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이정재 Lee Jung-Jae 李政宰




Name: Lee Jung-jae | 이정재 | 李政宰

Born: December 15, 1972 | Seoul, South Korea

Body: 180cm | 70kg | Type B

Education: Soongeui Elementary School > Cheongdam Middle School > Hyundai Senior High School > Dongguk University (Theater / Bachelor) > Dongguk University Graduate School of Culture and Arts (Theater and Film / Master)

Religion: Protestantism

Debut: 1993 SBS drama ‘Dinosaur Teacher 공룡선생'

Specialty: Interior (design), ball games, bodybuilding

Hobby: Golf, watching movies

Agency: Artist COMPANY [ HP | Post.Naver | Facebook | Instagram | Vlive.tv | TV.Naver | Youtube ]

Official SNS: [ HP@ArtistCOMPANY | Facebook | Weibo || DaumCafe | DC ]


E5A3B29F-FA3A-4C56-99F3-9628A48AC5E3.jpg[ 1984-2019 K-Movie Star Box Office Power | Cr: THE SCREEN ( #31 | #6 )


[ artistcompany ] With his time-tested acting skills and distinctive presence, Lee Jung Jae mesmerizes the audience whether on television or the silver screen.  He has appeared in multiple high-grossing films in Korea, including <The Thieves>, <Assassination>, <Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds>, and <Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days>, confirming that he knows how to make a successful movie.  The recent TV series [Chief of Staff] once again verified him as the irreplaceable master of acting.  Lee Jung Jae is not restricted by themes, genres, or characters, as his wide range is endlessly expanded, which makes it more exciting to wait for his next step.


[ kofic ] LEE Jung-jae is an actor who hardly opens up himself. A rare display of emotions may become a critical drawback to an actor. But that is not the case for him. He turns his weakness to an incomparable strength. He has an indifferent look on his face but unveils an inner wound that runs deep at heart. Strangely enough, his unemotional face makes a good fodder for romanticism. His romantic image has extended from a TV drama, <Sand Glass>, to films such as <An Affair> portraying a love affair with his fiancée’s elder sister ([LEE Mi-sook] ), <Asako in Ruby Shoes> where his character fell for a Japanese woman ([Tachibana Misato]) that he met just online, <Il Mare> where he costarred with [Gianna Jun] and portrayed love unbounded by time and space, <Interview> that asked endless questions over love, <Over the Rainbow> which rediscovered the forgotten first love. All of his characters are as charming as a face on TV commercials. LEE never loses his usual coolness even when he punctuates his career once in a while with self-destructive characters. His major movie roles include <City of the Rising Sun>, <The Last Witness>, <Oh! Brothers> and <Typhoon>. After a brief outing to the TV screens, he returned to the film sector with his role as a macho man in <The Housemaid> who cheated on his wife and seduced his housemaid. LEE’s image began to change in 2012, as he appeared in a charismatic turn in the smash hit <The Thieves>. He drew even more notice in 2013 for his leading role in the well-reviewed gangster saga <New World> and for his scene-stealing supporting role in the period hit <The Face Reader>, which earned him many industry awards. 2014 saw him take on the role of an MMA fighter who must go on the run as he is forced to participate in a dangerous game show when his brother is kidnapped in the film <Big Match>. Re-teaming with director CHOI Dong-hoon, LEE was seen the following summer in the period thriller <Assassination>, alongside HA Jung-woo and JEON Ji-hyun. 


[ KoBiz+THESCREEN | Lee Hwajung] Lee Jungjae   

He knows how to make a ‘cool’ appearance. As a top actor since his youth star days, he is a passionate innovator who renews his prime character every time he appears in a film.


