Affair" torrent ^^

[isoHunt] An.Affair.1998.Korean Drama.torrent (55KB)


pssttt Jo, this is the uncut, uncensored version :D so, ermmm :blush: please proceed with caution :lol:

you'll be more surprise of this talented guy after you watch this movie... hahaha...

Does anyone else, LJJ die-hard fans, know where to get his "The Interview" movie?

torrent, direct link, anything... I'd really appreciate the help! <3

so far, after days of hunting, I finally have some of his movies like Oh Brothers, Last Present, Last Witness, An Affair, Typhoon and Over the rainbow *so happy* :D *grinning happily*

and last but not least...

some pics from "Oh! Brothers" with Lee Bum Soo ^^

for sure, two super talented actors, a must see movie! :D





hehe.. oh boy how he looks so young! (but still look the same as now... tsk tsk.. such good genes he has! :lol:)

and this one below is my personal fave for today :lol:


LJJ looks REALLY good in glasses *sigh~*

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