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Lee Jung-Jae 이정재 [Movie “Hunt” | Upcoming: Star Wars series “The Acolyte” (Disney+)]


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Guest crazyMuka

LJJ is such a charismatic actor. I have only seen him in one movie 'Il Mare' and one very old drama 'Feelings', but he did great in both. To me, he's a much more talented actor than some of the current popular actors out there, though it seems like he's a little underrated. He was just so sweet in 'Il Mare'. I'll definitely look forward to some of his other movies. Could some of you guys recommend me some great movies of him? I think I'll check out 'An Affair'.

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Guest dadedum

LJJ is such a charismatic actor. I have only seen him in one movie 'Il Mare' and one very old drama 'Feelings', but he did great in both. To me, he's a much more talented actor than some of the current popular actors out there, though it seems like he's a little underrated. He was just so sweet in 'Il Mare'. I'll definitely look forward to some of his other movies. Could some of you guys recommend me some great movies of him? I think I'll check out 'An Affair'.

I agree, I think he's a much better actor than some of his more popular contemporaries. You should definitely check out An Affair, he and Lee Mi Soek were phenomenal. Oh! Brothers is a touching screwball comedy (pretty good date movie imo :P), and as I said earlier, Over the Rainbow is a bit cliche but the cast pulled it off and delivered a heartwarming performance.

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Guest wuzz_in

Phew..*sigh** at last someone make a thread for my beloved LJJ!

i fell in love with him when i watched the MV for il mare..funny,right..at that time i haven't watch Il mare yet. Then i search high and low to get il mare's cd. ..so, after watching the movie, i love him even more! :P

He looks so good in Hello Brother. The movie is funny, and quite heart warming too...

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poster gratitude to tour2korea.com

I haven't seen many of LJJ's movies (only Il Mare, An Affair, White Nights 3.98) & past work, but really appreciate the talent of this silent but lethal charismatic actor... just as much as I adore LBH... who happens to be one of his closest buddies. :blush:

An article to share about LAST PRESENT and Lee Jung Jae from the eyes of the movie director:

Last Present Korea


Oh Ki-Hwan Director

This is my first film. Thank you for the question about how difficult it was to work with such stars like Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Yong-Ae. Today's Korean film industry functions so well that it produces many films. So, even the young in their late 20's can make a debut if they have talent and a good script. As most Korean actors and actresses concentrate on working in films, there are opportunities even for new directors to use stars. That fortunate thing happened to me as well, but once the shooting starts, such stars must follow what the director says. I discussed the scenes with them to reach agreement, but when it didn't work out, I just shook my fist at them... I'm joking, but I think directors need some charisma.

The wife who Lee Yong-Ae played must look drawn and haggard throughout the story because of disease, so she didn't put on make-up in most of the scenes, nor even foundation. We drew dark circles under her eyes in secret to look her more sick, and she actually seemed to dislike it during the shooting. I felt relieved when she said that she was satisfied with the effect after seeing the film. As for the husband's role called Yong-Gi, I imagined an actor like Takeshi Kitano, but unfortunately, I couldn't find one like him in Korea, so I asked Lee Jung-Jae who looked most suitable for the role.

I asked a professional comedian to join Lee Jung-Jae and me to make part of a comic act. Since Lee Jung-Jae is good-looking, we had a lot of practice to make his character as a comedian funny by making him get dressed up like a woman or move with exaggerated gestures... There were many other comedy materials which I couldn't use in the film.

Park Jung-Woo wrote the script. When he was writing, his mother actually struggled against cancer. He said to me that he saw his mother through the role of a wife, and himself through the role of a husband. The audience will easily feel the sadness of the characters because the story is based on the real pain of the screenwriter.

I'm preparing for my next film which will start next year. I want to make an Oriental version of "Romeo and Juliet." The shooting will be held mainly in China inviting a director for the action sequences from Hong Kong. Please don't miss it.

As a rule, the Japanese are mild-mannered and quiet, while the Koreans are rather hasty and rough in expressing their love. It would be great if you could kindly understand through this film how Korean people show their feelings.