In 1995, the drama Sandglass took South Korea by storm, and it was a critical shot for Lee Jungjae to impress the public.  Playing the role of bodyguard Baek Jaehee, Lee shook the hearts of viewers with his character silently standing by the heroine with intense eyes and action performance without a single line.  After leaving this indelible impression, Lee Jungjae made himself known on screen by playing Hongki, a young man in the youth action film City of the Rising Sun (1998), directed by Kim Sungsoo.  Perfectly depicting a young man dazzled by money and dreams, Lee has since been always in his element without stepping down from the top star position on screen.


From the sexy characters in Firebird (1997) and An Affair (1998) to the melodramatic heroes in Interview (2000), Il Mare (2000), Asako in Ruby Shoe (2000), and Last Present (2001), as well as the comic character in Oh! Brothers (2003), Lee Jungjae showed a variety of images through the films.  However, the character that defined all of his various aspects was Hoon in The Housemaid (2010), which was invited to the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival.  Hoon, a mean owner who plays tricks on the housemaid, is a character that shows the essence of Lee Jungjae’s acting tone.  Since then, in The Thieves (2012), which opened the prelude to tentpole films in Korea, Lee Jungjae caught the public’s attention as a sneaky thief Popeye.  In crime noir New World (2012), he formed another fandom by playing the role of Lee Jasung, an undercover cop who walks in a tightrope between the police and criminal organizations.


Another chance where Lee Jungjae took another leap forward was the role of Prince Suyang in the historical film The Face Reader (2013) directed by Han Jaerim.  By creating a new image of a young Prince Suyang who is filled with ambition, Lee vividly proved how much impact an actor can have on the film.  Lee appeared in the mid-section of the film and dominated the scene with his overwhelming appearance.  “Do I look like a king?” is one of the most memorable lines of his.


After jumping to the next level with The Face Reader, Lee Jungjae played Yeom Seokjin, a two-faced provisional government agent in the period film Assassination (2015), a character who shook the subplot of the film.  Lee’s performance, which features the combination of sophisticated and urban images, animal instinct, and opposing elements of meanness and innocence, is always seductive and transcends good and evil.  Recently, he played some intense characters, such as a pastor fighting heresy in SVAHA : The Sixth Finger (2019) and a Korean-Japanese Yakuza member in Deliver Us From Evil (2020).  In 2021, he will direct and star in the spy action Hunt, raising people’s expectations.





MOVIE (Src: kobis)

Opening Date / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people)

2022 ‘Hunt 헌트’ as Park Pyung-ho 박평호 // directing+starring (filming: beginning of May 2021) 

