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Posted by La Feng Entertainment on their weibo account last February 14 - Valentine's Day.

From drama YOUTH STORM: YOUTH STORM Romantic Valentine's Day section. The cast of YOUTH STORM - Kirsten Jen, JO HYUN JAE, Lu Yu Lin, Wei Han, and other veteran and newbie actors wish you all a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Greetings from LaFeng Entertainment (producer of YOUTH STORM).


credit:www.weibo.com. Thanks! English translation by prissymom

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Guest Luv2Emy

sounds like a good drama but dubbing kind of gets uncomfortable to watch

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sounds like a good drama but dubbing kind of gets uncomfortable to watch

the dubbing concerns me too. but I will still watch it because JHJ is in it :D





Youth suspense drama YOUNG STORM produced by LaFeng Entertainment, and stars South Korean actor JO HYUN JAE, Taiwan idol actress Kirsten Jen, Chinese actor Lu Yu Lin, and Taiwanese idol actor Wei Han finished its filming in Rugao, Jiangsu Province, China.

The drama will showcase the match-up/face-off between two kings - JO HYUN JAE and Lu Yu Lin. Chaos... fighting... what is this drama all about exactly?

South Korean actor JO HYUN JAE was invited by La Feng Entertainment to be the male lead of YOUNG STORM. He is YE ZI XUAN, the perfect embodiment of the campus version of Sherlock Holmes. ZI XUAN has a very high IQ, his reasoning ability is outstanding, but his emotional intelligence is very low. He tends to offend others with his frank speech.

Rich kid Lan Jun Lin (played by Lu Yu Lin) is the thorn on the side of ZI XUAN. He will throw all sorts of obstacles in the path of our hero. Their campus rivalry will heat up even more when Xu Ping Fan (played by Kirsten Jen) enters the University when both men find themselves falling in love with our heroine.

In the drama JO HYUN JAE and Lu Yu Lin will be rivals, but off screen the two get along very well, their work relationship is very harmonious. Aside from discussing the script, they also share acting tips with each other. Lu Yu Lin also occasionally taught JO HYUN JAE to speak Mandarin. Lu Yu Lin also praised JO HYUN JAE for being a professional, and added that his acting is great.


credit: http://yule.sohu.com/20120306/n336856429.shtml http://www.johyunjaechina.com. Thanks! English translation by prissymom

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(Youth Storm / News) Kirsten Jen very shy during kissing scene with JO HYUN JAE

(Chen Youying ╱ Taipei) Kirsten Jen (KJ) recently finished filming YOUNG STORM in Suzhou (note: actually filming was done in Rugao, Nantong in Jiangsu Province, China). In the drama, KJ and main leading man, South Korean actor JO HYUN JAE have a lot of scenes together, which, of course, include kissing scenes.

Recalling the filming of the kissing scene, KJ says with a laugh, "JO HYUN JAE is very charming. Acting with him, it is very easy to fall in love with him."


KIRSTEN JEN and JO HYUN JAE kiss in their drama, YOUNG STORM


KIRSTEN JEN admits that JO HYUN JAE's charms captured her heart.


YOUNG STORM is Kirsten Jen and JO HYUN JAE's first collaboration. She reveals that they filmed 17 hours per day; they get up at around 4 or 5 in the morning, then finishes filming at around 10 in the evening. With that kind of work schedule, KJ reveals that there was really no chance for her and JO HYUN JAE to meet privately (just the 2 of them). It is only while filming when they see each other.

She also reveals that she tried to bridge the distance between herself and JO HYUN JAE by learning Korean. She says, "from our dialogues from the script, I tried to learn Korean. If I say something incorrectly, he would correct my pronunciation."

KJ reveals that when they filmed their kissing scene she was very shy. But JO HYUN JAE's charm captured her heart, she even selfishly wished that the director would create more such scenes.

However, her "romantic" feelings for JO HYUN JAE is confined to their characters in the drama, in real life she is very rational: "In the drama, it is very easy to fall in love with him. That is not the case in real life. After all, we cannot communicate with each other. To have to go through an interpreter to say I LOVE YOU to each other is not romantic at all."

