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Lee Jung-Jae 이정재 [Movie “Hunt” | Upcoming: Star Wars series “The Acolyte” (Disney+)]


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Copied from the mainsite, thanks to soomp!

The San Diego Asian Film Foundation presents Il Mare

Join us for an exclusive, one-time screening of the Korean romantic drama "Il Mare," which inspired "The Lake House," a Hollywood remake starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves coming out in June.


Jun Ji-hyun


Lee Jung-jae


"Il Mare"

A film by Lee Hyun-seung, starring Jun Ji-hyun ("My Sassy Girl") and Lee Jung-jae ("Typhoon", "Sandglass")

(35mm/color/English Subtitles)


Thursday, May 25 at 7:30 PM


UltraStar Cinemas, Mission Valley at Hazard Center

7510 Hazard Center Drive

San Diego, CA 92108



General Admission: $9.50

Students/Seniors: $8

SDAFF members: $5

Become a member and start enjoying membership privileges.

Details of tickets, please refer http://soompi.com/?q=node/401

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News update copied from Everything Lee Byung Hun, thanks to Hyc & Ping-bhjwlove.com

Fantom artistes gathering on 29.05.2006

On May 29 at 6pm, Fantom will hold a conference for announcement of their work planning. Approximately 60 artistes of this entertainment company will take part in the meeting. Since the merger of Fantom the number of artistes has increased. This meaningful gathering will show the unity of the artistes.

The main activity would be to announce the plan targeted for the second half year till the next three years, and the future developments of their top rated actors.

The personnel disclosed that Fantom’s goal was to embark on Asian’s highest entertainment enterprise. After Japan, China and Vietnam would be their next target in Asia.

FANTOM Entertainment 29.05.2006


Source: http://newsen.co.kr/news_view.php?news_uid=52219

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^ Maybe it's just me, but I don't think floppy hair suits Lee Jung Jae. :mellow: I prefer his clean look in Il Mare and Typhoon.

Same here but I think he's just letting it grow & grow... while he's between jobs. :P Speaking of which... wonder what he'll take on next, another movie or back to drama series? Just don't take too long a break, LJJ-ssi! :)

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Guest thyle2

^ Maybe it's just me, but I don't think floppy hair suits Lee Jung Jae. :mellow: I prefer his clean look in Il Mare and Typhoon.

100% agree with you. He looks very weird with this hair style

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Washington Post Hails Movie 'Typhoon'

Saturday, June 3, 2006 14:14:56


A Washington Post film critic has hailed the South Korean movie "Typhoon" as very Korean as well as universal.

In the daily's Saturday edition, Stephen Hunter said the movie deals with loss, pain and a sense of insignificance shared by Koreans but is vivid enough to have a universal appeal.

He compared the two lead actors Jang Dong-gun and Lee Jung-jae to Bruce Willis following Sean Penn.

On Lee's donning of a white naval uniform in the movie, Hunter said his gorgeous look will make people want to become a cadet.

Reported by KBS WORLD Radio

Contact the KBS News: englishweb@kbs.co.kr

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/news/newsview_sub...&key=2006060306

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Guest nikkainah

thanks rubie for the latest news on the movie "Typhoon". i have yet to watch this movie as it is not yet available in our country... :(

Agree with Stephen Hunter that Lee Jung Jae has a gorgeous look... :wub:

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Hi nikkainah... always a pleasure sharing about LJJ! :D

I haven't watched Typhoon either... it'll be for LJJ-ssi obviously! :wub:

He'd always have this quiet, mysterious feeling... just like in An Affair *danger!* and Il Mare, too. :blush:

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Guest HK Tequila

Lee Jung-Jae is a very talented and versatile actor. My favorite film of his is probably Il Mare.

He actually opened a series of restaurants named after the film Il Mare.

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Lee Jung-Jae is a very talented and versatile actor. My favorite film of his is probably Il Mare.

He actually opened a series of restaurants named after the film Il Mare.

Yup, agree with you... having his own chain of Italian Restaurant and what better than to name it Il Mare. :) A quiet but nonetheless, an awesome establishment, too and he designed the interiors as well! Cool! :blush:

Hope to see LJJ on the big and small screen... he sure deserves more!

I know from initial news updates... that LJJ was the first choice for Full House, the production was going to offer him the highest bid (at the time) but he turned it down. And that (I read this offhandedly at koreanfilm's discussion board but cannot find the thread... it's sooooo long ago) that he also turned down Untold Scandal before the lead role went to BYJ, eventually.

Anyone heard/knows more about this... for discussion sake....

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^ You mean Full House as in the drama with Song Hye Kyo & Bi? Well, I'm glad LJJ turned that down. I can't see him in Bi's role (nor Kim Sung Soo's, for that matter), and I think LJJ deserves a better script - I was not very impressed with Full House.

Didn't see Untold Scandal, but the image I have of LJJ doesn't square with the BYJ role.

Frankly, I'm glad he turned down both roles.