2020-10-28: ‘DELIVER US FROM EVIL FINAL CUT 다만 악에서 구하소서 파이널컷’ as Ray 레이 [37,961]
2020-08-05: ‘DELIVER US FROM EVIL 다만 악에서 구하소서’ as Ray 레이 [4,357,803]
2019-02-27: ‘Trade Your Love 어쩌다, 결혼’ as attorney 변호사 (cameo) [76,746]
2019-02-20: ‘SVAHA : THE SIXTH FINGER 사바하’ as Park Woong-jae 박웅재 [2,398,519] // Jang Jae-hyun
2018-08-01: ‘Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days 신과함께-인과 연’ as King Yeomra 염라대왕 [12,274,996] // Kim Yong-hwa 
2017-12-20: ‘Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds | 신과함께-죄와 벌’ as King Yeomra 염라대왕 [14,410,754] // Kim Yong-hwa 
2017-05-31: ‘WARRIORS OF THE DAWN 대립군’ as To-woo 토우 [837,500] // Chung Yoon-chul 
2016: ‘Operation Chromite: Extended Edition 인천상륙작전 : 익스텐디드 에디션(확장판)’ [27,070]
2016-07-27: ‘Operation Chromite 인천상륙작전’ as Jang Hak-soo 장학수 [7,049,643] // John H Lee
2016: ‘Tik Tok 대역전 | 惊天大逆转’ as Kang Seung-joon 강승준 {CN}
2015-07-22: ‘Assassination 암살’ as Yeom Seok-jin 염석진 [12,705,700] // Choi Dong-hoon 
2014-11-27: ‘Big Match 빅매치’ as Choi Ik-ho 최익호 [1,177,438] // Choi Ho 
2013-09-11: ‘The Face Reader 관상’ as Prince Soo-yang 수양대군 [9,134,586] // Han Jae-rim
2013-02-21: ‘New World 신세계’ as Lee Ja-sung 이자성 [4,682,492] // Park Hoon-jung
2012-07-25: ‘The Thieves 도둑들’ as Popeye 뽀빠이 [12,983,330] // Choi Dong-hoon 
2010-05-13: ‘The Housemaid 하녀’ as Hoon 훈 [2,304,487] // Im Sang-soo 
2008-12-03: ‘The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan | 1724 기방난동사건’ as Cheon-dong 천둥  [286,657]
2005-12-14: ‘Typhoon 태풍’ [4,094,395] as Kang Se-jong 강세종 // Kwak Kyung-taek
2003-09-04: ‘Oh! Brothers | 오! 브라더스’ as Oh Sang-woo 오상우 [3,148,748] // Kim Yong-hwa
2002-05-16: ‘Over The Rainbow 오버 더 레인보우’ as Lee Jin-soo 이진수 [240,110 (Seoul)]
2001-11-15: ‘The Last Witness 흑수선’ as Detective Oh 오 형사 [409,399 (Seoul)]
2001-03-24: ‘Last Present 선물’ as Jung Yong-gi 정용기 [479,679 (Seoul)] // Oh Ki-hwan
2000-12-09: ‘Asako In Ruby Shoes 순애보’ as Woo-in 우인 [46,148 (Seoul)] // E J-yong
2000-09-09: ‘Il Mare 시월애’ as Sung-hyun 성현 [248,597 (Seoul)] // Lee Hyeon-seung
2000-04-01: ‘Interview 인터뷰’ as Eun-seok 은석 [157,431 (Seoul)] // Byun Daniel H
2000: ‘MOB 2025 | MOB 2025 1편 : 전운’ (short)
1999-06-26: ‘The Uprising 이재수의 난’ as Lee Jae-soo 이재수 [56,913 (Seoul)]
1999-01-01: ‘City of The Rising Sun 태양은 없다’ as Hong-gi 홍기 [329,778 (Seoul)] // Kim Sung-soo 
1998-10-03: ‘An Affair 정사’ as Woo-in 우인 [304,666 (Seoul)] // E J-yong
1997-04-26: ‘Father Vs. Son 박대박’ as Park Soo-seok 박수석 [21,741 (Seoul)]
1997-02-01: ‘Fire Bird 불새’ as Young-hoo 영후 [22,970 (Seoul)]
1996-07-13: ‘Albatross 알바트로스’ as Pyung-san 평산 [9,714 (Seoul)]
1994-12-17: ‘The Young Man 젊은 남자’ as Lee Han 이한 [72,347 (Seoul)]



