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Bastard. Anarchist. Legend. Park Yeol.  

YAHOOOOOOO, Lee Jehoon is back Lee Je-hoon’s first day on set as Crown Prince Sado SBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama Secret Door stars Lee Je-hoon as Crown Prince Sado, the infamous son of King Yeo

Yay! Look at this patootie~ <3 ㅋㅋ 멍멍!

[broadcast] KBS NEWS ' Hotties ' acting actors BEST5 <앵커 멘트="">Hi. Entertainment Notebook Choi steatite. Mr. Jang Dong-gun, won bin, Mr. Kang Dong-won's successor, the heart of the strategy is a little Juniors m. once possessed, solid wool Hotties concealment until the mind with engrossing. this autumn the plant caught tight Hotties smoke coming into the screen actors, par. <리포트>Hotties love actors acting, 5th place of the men now Hun. <녹취>now Hun (actor): "I am no longer in the mind, to be on the Board, only as a friend, my richard simmons like you" fell in love with the man's quiver tingle had smoke while Hotties actors are firmly entrenched its position as the smoke drove the actors. the youngest brother Kim Jong-wook movies like the cute charm often saying now Hun, Mr. movie and tossing a drink in before muscles are toned and charismatic as the boys were nicely digestion now Lt. (actor): " <녹취>." Director dude well. "is played across the spectrum, constantly acting results. <녹취>" the film keepers now Hun. congratulations. "this year from last year, which resulted in six awards in the Shin is swept away the impression that flaunt. in anticipation of the coming mainly Chungmuro horribly military declared, now as in the past, Mr. Hoon-25, to fans for active duty, big mouth, that almost tributes. <녹취>now Hun fans:" I love my brother went well Hun armies fighting. "come." 21 months after the army safely come back with even more cool man looking forward to the day in fourth place, leading to the mouth opening but an older sister; the fans minds steal swallowing m, Park Hae-Jin, Mr. <녹취>Park Hae-Jin (actor): "you just stay still, I believed in you <녹취>." reach a line (that woman): "I see did. I did see." <녹취>crossings (that woman): "no, it's me." the visage tinted key whon distinct floral beauty is of course right, <녹취>Park Hae-Jin(Actor): "you are at the end of the day this world, I am happy to say that, because I got myself to do it." Oh the hands and feet blazing metabolism even sweet romance turns into the spirit in my daughter recently. the spirit's twin sister appeared to come from a very sweet people, younger brother of our company with momentum. <녹취>Park Hae-Jin (actor): "I'll come to see you have to show a lot of sleep."? so affectionate Park Hae-Jin, Mr. Suh of the pole in this conflict were changed after the chilly attitude and debt. <녹취>Park Hae-Jin (actor): "I'll be your sister know you suffered as annoyed.. properly might not be happy kid you. I'll drop my father." words that could not be recognized for concealment before antaggaumeul. Mr. Park Hae-Jin, what the hell ever change? <녹취>Park Hae-Jin (actor): "as to do this." Hotties giving main character actors 3. transformation ear Mr. Yoo Jae-Suk Kim, yun (actor) <녹취>is: "as far as books should also be ripe, even as far as Wanda, Wan, or even as far as Wanda 's." <녹취>Yoo (actor): "Sir, why do you do that to me? really." rebel arms as far as this record five million through the audience and demonstrate the possibilities as starring lone. every work and every amateur actor like Mr. Yoo grandstand freshness, <녹취>Yoo (actor): "so far I think she isn't here this thing specifically. pre construction way funny." lie? 

The last being hooked on the fun of acting since 2003, 10 year actors. <녹취>Yoo (actor): "like you don't know big, key grab one thing to eat on the street smart thermal No." film and drama has been broadened his acting methodically ranged area. <녹취>Yoo (actor): "are you looking forward to in front of my eyes stay close." drama Sungkyunkwan scandal showed in the rough and wild plant matter such as Korea had rattled the attraction without Yoo Mr. richard simmons you, congestion?

<녹취>Yoo (actor): "very harsh and very wild when you do get tired of one-sided. carefully detail and delicate when Mr. Yoo's face, and then a thousand. Shapeshifter I'll expect is to smoke good good-looking actors. in second place, won the State's makers of viewership. <녹취>ju-won (actor):" what's going to appear again, why did the King as a child. "like baking!: Kim Pong gave viewers Kumano in the eyes got stamp. Jesus reminded me of a star and as an actor began a fast gallop. <노래>ju-won (actor):" the idea is to pick up a tadpole in stream water is swim-Marie "weekend drama starring in d & o small brothers to hot rolled out to subsequent, <녹취>ju-won (actor):" each: ride! ride you're each: how, how, how to ride a lone individual. ": starring stitched up Pack haunted acting were praised both the drama starring the bar itself, the best viewership record., East zone topped the ratings demographics and swiftly into the manufacture of preemption. past and constant integrity flower MIMO also popular tip as I'm bubbling. <녹취>ju-won (actor):" Kang Dong-won prominence with top military bronze tower so that it looked like with a nickname, as the river so. "this man's greed never ends ~ <노래>ju-won (actor):" at this moment the magically allowed goodness. "singing a fun blast ju-won's 2. Hotties giving actors the long-awaited No. 1. actor song Joong Ki: <녹취>song Joong-GI pan: song Joong-GI" fighting, the good guys fighting. "the <녹취>song Joong-GI (actor):" I have come this far as a brother in the end come down ". in 2008, the movie debuted in acting as stooges of the pair at my ball started his <녹취>song Joong-GI (actor).:" well? "an unidentified individual with the flowers on the back of the stone could be a smoke line had had a leading role with the Stooges acting without covering. areas of expanding the special reason? <녹취>, Kim Tae-Jin(Reporter): "I feel there is good at acting, good sound of the song? Handsome?" <녹취>Song Joong-GI (actor):" but even if this looks great at any one minute discussion of serious acting job by doing this so please only one word to say that I think this more motive. "smoke, you're a nice guy with a passion for a deeper transformation., Thursday night has spread this flooring. <녹취>song Joong-GI (actor):" self destruct Iran's doing., and Jae-Hee Mr.. game rules were to die were knowing or documented. neither shitheads. "--of a man who cheated even seemed chilly and cynical to speak the words you wouldn't spit out without a hitch, <녹취>song Joong-Ki (actor):" now if forked off? The power to get away from me. Chances are it's only once. "