The Taiwanese newspaper where the above YS article also appeared:


credit: http://tw.nextmedia.com/mobile/article/issueid/20120311/artid/34081943/appname/twapple/secid/9 ; Apple Daily; www.johyunjaechina.com; www.johyunjaebbs.com. Thanks! English translation by prissymom.

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YOUNG STORM. Kirsten Jen encounters "cold man" Jo Hyun Jae

Produced by LaFeng Entertainment, youth-suspense drama YOUNG STORM has entered the intense post-production phase.

In the drama leading lady Kirsten Jen plays Xu Ping Fan, a cute kind of girl. While Korean star Jo Hyun Jae plays leading man Ye Zi Xuan, whose character is described as a cold man. They are described as a pair of quarrelsome lovers; girl is hyperactive, while the man is quiet, calm, and cold. Will sparks fly between them? Tune in to find out.

In YOUNG STORM poor Xu Ping Fan (Kirsten Jen), through a series of circumstances, is finally admitted in the same school for the elite where her mother studied, the Shi Yu University. Once there, she meets Ye Zi Xuan (Jo Hyun Jae), who serves as president of the school's detective agency/association.

Soon strange things start to happen around Xu Ping Fan. The genius detective Zi Xuan smells the dangerous atmosphere surrounding the new girl in school. Soon he will use his investigative skills to unearth the plot around Xu Ping Fan. In so doing he will be instrumental in saving her from danger time and again, giving them a chance to become closer.

Kirsten Jen as Xu Ping Fan in YOUNG STORM is described as sweet, a little bit careless. Every time she is at the office of the detective agency/association the place will become lively and more fun.

The cool-headed and seemingly cold-hearted Zi Xuan will maintain his calm ways, but slowly, without him being aware of it, his heart will be attracted by the cheerful girl.

Following the period suspense drama "Palace Spy Film" (深宫谍影), LaFeng Entertainment is coming out with another suspense drama in YOUNG STORM. They invited Korean star JO HYUN JAE to join Taiwanese actress Kirsten Jen, Chinese actor Lu Yu Lin, and many others to be part of this youth-suspense drama. YS writer (Taiwanese screenwriter Fang Wang Yan), and director (HongKong director Xu Hui Kang) firmly believe that the drama will set off a "storm" among the youth as the title suggests.

Posted on LaFeng Entertainment's weibo account:

Drama YOUTH STORM: FILMART, LaFeng Entertainment with strategic partner Singapore Real Oriental Media, Ltd. (新加坡真实东方传媒有限公司) officially start promotion of YOUTH STORM.


credit: article from http://yule.sohu.com/20120321/n338453378.shtml ; www.weibo.com; www.johyunjaechina.com www.johyunjaebbs.com. Thanks! English translation by prissymom.

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Youth fashion suspense drama, YOUNG STORM, is produced by LaFeng Entertainment. In the drama, Taiwan's beautiful Fang Shu Zhen plays the unruly, capricious daugther of a wealthy family, who believes that the end justifies the means. Ultimately she will realize that she is wrong when she does not win the love of her heart. FSZ is normally a good girl who occasionally rebels, but in the end still obeys her parents.

剧中,方数真饰演外表如同古典洋娃娃般精致漂亮、十分有气质的若曦。从小就接受精英教育,但却因为小时罹患小儿痲痹造成的后遗症,使得她双脚不能走路,因此也造就了她刁蛮任性的性格。面对李凤(陈威翰 饰)无微不至的照顾始终无动于衷,却千方百计想要得到亦子轩(赵显宰 饰)。机关算尽之后才发现一切都是徒劳的。

In the drama, FSZ has the outward appearance of a classic doll - delicate, beautiful, and a cheerful personality. From childhood she had had an elite education, however, due to a bout of poliomyelitis she is unable to walk. Her physical disability led her to become unruly and capricious/willful. She is always indifferent to Li Feng's (actor Wei Han) meticulous care, but she will do everything in her power to win Ye Zi Xuan's (Jo Hyun Jae) heart; only to find in the end that all her strategies to win his heart to be in vain.


This paragraph just talks about her other dramas so I will not translate anymore.


credit: http://www.johyunjaechina.com/viewthread.php?tid=11790&extra=&page=1

Note: There is still no official announcement yet from YOUNG STORM producer, LaFeng ENtertainment, regarding YS's broadcast station and schedule.

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