Year / Network/ Title / Role

2021 NETFLIX ‘Squid Game 오징어 게임’ as Ki-hoon 기훈

2021 SBS ‘Delayed Justice 날아라 개천용’ (cameo)

2019 JTBC ‘Chief of Staff 보좌관 - 세상을 움직이는 사람들’ as Jang Tae-jun 장태준

2009 MBC ‘Triple 트리플’ as Shin-hwal 신활

2007 MBC ‘Air City 에어시티’ as Kim Ji-sung 김지성

1998 SBS ‘White Nights 3.98 백야 3.98’ as Lee Young-jun 이영준

1997 SBS ‘Snail 달팽이’ as Dong-cheol 동철

1995 SBS ‘Sandglass 모래시계’ as Baek Jae-hee 백재희

1994 SBS ‘Love is Blue 사랑은 블루’ as Na Jae-sung 나재성

1994 KBS2 ‘Feeling 느낌’ as Han-jun 한준

1994 KBS2 ‘The Lonely Man 남자는 외로워’ as Jae-jung 재정

1993 SBS ‘Dinosaur Teacher 공룡선생’ as Lee Jung-jae 이정재



2020: ‘Lotte E&C 롯데건설: Osan Lotte Castle Sky Park 오산 롯데캐슬 스카이파크’
2019: ‘Electrolux 일렉트로룩스’ || ‘CERAGEM 세라젬’ || ‘ChongKunDang Healthcare 종근당건강: Promega 프로메가’
2017: ‘Pernod Ricard Korea 페르노리카코리아: Ballantine 발렌타인’ || ‘Industrial Bank of Korea 중소기업은행’
2016: ‘Volvo Korea 볼보코리아: All-New 올뉴 XC90’ || ‘Korea Yakult 한국야쿠르트: Helicobacter Project Will 헬리코박터 프로젝트 윌’ (yogurt drink) || ‘Hyundai Card 현대카드’ || ‘Rocket Mobile 로켓모바일: Ghost with Rocket’ (mobile game) || 
2015: ‘OB Beer 오비맥주: OB premier 프리미어 OB’ || ‘Montbell 몽벨’ (outdoor) || ‘Ace Bed 에이스침대’ || ‘WMF’ || ‘Amore Pacific 아모레퍼시픽: Hera Homme 헤라옴므’ || ‘Samsonite 샘소나이트: Business line/bag 비즈니스 백’ 
2014: ‘Burger King 버거킹’ || ‘SK Telecom SK텔레콤: Broadband 광대역 LTE-A’ 
2013: ‘Namyang Dairy 남양유업: French Cafe Nouveau 프렌치카페 누보’
2010: ‘DawnField 던필드: Crocodile 크로커다일’ || ‘Maeil Dairies 매일유업: Sangha Cheddar Sliced Cheese 상하 체다슬라이스 치즈’
2009: ‘Daesang 대상: ChungJungOne 청청원’
2007: ‘Daban 다반’
2004: ‘The Basic House 더베이직하우스: MindBridge 마인드브릿지’ || ‘DongSuh Foods 동서식품: Maxim Ice Coffee 맥심 아이스 커피, Maxim Coffee 맥심 커피’
2003: ‘EZenTech 이젠텍: Charbyl 챠빌’ || ‘KT: Double Call Plan 더블통화 요금제’
2002: ‘DongSuh Foods 동서식품: Maxim Coffee 맥심 커피’ || ‘KT: Magic N 매직엔’ || ‘Hana Financial Group 하나금융그룹:  Foreign Exchange Card 외환카드’ || ‘Meritz Financial Securities 메리츠종합금융증권: Meritz Securities 메리츠증권’
2001: ‘YeonSeung Apparel 연승어패럴: Clride 클라이드’
2000: ‘OB Beer 맥주: OB Lager 라거’ || ‘LG U+ LG유플러스: Kai 카이’
1999: ‘Sungdo Electronic Communication 성도전자통신: 700-5425’
1998: ‘NIX International So Basic 닉스인터내셔널 쏘베이직’ || ‘Winia Daewoo 위니아대우: Solo 솔로’ || ‘써제스트’
1997: ‘CJ Lion CJ라이온: Lenio Essence Shampoo 레니오에센스샴푸’
1996: ‘GC Pharma GC녹십자: U 유’ || ‘Taewoong Cosmetics 태웅화장품: Settima Ssoren 세띠마 쏘렌’ 
1995: ‘SK Telecom SK텔레콤: Beep 삐삐 012’ || ‘CG녹십자: Lip Plus 립플러스’ || ‘Korea Security Service 한국보안공사: CAPS 캡스’ || ‘Lotte Confectionery 롯데제과: TwinKy 트윈키, Prime 프라임’
1994: ‘DongWha Pharm 동화약품: WHAL MYUNG SU Q 까스활명수큐’ || ‘Hataihtb 해태htb: Today’s 투데이스’ || ‘LG Electronic LG전자: 3DO Alive Game Machine 3DO 얼라이브 게임기’ || ‘Lotte Confectionery 롯데제과: ZEC 제크, Popoli  뽀뽀리, Pepero 빼빼로’
1993: ‘Lotte Confectionery 롯데제과: ZEC 제크, Popoli  뽀뽀리, Pepero 빼빼로, Screw Bar 꽈배기 스크류바, Ghana Chocolate 가나 초콜릿, Crunky Chocolate 크런키 초콜릿’







