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[Turkish Drama 2010-Ongoing] Fatmagülün Suçu Ne? (What`s Fatmagüls Fault?)

Guest MissPan

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Guest MissPan

Beren Saat, Engin Akyürek; The story of a rape victim. (w. Eng subs)

Title : FatmagülünSuçu Ne? (What`s Fatmagüls Fault?)

Episodes : ongoing - probably 78

Broadcast Company : Kanal D

Airing Date& time: Thursdays  08:00 pm (inTurkey)

PD : Hilal Saral

Production Company : Ay Yapım

Music: Toygar Işıklı

Official Website

Official Youtube Channel


The story is about Fatmagül, a poor girl who dreams of marrying her fiancé one day, but that dream comes to an end when she becomes the victim of a gang rape one night. Traumatized and abandoned by her fiancé she is forced to marry one of the rapists (???--> see spoiler) to cover up the incident.

Will she be able to begin a new life? Can she overcome her trauma and trust in a man again?And will the culprits get their just deserts? A long and painful road is ahead of her.


The one she`s forced to marry, Kerim,  was actually the only one who didn`t rape her. He thinks he didn`t rape her, but he isn`t sure about it, because he doesn`t really  remember everything that happened since he was drunk and on drugs.  He is the only one of the guys who doesn`t come from a rich family.

 Cast :


BuğraGülsoy - Vural Günay

SacideTaşaner - Halide Nalçalı

Toygun Ateş- Emin Nalçalı

DenizBaytaş - Hilmiye Yaşaran








Episodes with English subs (you have to click on "cc" to see the subs):

Season One

Episode 1: part1 part2   

Episode 2: part1   part2

Episode 3

Episode 4

(There`s a gap, episodes 5-8 haven`t been translated yet, but will be soon.)

Episode 5 RAW

Episode 6 RAW

Episode 7 RAW

Episode 8 RAW

Episode 9: part1 part2

Episode 10: part1 part2 

Episode 11: part1 part2 

Episode 12: part1 part2 

Episode 13: part1 part2

Episode 14: part1 part2

Episode 15: part1 part2

Episode 16: part1 part2

Episode 17: part1 part2

Episode 18: part1 part2

Episode 19: part1 part2

Episode 20: part1 part2

Episode 21: part1 part2

Episode 22: part1 part2

Episode 23: part1 part2

Episode 24: part1 part2

Episode 25: part1 part2

Episode 26: part1 part2

Episode 27: part1 part2

Episode 28: part1 part2

Episode 29: part1 part2

Episode 30: part1 part2

Episode 31: part1 part2

Episode 32: part1 part2

Episode 33 

Episode 34: part1 part2

Episode 35 

Episode 36 

Episode 37 

Episode 38 

Episode 39 

Season Two

Episode 40

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

Episode 44

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50



You can see the episodes with English subs on this   youtube channel . Each episode is translated within one week after airing.

The drama has a very serious theme and is slow paced. It`s not everyone`s cup of tea. The first few episodes are hard to watch and really sad. But the story developes great and it has a social message. I love it.

Hope there are some people who`ll like it, too. ^_^

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Guest MissPan


Theofficial ost hasn`t been released yet, many of the instrumentals are rippedfrom episodes…some have names some don`t, because that I gave them just randomnumbers. (It`s not complete.)

OST Season One





05 – You stole my colours

06 - Hope



09 - Happiness





14 - Days go by

15 - Hopeless

16 - Daylight

17 – One Drop of Love

18 – Happiness 2

OST Season Two








Here are a few nice MVs (contain spoiler):

MV1   MV2    MV3   MV4  




On these  Youtube Channsels  you can see the tv drama with arabic, greek, bulgarian and serb/croatian subs:





A few pictures:







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I love this show! It's seriously one of the best shows I ever watched.
When I read the synopsis, I was extremely skeptic. She is raped and then she marries one of the guys that did that to her? Well gee, ain't that romantic!
But the show did an excellent job at portraying the trauma, the pain and the emotional struggle Fatmagul is going through. All characters and all plot lines are amazing. I usually don't care much about any other plot lines except the main ones, but I loved the Jasaran family and their inner power struggles.

The acting is superb as well. I am in love with Beren Saat. Seriously. She is wonderful at being vulnerable, furious, distrustful, broken... I cried every time she cried. And special call out goes to the actress playing Mukades - now that would win her an Emmy if she were American.

Even the characters I disliked - I liked for what they were adding to the show. And there is not a single one-dimensional character. From Fatmagul and Kerim as our leads, to the villains like Erdogan and Resat, to less important characters like Perihan and Aunt. Everyone had depth.

And lastly, the sountrack. Omfgit'sperfect. I love, love, love the opening theme. Toygar Isikli is like Hans Zimmer of Turkey. Wonderful show. I hope it receives some love on this forum

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  • 1 month later...

Thanks for the replies everyone.
Watched up to episode 10 and really enjoying it.
Never watched a Turkish Drama before.
The scenery shows Turkey as such a beautiful country.

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This was an excellent drama. Truly loved it. I didn't want it to end.
The pace was slow, but it wasn't boring. Made one feel like they were truly in the characters lives.
The acting across the board was stellar, so good at times, I wondered if the actors were ad libbing.

Now that I have experienced this nectar of my first Turkish drama, I need more, lol.

Anyone have links to other Turkish dramas with English subs? :)

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@DJG : I want help you but Most Turkish Dramas poorly have a Eng SUB , ALL Turkish dramas really amazing  the story realistic although they took so long to finish .
IF you want To watch try :
Gumus :

Ask i Memnu:


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@NileRose thank you for the suggestions, I have been searching for other dramas since I finished FSN. Sadly, I haven't come across completed subs for another series :(

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Guest chibiottoman

You cannot understand my surprise.. I was like "I saw the letter ü and saw a sentence in Turkish, oh c'mon you must be joking..." and Fatmagül! I love watching Beren Saat's role in Aşk-ı Memnu hahaha the scene that she killed herself. I celebrated it [seriously] eating cherries.

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Guys there is a drama called Kuzey & Guney (new 2013) :
@guadi, @DJG

The 1st 2 Episodes with English Sub just follow the channel on Youtube to watch all the drama which already finished it is great drama The story of Two brothers one is Good called Kuzey sacrifice alot for his brother's future  and other is bad guy who called Guney who use his older brother Kuzey and steal his girl called Gemery
I hope to enjoy watching this drama which has good ratings  and  critics in Turkey .

1st Episode :

2nd Episode :

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