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Sen Mitsuji


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Aussie Japanese Model



atoaw11no7.th.jpg 63aiu.th.jpg rclbsss12072.th.jpg

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Name: Sen Mitsuji/ Jesse Mitsuji

DOB: November 26, 1987


Height - 1 m 85 / 6.0 ½

Shoes - 42 / 8.5

Hair - black

Eyes - brown


Be Natural - Tokyo

Bananas - Paris

Priscillas - Sydney

Ford - New York

2morrow - Milan


Personal Blog [updates about travel/modelling work, his photography]

Portfolio Blog [cargocollective, his photography/other work]

Youtube Channel videos/personal messages (quite insightful and poetic I think)


Flickr Phototream (old photography/inactive)

Other/Fan Blogs:



source of images on this thread: fyeahmitsujisen@ tumblr, greyships@tumblr, killheji@tumblr, fashionisto, refinery29, thefashionspot, stylealternative, models.com


Has anyone here heard of him? I think he's a really fantastic model, and also a really good photographer/cinematographer

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Guest trueloveway

Yes, I have a massive crush on this guy. Those cheekbones..

I follow his blog too. He doesn't post much but he's a talented photographer.

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Guest blue_cat

Hell yeah, I love Sen's photography and voice! Did you guys hear his voice? So damn sexy. haha

Plus me and he are both Japanese descendants living abroad and he is a friend of Ethan, one of my favorite models! :D


This is one of my fave of him! 

And for the person said he's good looking but a smoker, it's pretty common to models smoke, actually....

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^ not creepy at all *o*

edited first post with a list of credits.

this is a somewhat massive gif post.

and a tidbit from his personal blog that I thought was interesting


“Graffiti. For so long the lonely forum of those with a message but no blackboard. So what’s next? With a liberal amount of irony I sincerely hope that it’s not blogs. A screenshot is not art. Some might fairly argue that there is just too much bad spray to warrant the good stuff. I say practise makes perfect, support the process. Others might say that there is rarely a coherant or meaningful message. I say the action is the message and if you can’t see the charm of passion before poise the fault is all yours. Long live graffiti, turn up the music”

Sen Mitsuji


the gif that started my obsession ;____; it's seriously unhealthy for someone to make smoking look this good


from milan, noma han's v-log (kind of want to start a thread for that guy too...)






and ^o^ personal favorite haha


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