[2020-11-28] The 5th Asia Artist Awards (AAA): Grand Prize Film Actor of the Year (Deliver Us from Evil)

[2018-11-12] The 2nd Elle Style Awards: Super Male Icon

[2016-03-16] The 8th Style Icon Asia (SIA): Top 10 Style Icon

[2015-10-03] The 3rd Marie Claire Asia Star Awards: Actor of the Year (Assassination)

[2015-10-02] The 24th Buil Film Awards: Best Actor (Assassination)




[2015-05-26] The 51st Baeksang Arts Awards: InStyle Fashionista Award

[2014-05-27] The 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Supporting Film Actor (The Face Reader)

[2014-01-22] The 5th KOFRA (Korea Film Reporters Association) Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Face Reader)

[2013-11-29] The 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: CJ CGV Star Award (The Face Reader)

[2013-11-12] 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Supporting Actor (The Face Reader)





[2013-11-01] The 50th Grand Bell Film Awards: Popularity Award

[2011-03-05] The 31st Fantasporto International Film Festival - Directors' Week Official Section: Best Actor (The Housemaid)

[2010-08-26] The 4th Mnet 20's Choice: 20's Most Influential Stars



[2008-10-30] The 1st Style Icon Awards: Actor

[2006-03-30] The 29th Gold Awards Festival: Acting Grand Prize (Typhoon)

[2001-xx-xx] The 38th Savings Day: Prime Minister's Commendation

[1999-12-14] The 20th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best Actor (City of the Rising Sun) 





[1999-xx-xx] The 19th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Actor (City of the Rising Sun)

[1999-04-03] The 35th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular Film Actor (City of the Rising Sun)

[1997-03-26] The 33rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Popular Film Actor (Firebird) 

[1995-12-31] SBS Drama Awards: Best Newcomer (Sandglass)

[1995-12-07] The 16th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actor (The Young Man)

[1995-xx-xx] The 15th Korean Association of Film Critics (KAFC) Awards: Best Newcomer (The Young Man)

[1995-xx-xx] The 33rd Grand Bell Film Awards: Best New Actor (The Young Man)

[1995-03-23] The 31st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New TV Actor (Sandglass)

[1995-03-23] The 31st Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Film Actor (The Young Man)




Magazines: Cine21 







* NEWS *


[2020-12-15] Gallup Korea "Movie Stars Who Shined the Year of 2020” ( x )

[2019-12-31] THE SCREEN 1985-2019 K-Movie Actor Box Office Power 50: ( x ) 

[2019-02-19] Lee Jung-jae less flamboyant in ‘Svaha’
[2017-05-26] The many shades of Lee Jung-jae
[2017-05-24] Lee Jung-jae questions of true lead in ‘Warriors of the Dawn’
[2015-10-05] Middle-aged actors rule mobile game ads
[2014-01-02] [BNT PICK] Rediscovered Actor in 2013, Lee JungJae

[2012-07-29] Lee Jung-jae talks about his acting career, being single




Thread started by Ha Tinh Nhi.

