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Lee Jung Jae 이정재 - [Movie: Deliver Us From Evil]

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Name: Lee Jung-Jae
Hangul: 이정재
Birthdate: March 15, 1973
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
University: Dongguk University
Major: Drama

Deliver Us From Evil  (2020) - Ray
Trade Your Love (2019) - attorney (cameo)
Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) - Pastor Park
Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days (2018) - God of Death (King Yeomra)
Wiretap (2018) - Ko Chang-Sun
Warriors of the Dawn (2017) - To-Woo
Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds  (2017) - God of Death (King Yeomra)
Operation Chromite (2016) - South Korean Navy Lieutenant
Assassination  (2015) - Yeom Seok-Jin (agent from Korean interim government)
Big Match (2014) - Choi Ik-Ho (martial arts star)
The Face Reader (2013) - Prince Sooyang
New World (2013) - Lee Ja-Sung
The Thieves (2012) - Popie
The Housemaid (2010) - Hoon
Melos (2008)
The Accidental Gangster and the Mistaken Courtesan (2008) - Thunder (Cheon Dong)
Typhoon (2005) - Gang Se-jong
Oh! Brothers (2003) - Oh Sang-Woo
Over the Rainbow (2002) - Lee Jin-Su
The Last Witness (2001) - Detective Oh
MOB 2025 (2001) - Dust
Last Present (2001) - Yong-gi
Asako in Ruby Shoes (2000) - U-in
Il Mare (2000) - Han Sung-Hyun
Interview Dogme # 7 - Interview (2000) - Eun-seok
The Uprising (1999) - Lee Jae-su
City of the Rising Sun (1998) - Hong-Gi
An Affair (1998) - Woo In
Firebird (1997)
Albatross (1996)
The Young Man (1994) - Lee Han



Drama Series


Squid Game (Netflix / TBA) - Ki-Hoon
Chief of Staff 2 (JTBC / 2019) - Jang Tae-Jun
Chief of Staff (JTBC / 2019) - Jang Tae-Jun
Triple (MBC / 2009) - Shin-Hwal
Air City (MBC / 2007) - Kim Ji-Sung
White Nights 3.98 (SBS / 1998)
Snail (SBS / 1997)
Sandglass (SBS / 1995)
Love is Blue (SBS / 1994)
Dinosaur Teacher (SBS / 1993)



Sources: Asianwiki


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annyounghaseyo!!!! thanks for starting this thread!!! i soooo loooooveeee him in IL MARE!!!

im looking forward to see him his other films....:):wub:

Totally agree! Finally a thread for LJJ! :lol:

Thanks Ha Tinh Nhi for starting the thread. Awesome actor this man & absolutely looking forward to better & more of Lee Jung Jae. ^_^

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Guest phunatik

if i were to be a professional photographer, i would really choose him and Kim Jung Eun as one of my subjects...


pensive looking in black and white...


fresh looking! :)


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November 04, 2005

태풍 (Typhoon) Theatrical Trailer Released


Almost 20 Billion Won after marketing expenses. Shooting in Thailand, Russia, Korea and more. Three of the biggest stars in Chungmuro: Jang Dong-Gun, Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Mi-Yeon. But up to now, all you've heard about Kwak Kyung-Taek's 태풍 (Typhoon) was talking. Now here's some action, finally!

The film opens in theaters next December 15.


태풍 (Typhoon)

Director: 곽경택 (Kwak Kyung-Taek)

Cast: 장동건 (Jang Dong-Gun), 이정재 (Lee Jung-Jae), 이미연 (Lee Mi-Yeon), David McInnis, 김민주 (Kim Min-Joo)


Making Of (Streaming, Real Media)

Busan Highlight Reel+Interview (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Movie Stills/Posters

Produced By: 진인사필름 (ZinInSa Films)

Distributed By: CJ 엔터테인먼트 (CJ Entertainment)

Rating: TBA

RELEASE: December 15


Theatrical Trailer - Link 1


(Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Theatrical Trailer - Link 2 mms://wms07.bcst.krn.yahoo.com/c/cine21.com/movie/trailer/2005/11/typhoon_tr_700k.wmv (Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Theatrical Trailer - Link 3


(Streaming, 700k, Windows Media)

Source & credits:

» Posted by X at November 4, 2005 08:34 PM



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Thank for starting Lee Jang Jae thread. Been searching for his latest news not much.

Typhoon seem to promode JDG more than him.

I think LJJ he's really great actor. He's trying to change his charactor nearly every flim that he plays.

I saw 6 of his films they all good. I like him in AN AFFAIR the most.

I read from the other web that after OH BROTHER ,he took 2 years off.

He has opened Italian Restuarent.

Anybody know anything about him please share.


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Guest dadedum

Oh yay! Someone finally started a LJJ thread! I was waiting for one. :lol: I think he's a great actor, a bit underrated and overshadowed by his contemporaries imo. I love him in Il Mare and An Affair.

Now if only another person will start a Yoo ji tae thread that would be perfect... :wub:

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I've only seen LJJ in Il Mare and An Affair ... 2 very contrasting roles but he delivers in both! In An Affair especially, such a bold & daring role. Love him with Lee Mi Sook in the movie... despite being a senior actress, LMS is such a charismatic actress... one that we don't see that often.

Oh... didn't know that LJJ has his own Italian restaurant... no wonder, we don't see him that often like other K-stars. Thanks for the info, bha-mee.

Hoping that the upcoming movie will showcase his intense talent even more, bringing in a much-deserved recognition & appreciation.

Now... waiting for another LJJ fan... our Inez to show up at the thread! :lol:

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:rolleyes: ..HI ALL LEE JUNG JAE BABES!!

thanks for starting this thread!!..

hugs to Rubie and all!!

Since my PC is going bonkers right now i can't post some of his hot pics i have!!

Keep the news and pics of LJJ coming!!..

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**bha-mee, I can't change the title, only the mod can change

OH MY GOD, Lee Jung Jae had a girl friend?????????So SAD all of sudden :(<_<:lol: I think Lee Jung Jae is really perfect, speaking not as a fan.( He and Lee Young Ae are the best Korean actor in my heart). You know when you are a fan of some actor - actress, you love them in everything...You think they are all great, when the truth is they aren't that great. But I really really think Lee Jung Jae is a GREAT ACTOR :rolleyes::P:lol:

Is Il Mare really sad? I haven't got the chance to watch it :(

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