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Lee Je Hoon 이제훈

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Bastard. Anarchist. Legend. Park Yeol.  

YAHOOOOOOO, Lee Jehoon is back Lee Je-hoon’s first day on set as Crown Prince Sado SBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama Secret Door stars Lee Je-hoon as Crown Prince Sado, the infamous son of King Yeo

Yay! Look at this patootie~ <3 ㅋㅋ 멍멍!

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2097.gif YAHOOOOOOO, Lee Jehoon is back 2097.gif

Lee Je-hoon’s first day on set as Crown Prince Sado


SBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama Secret Door stars Lee Je-hoon as Crown Prince Sado, the infamous son of King Yeongjo (Han Seok-kyu) who was sentenced to death by his own father at the age of 27. The drama will be a palace murder mystery that digs into the political conspiracy that may or may not have been the cause behind Sado’s death sentence. It focuses on the fractured relationship between Yeongjo as a father who demands perfection from his son, and Sado as a son eager to please him, which wars directly with his dream for an egalitarian society.

The stills are from the prince’s secret venture out of the palace dressed as a nobleman, and Lee Je-hoon is joined by Seo Joon-young, who plays a friend to the prince despite the vast difference in their classes.



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Guest nancykimlee

*Waves hi to everyone!*Now that Lee Je Hoon is back, I'm looking forward to his new drama and movie.. and the photospreads too!
Lee Je Hoon for High Cut :)PS14080600028.jpgcr eDaily

cr StarNews 

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@nancykimlee, welcome and thanks for the updates/photos shared of LJH. It's nice to have new members in here.

Lee Je Hoon Talks About His Post-Military Plans in Interview With High Cut

On August 7, Lee Je Hoon’s photos from High Cut magazine were revealed. This photoshoot was his first official job after getting discharged from military service.

Even though it could have been awkward for him to be in front of a camera after two years, he adjusted very well and had a successful photoshoot. In an interview after the shoot, he talked about his thoughts on immediately joining the cast of SBS drama “Secret Door” and the film he will be joining afterwards, “Detective Hong Kil Dong,” which will be directed by Jo Sung Hee.

When asked about his post-military plans and acting, he responded, “A few days before the date of my discharge, I began to worry. It has been a long time since I’ve been in front of the public audience, and I began to question whether I would even have a place in the industry, and how well the public would accept me, since my acting would have changed from my pre-military days. Because of this I’m still very nervous. However, I realized that just being scared of the situation and hiding myself is the same as running away. So I decided that I just wanted to show my confidence through my acting in future projects—not only do I want people think that ‘Lee Je Hoon is an actor with these kinds of thoughts,’ I will take action and show them personally that I am that kind of an actor.”

In “Secret Door,” Lee Je Hoon has been cast as Crown Prince Sa Do, son of King Yeongjo. The role of King Yeongjo has been given to actor Han Suk Kyu. This will be Lee Je Hoon’s second time working with Han Suk Kyu since their movie “My Paparotti,” which he filmed right before he entered the military. Lee Je Hoon couldn’t hide his delight in the news that they would be working together again. With regards to Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon said, “He had already played the role of Sejong in ‘The Tree With Deep Roots,’ and recently completed the shooting for the film, ‘The Tailors.’ The upcoming ‘Secret Door’ is also a sageuk drama so I didn’t keep my hopes up. But when I heard the news I was so ecstatic my heart started racing. The news gave me strength and confidence, and it’s such an honor to be working with him [Han Suk Kyu] again.”

You can read more about “Secret Door” here:

“Bleak Night” Stars Lee Je Hoon and Seo Jun Young Reunited with New Drama “Secret Door”

New Stills of Lee Je Hoon from Upcoming Mystery Sageuk Drama “Secret Door” Released

Lee Je Hoon will also be starring in “Detective Hong Kil Dong,” directed by Jo Sung Hee, who had also directed the popular film “A Werewolf Boy,” starring Song Joong Ki. With regards to this, Lee Je Hoon commented, “All of the past characters portraying Hong Kil Dong were protagonists that always fought against the bad guys and worked for the good. However, the Hong Kil Dong portrayed in this film will have both a good and an evil side to his character. It will be a strangely unique but new experience for viewers.”

You will be able to view the entire photoshoot in volume 131 of High Cut magazine, which will be released this coming August 7. Who’s excited for his screen comeback?

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Korean actor Lee Je Hoon visits PH to help

Korean actor Lee Je-hoon visited the Philippines to meet children and families who were affected by typhoons and participate in the reconstruction of a mangrove project in Cebu.


[Korean star Lee Je-hoon with Filipino children and at the mangrove project site (Photos courtesy of SARAM Entertainment)]

Lee Je-hoon went to the country as part of the “Love Challenge” project by OXFAM Korea and Korean TV channel MBC, a global sharing initiative which seeks to generate donations for projects covering disasters, water, hygiene, food and women.

The actor met families who were affected by Typhoons “Ruby” and “Yolanda” and helped in the replanting and reconstruction of a mangrove project in Bantayan, Cebu.

Other Korean celebrities participating in the “Love Challenge” project are actress Honey Lee, Grammy-nominated violist Richard Yongjae O’Neill, chef Sam Kim and comedienne Lee Guk Joo.

Besides the Philippines, other countries in “Love Challenge” project are South Korea, Cambodia, Nepal and Kenya.

The five celebrities are hoping to generate donations to benefit 25,000 people for each country for a total of 125,000.

Lee Je-hoon has starred in Korean dramas “Three Sisters,” “Fashion King” and last year’s “Secret Door.” His film credits include “Architecture 101,” “My Paparotti” and “The Front Line.”

Among his awards include Top Excellence Actor in A Serial Drama in the 2014 SBS Drama Awards for “Secret Door” Best New Actor for “Bleak Night” in the 48th Grand Bell Awards and 32nd Blue Dragon Film Awards.

The “Love Challenge” project will be aired on MBC on June 11.

To donate to the “Love Challenge” project, go to http://www.mbclovechallenge.or.kr/challengers.

Read more at http://www.mb.com.ph/korean-actor-lee-je-hoon-visits-ph-to-help/#5zDKxaT8rYGOkqmA.99


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