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[Sitcom 2011] Vampire Idol 아이돌

Guest miguel09

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I like Yoobi with the hood on. She's going to be pretty annoying in the later episodes.

Totally agree!!

She is annoying me already in ep 24. I used to like her quiet character and her love-line with Woobin. Now I dont know what to think @_@

As for the prince, I was hoping he will choose Minkyung over 'O Woohee' :x

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

Kim Sook as Minah's sister was sooo cute.. geeky but cute..

Hope she comes back.. although they shipped her off to Costa Rica(?) somewhere..

I actually dont mind the new Yoobie actually.. she's cute.

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Epi 25 - I was like 'noooooooooo' during the kiss scene.

Poor bbabba T_T

But when he was trying to kick Mooggadil at the end with both his legs, it cracks me up :lol:

Vampire Idol <3

Haha that part gets me all the time XD too funny since his legs are short^^

after watching todays epi, i actually like Soo Hyuk and MinKyung together

SooHyuk is so devoted to Prince, makes me cry :tears: he does everything to make Prince happy :) I love this guy

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Guest WitchGoddess

I really enjoyed ep.31. Mina actually surprised me with her singing ability. I thought she was one of those no talent idols, but she can actually sing.

And Jonghyun is so cute when he thinks he is being complimented ^^

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