Source: http://www.focus-on-asia.com/e/report/2002/last-E.html

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Erm... :unsure: this is so going to be risky, posting this article here... :sweatingbullets:


1 - the Mods will say it's not relevant

2 - the fans of LJJ will 'kill' me for posting the news

but... but

1 - Kim Min Hee doesn't have a thread of her own

2 - she is his girlfriend :sweatingbullets:

3 - besides we're all ladies here (right?) and could use the tips in the article or not...

Spring Make-up Shines With Iridescent Glow

By Han Eun-jung

Staff Reporter

A recent survey conducted by an international cosmetic house indicated that the average Korean woman goes through twice the number of skin care products than a woman in Europe would in a day.

With makeup this spring being about pulling off a sheer, understated look, Korean women are already on the right track. Because a clean, even complexion is the starting point in achieving a natural, healthy glow that lit up the runways for spring and summer fashion.

However, looking "perfectly'' natural takes work _ best by achieving a clean, even complexion before going on to work with this season essentials _ an illuminator that compliments your skin tone and a pastel palette for a look fitting to the spring.


There's a world of difference between looking natural by wearing nothing and looking natural by pretending to wear nothing.

Dr. Feelgood from Benefit and Laura Mercier's famed Foundation Primer helps cover lines and pores to make for seamless, porcelain-like complexion.

Spreading on some of Benefit’s best-selling High Beam and Stilla’s All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer everywhere from lids to lips, cheeks to collarbones, illuminators like these add flirty sheen to dull complexions.

Lee Duk-hee, a spokesperson for Amore Pacific, says while spring's rush of white shirts and dresses carries the risk of looking plain it gives makeup that much more room to make a statement.

"Fresh, spring colors can accentuate this spring’s simple fashion looks,'' Lee says.

Make use of green and yellow for an even spring-er spring-feel suggests Park Jun-hee, director of the Beauties Study Team at Coreana Cosmetics.

"Try sweeps of seasonal hues mixed in with gold and silver shimmering powder for an even more fabulous luminous effect,'' she says.

Hera offers a range of glittery eye shadows that come in palettes of four colors and two, as does Makeup Forever with it's collection of Iridescent Eye Shadow or its more versatile Star Powder collection.

For a fresh-cheeked glow, try dusting on Bobbi Brown's Peony Shimmer Brick Compact, Laura Mercier's Pink Mosaic Shimmer Bloc or the ever-popular Meteorites Powder by Guerlain.

Lip stains like Lorac's Sheer Wash or Laneige’s Lip Tint can achieve the pink pouts seen on Stella McCartney’s show.

This season, Benefit has also put out a handy wand with its original Benetint on one end and a clear gloss on the opposite side.

For those wanting lips with an animated look rather than a flat finish light reflecting, shimmering glosses are the way to go.

Giorgio Armani's Midnight Lip Shimmer line is made up of vibrant shades infused with glittering Micro-fil pearls, while Volume Magic Gloss by Hera not only colors with luminous pinks and nudes, but claims to also plump and enhance the shape of the lips.


03-15-2006 17:15

Source: http://times.hankooki.com/lpage/culture/20...17161011690.htm

Soooo.... now I better run! duck.gif

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Lee Jung-jae


Partial filmography:

Typhoon (2005)

Oh! Brothers (2003)

Over the Rainbow (2002)

The Last Witness (2001)

Last Present (2001)

Asako in Ruby Shoes (2000)

Il Mare (2000)

Interview (2000)

The Uprising (1999)

Our Sunny Days (1999)

An Affair (1998)

Park vs. Park (1997)

I Am a Man (1994)

Lee Jung-jae (b. March 15, 1973), apart from being a top star in film and TV, also works as a highly successful fashion model. One year after his debut on television in 1993, Lee was cast in his first film, a feature by Bae Chang-ho. His breakthrough would come in late 1998 in the award-winning film An Affair by E-J Yong. This was followed up by another success, Our Sunny Days, for which he received a Best Actor award at the domestic Chungryong Awards ceremony.

