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[Sitcom 2011] Vampire Idol 아이돌

Guest miguel09

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i love watching Vampire idol! a sitcom that actually makes me laugh XD

All the characters in this sitcom is so likable =)

EP 18 Dongyup's child

Hilarious yet kinda sad episode

Sumi and DongYup both goes to meet the kid in their scheduled place with toys and shoes..expecting the child to be a kid ofcourse but turns out to be an old man who dies at the spot after meeting Dongyup ;(

I think most of us saw that coming LOL not the death part ofcourse but the appearance of an elderly person instead of a kid XD

Lee jung is so charming hahaha

the three guys are obviously very good looking compared to him but there is something about him that is so attractive LOL

i am surprised am actually saying this about Jung coz i was never really paid too much interest on him before ^_^

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Guest Lil.Miss.A

^ I know right... there's something about him. He's such a good singer too.

I love how the story is fresh everytime and how the characters are developing. It just gets better each ep.

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hi all! i just love this show - sad to see the thread so quiet.

i just caught up to ep 17, and am sad i only have 2 eps to go till i'm caught up, but i guess by tomorrow there will be 3 :D

i'm kinda on a lee soo hyuk kick after watching Tree with Deep Roots, and watching What's Up and this -

must watch White Christmas eventually, though i'm a little scared to watch it by myself late at night.... :P

the running gag where someone says the prince's name still makes me laugh every time.

i too am so curious to see the blonde non-talking girl's face, and it's so cute she's the


good nite!


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Haha Minah is so cute..am bad at korean spellings too..when am confused, i just jot down by how its pronounced lol

free wifi in the bathroom XD haha GirlsGirls expression when all three boys comes out of the bathroom together with ramen and popcorns in their hand :lol:

i wonder who prince will be paired with..Woohee or Minkyung. I love them both ^^

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^Omg same here..kinda disappointed when she showed her face lol

She looks better with blonde hair and hood..makes her character more interesting too

I think the two strange men [vampire i believe] did something to Yoobi at the end of episode 22. May be pass some kinda powers..? hahaha

Can't wait to see how the story will unfold.

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