Does anyone have pics of the Il Mare restaurants? Would be so cool to see the décor!

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Yeah, the same one. I actually had copied the update for posting elsewhere... dramaok translated it from Korean source when news first came out, probably banking on LJJ-SHK's previous commercial team-up. I've seen the drama as well, not totally into it either... probably it's more for the younger crowd. :unsure:

The Untold Scandal thing... it was talked about at koreanfilm... it's mainly about why LJJ turned it down, people thought it would better if he had done it considering his successful portrayal in An Affair. But his management turned it down and he went on to film Oh! Brothers instead.

Yeah... I'd love to see his restaurants too, wonder if it had been featured anywhere.

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Korean film Typhoon has vivid universal appeal


The Korean film, Typhoon, has been hailed by Stephen Hunter (60), one of the most renowned film critics in the USA, as "very Korean as well as universal."

Mr. Hunter is a well-respected Washington Post film critic. He received a Pulitzer Prize in 2003.

In his Washington Post review of Typhoon on June 2, he evaluated that the movie deals with loss, pain, and a sense of insignificance shared by Koreans, but the film is vivid enough to have a universal appeal.

"A few others have compared this to a James Bond movie, but it's more of a piece with a Tom Clancy movie; it never leaves the real world that far behind, it has a fair sense of documentary reality," Hunter said.

In addition, Hunter said that, as opposed to Shira, another Korean action film raring for international success, Typhoon does not give in to Hong Kong's gangster stylistics and acrobatic - almost "circusy" -action sequences, mentioning that the film has all the shooting and the dying that take place, more or less, in a recognizable natural world governed by physics and science.

He compared the roles and appearances of Jang, Dong-kun and Lee, Jung-jae, who play two main protagonists in the film, to those of "Bruce Willis in pursuit of Sean Penn." He went on saying, "Lee, Jung-jae looks so good in his naval whites he makes you want to go to Annapolis (US Naval Academy)."

A native of Kansas City, MI, Hunter is acclaimed for his sharp, and sometimes notorious, criticism on films-he often disregards films that he believes of low-quality right away, with ruthless one-liners such as, "This 99-minute film feels like 99 years," or "Do not take this kind of film seriously."

The Source : Koreacontent News Team


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Guest nikkainah

hello, rubie.... :)

thank you for posting that article on "Typhoon".... Let me congratulate this movie considering the fact that a well-respected Washingon film critic, Mr. Stephen Hunter, had good words about the movie.... words like " it's more of a Tom Clancy movie; Bruce Willis in pursuit of Sean Penn;very Korean and very universal." B)

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Hi nikkainah! *waves*! :blush:


Thanks to Shirley at the News thread


25 Most Beautiful Face 2006

12 June 2006

[아름다운 얼굴 25]김혜수 장동건 전지현 차승원 이영애

Last year around this time , Movieweek asked 70 photojournalists to select the 25 most beautiful face . Now one year later , in this speciial issue of movie week (Issue 231) , 86 photojournalists gathered to pick out from 130 artistie they had worked with the 25 most beautiful face of 2006 .

source : http://www.movieweek.co.kr/magazine/200606...0300020301.html

Female (13):

1. Kim Hye Soo

2. Jeon Ji Hyun

3. Lee Young-ae

4. Jeon Do Yeon .

5. Lee Na-young .

6. Jang Jin-young

7. Kang Hye Jung .

8. Bae Doo-na

9. Eom Jung-hwa

10. Kim Tae Hee

11. Moon Geun-young .

12. So Ae

13. Im Soo Jung

Male : (12)

1. Jang Dong-gun

2. Cha Seung-won.

3. Jo In Sung .

4. Hwang Jeong-min

5. Jung Woo Sung .

6. Ryoo Seung-beom.

7. Won Bin

8. Yoo Ji Tae .

9. Lee Byung Hun .

10 Kang Dong-won .

11 Lee Jung Jae

12. Lee Jun Ki

PS: please dun ask me why "so and so " is ON OR NOT ON the list ...there are comments by the photojournalists on the site itself under each selection .but i have no capability of translating that so ......--;; ....

below is the top 25 beautiful face of 2006 in ranking order ( ok the site updated the photos ranking )

1.Kim Hye Soo


2. Jang Dong-gun 3 .Jeon Ji Hyun


4.Cha Seung-won 5. Lee Young-ae


6.Jo in Sung 7.Jeon Do Yeon


8.Lee Na-young 9.Hwang Jeong-min


10.Jung Woo sung


11.Jang Jin-young 12.Ryo Seung-beom


13.Won Bin 14.Kang Hye Jung


15.Yoo Ji Tae


16. Bae Doo Na


17. Lee Byung Hun


18. Eom Jung-hwa 19. Kang Dong-won


20 Lee Jung Jae


21 Kim Tae Hee 22 Lee Jun Ki


23 Moon Geun-young 24 So Ae


25 Im Soo Jung


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