Data: gathered/translated/updated from namu | artistcompany | kobis | kobiz | 

Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (all copyrights/credits belong to original sources/creators)


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August 2, 2016 Onwards and upwards for Lee Jung-jae: Panning of his Korean War film can’t stop star actor from feeling good Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily Lee Jung-jae,

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annyounghaseyo!!!! thanks for starting this thread!!! i soooo loooooveeee him in IL MARE!!!

im looking forward to see him his other films....:):wub:

Totally agree! Finally a thread for LJJ! :lol:

Thanks Ha Tinh Nhi for starting the thread. Awesome actor this man & absolutely looking forward to better & more of Lee Jung Jae. ^_^

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Guest phunatik

if i were to be a professional photographer, i would really choose him and Kim Jung Eun as one of my subjects...


pensive looking in black and white...


fresh looking! :)


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November 04, 2005

태풍 (Typhoon) Theatrical Trailer Released


Almost 20 Billion Won after marketing expenses. Shooting in Thailand, Russia, Korea and more. Three of the biggest stars in Chungmuro: Jang Dong-Gun, Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Mi-Yeon. But up to now, all you've heard about Kwak Kyung-Taek's 태풍 (Typhoon) was talking. Now here's some action, finally!

The film opens in theaters next December 15.


태풍 (Typhoon)

Director: 곽경택 (Kwak Kyung-Taek)

Cast: 장동건 (Jang Dong-Gun), 이정재 (Lee Jung-Jae), 이미연 (Lee Mi-Yeon), David McInnis, 김민주 (Kim Min-Joo)


Making Of (Streaming, Real Media)

Busan Highlight Reel+Interview (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Movie Stills/Posters

Produced By: 진인사필름 (ZinInSa Films)

Distributed By: CJ 엔터테인먼트 (CJ Entertainment)

Rating: TBA

RELEASE: December 15


Theatrical Trailer - Link 1


(Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Theatrical Trailer - Link 2 mms://wms07.bcst.krn.yahoo.com/c/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2005/11/typhoon_tr_700k.wmv (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Theatrical Trailer - Link 3


(Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Source & credits:

» Posted by X at November 4, 2005 08:34 PM



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Thank for starting Lee Jang Jae thread. Been searching for his latest news not much.

Typhoon seem to promode JDG more than him.

I think LJJ he's really great actor. He's trying to change his charactor nearly every flim that he plays.

I saw 6 of his films they all good. I like him in AN AFFAIR the most.

I read from the other web that after OH BROTHER ,he took 2 years off.

He has opened Italian Restuarent.

Anybody know anything about him please share.


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Guest dadedum

Oh yay! Someone finally started a LJJ thread! I was waiting for one. :lol: I think he's a great actor, a bit underrated and overshadowed by his contemporaries imo. I love him in Il Mare and An Affair.

Now if only another person will start a Yoo ji tae thread that would be perfect... :wub:

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I've only seen LJJ in Il Mare and An Affair ... 2 very contrasting roles but he delivers in both! In An Affair especially, such a bold & daring role. Love him with Lee Mi Sook in the movie... despite being a senior actress, LMS is such a charismatic actress... one that we don't see that often.

Oh... didn't know that LJJ has his own Italian restaurant... no wonder, we don't see him that often like other K-stars. Thanks for the info, bha-mee.

Hoping that the upcoming movie will showcase his intense talent even more, bringing in a much-deserved recognition & appreciation.

Now... waiting for another LJJ fan... our Inez to show up at the thread! :lol:

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:rolleyes: ..HI ALL LEE JUNG JAE BABES!!

thanks for starting this thread!!..

hugs to Rubie and all!!

Since my PC is going bonkers right now i can't post some of his hot pics i have!!

Keep the news and pics of LJJ coming!!..

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**bha-mee, I can't change the title, only the mod can change

OH MY GOD, Lee Jung Jae had a girl friend?????????So SAD all of sudden :(<_<:lol: I think Lee Jung Jae is really perfect, speaking not as a fan.( He and Lee Young Ae are the best Korean actor in my heart). You know when you are a fan of some actor - actress, you love them in everything...You think they are all great, when the truth is they aren't that great. But I really really think Lee Jung Jae is a GREAT ACTOR :rolleyes::P:lol:

Is Il Mare really sad? I haven't got the chance to watch it :(

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  • Helena changed the title to Lee Jung-Jae 이정재

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