After starring in the Korean-Japanese coproduction Asako in Ruby Shoes, released in December 2000, Lee found considerable popular success in a melodrama titled Last Present, where he was cast opposite Lee Young-ae, and in the action/mystery/drama The Last Witness directed by Bae Chang-ho. In 2002 he starred in the melodrama Over the Rainbow with Chang Jin-young. He was also rumored to be cast in an international coproduction to be shot in Korea and directed by Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige, however this project appears to have never gotten off the ground.

In 2003 he starred opposite Lee Beom-soo in Oh! Brothers, a comic drama about two brothers, one of whom has an unusual disease. The film was one of Lee's biggest hits ever, topping three million admissions at the local box office. Nonetheless he remained out of the limelight for the next couple years. Finally at the end of 2005 he returns in Typhoon, a big-budget action blockbuster by Kwak Kyung-taek, the director of Friend (2001).

Apart from his acting, Lee is also known for having launched a chain of upscale Italian restaurants in Seoul named after his movie Il Mare. Having studied interior design, he himself took responsibility for designing the interiors of his restaurants.

Source: http://www.koreanfilm.org/actors.html#leejj

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Heh... lest I want to be barred from LJJ's thread, I've edited this article up till the line it mentions LJJ specifically. So sorry for the intrusion of the gf... :sweatingbullets:

Actress Kim Min-hee enjoys limelight again

Needless to say, Kim Min-hee is an attractive actress who has a unique mask of diverse expressions.

With high cheekbones and twinkling eyes, Kim can easily become a naive and mischievous teenager, while her slender arms and legs, and sharp chin can also transform her into a bewitching temptress.

But unluckily, Kim didn't appear to have the acting skills to match her attractive appearances - until now.

Playing the role of a passionate romanticist Mi-ri in KBS new drama "Goodbye Solo," the 25-year-old actress has just walked into her new heyday, throwing off the nickname of an "attractive but blank actress."

After making a debut in the entertainment world through fashion magazines when she was in middle school, Kim became a celebrity when she was barely 20. Kim's provocative face and slender figure made her an immediate leading young star, but her acting skills had always remained in question.

As she grew "older," people began to turn their attention to younger actresses and Kim, who had failed to solidify her position as a proper actress, naturally lapsed into a career slump. People no longer paid much attention to Kim apart from the fact that she was a sweetheart of top actor Lee Jung-jae, hero of the movie "City of the Rising Sun (1998)."

image: http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/SITE/data/img...00603160034.gif

Kim Min-hee in KBS primetime drama "Goodbye Solo."

For more, refer

Source: http://www.koreaherald.co.kr/SITE/data/htm...00603170024.asp

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:P ..Rubie..she does not have a thread does she?..

Anyway since KMH is kinda related to Lee Jung Jae..i think it's ok to link them.. :D

Hope she will prove the audience that she's as good as her gorgeous boy-friend!. In acting , i mean. :)

Speaking of which, what is Lee Jung Jae doing next?.. another movie?..i heard a drama is being mentioned..but then it could be rumors..

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Guest dadedum

oh rubie how WRONG! of you to post the despicable KMH's news here!! :lol: (teasing)

melusine - that scene from Over the Rainbow had me laughing when I was watching the movie as it was so completely random. not exactly gene kellyish-dancing-caliber, but nonetheless very charming. :wub:

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oh rubie how WRONG! of you to post the despicable KMH's news here!! :lol: (teasing)

I know.. it's so, so wrong... but at least we wouldn't have to look very far the next time someone asks who's his sweetheart. *guilty one here* :sweatingbullets:

Rest assured only these two updates of KMH... no more coming... unless... you know.. they got married or something.... :vicx::P

Inez... not sure about LJJ's next move either. He's just like his co-Fantom clientele, no confirmed projects as yet but since LJJ has his own Italian Resto to take care of... I guess that keeps him busy for most of the time.

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Rest assured only these two updates of KMH... no more coming... unless... you know.. they got married or something.... :vicx::P

Not sure I'm particularly looking forward to that. :mellow: But whatever makes LJJ happy, right? :)

Someone should start a KMH thread soon, actually. :lol: Since she's gaining some credibility with Goodbye Solo, maybe she'll have more fans who want their own thread for news on her.

Thanks for the articles, rubie, and melusine for the cute pic. ^_^ I didn't know LJJ was into interior design, that's so cool!

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