Bad boy has turned into a stone-castle attraction. 

Depending on the cast dressed up as various changing expressions and delicate feelings toward Mr. song Joong-GI reigns by smoke, before the actor's heights luxury Hotties topped actors acting. 

Serious discussion by the concealment of viewers cheer for the future of real actors and heartfelt.

-Image URL-http://news.kbs.co.kr/news/actions/VodPlayerAction?type=2&cmd=showMP4&vod_info=D%7C10%7C%2Fnews_8am%2F2012%2F10%2F29%2F100.mp4%7CN%7C%7CF%7C10%7C%2Fnews_8am%2F2012%2F10%2F29%2F1000k%2F100.mp4%7CN&news_code=2558908 [photojournalism 2012.10.29/NEWS/KBS KBS reporter]</녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </노래> </녹취> </녹취> </노래> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </녹취> </리포트> </앵커> (Translated by Bing)
safe_image.php?d=AQAxhfkGk9nzGIN2&w=155&KBS NEWSnews.kbs.co.kr안녕하세요.연예수첩 최동석입니다.장동건 씨, 원빈 씨, 강동원 씨의 뒤를 잇는 후배들의 여심 공략법은 조금 남다릅니다.일단 꽃미모로 홀리고, 탄탄한 연기력으로 마음까지 

:-/  when he comeback?

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@trisy, probably he will finish his duty on July 24, 2014.^^
Many actors more successful after army, hope Jehoon fall into this category.

I already watched The Rise of the Guardians, now I am eager to watch Korean dubbed version.

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@trisy, no, I am not Korean. I depend on Google, dictionary and instinct to understand Hanguk-mal.^^

#Lee Jehoon and Han Hyojoo CF for S*ms*ng camera (I really like the concept)

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#Lee Jehoon promotional video for Seoul Metropolitan Police.

(Credit: je hun via YT)

#Lee Jehoon act for Police season 2 (musical).
(Credit as tagged; for better image quality>>visit: here)
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[Article] ' Enlist three months ' now Hun what appeared to be a badass, "Lee Kyung-hoon, now!"

The actor, now it feels like there is in this 3 months after enlisting, Hoon said. 

Recently, as the protagonist of the video promoting the now Sir before Hun in a long time to develop. 

Video now Hoon is starting to look like a badass suit greetings. He said "Hello". Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is, "said Lee Kyoung-Hoon opened the door now. 

He "wondered if there is any prior military and contemplating what life in a strange place to do lots of exclusive part comes in when there are very pleasant and looked like Scouts and families can be satisfied with life," he had done the deed a role promoting piety before saying. 

Last October 25, Hun, now ahead of the Nonsan training enlisted into the army in Seoul police public relations. 

[Photojournalism: 2013.01.16/creative daily/Yoon Hyo-Jung press]

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@jeeji, yup, glad he seems really happy. We have to wait for Ethics of Anger and My Pavarotti to released at cinema so we can watch him again.^^

#Jehoon at Front Line shooting location.

#Happy Jehoon before debut.

#Jehoon and his family

(Credit as tagged and onlymysm0903

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′The Ethics of Anger′ Starring Lee Je Hoon, Kwak Do Won and More Releases Its Poster.



The poster for the Lee Je Hoon, Cho Jin Woong, Kim Tae Hoon, Kwak Do Won and Moon Sori-starring film The Ethics of Anger released a poster hinting at its story on January 21.

The Ethics of Anger is a film about how a bad guy, a cruel guy, a jerk, a coward and an evil woman show their true colors as they get involved in the murder of a beautiful female college student.

The poster shows the five main villains in a broken piece of glass.

Lee Je Hoon is the bad guy, who eavesdrops on what happens in the student′s room as he lives next door. He is shown looking around him with a tense expression on his face.

Cho Jin Woong appears as the cruel guy, who pretends to be a good-natured neighbor but actually bears down on the girl after lending her his money. He shows his character with his cold expression and sharp eyes.

The jerk Kim Tea Hoon expresses his crazy love with an absentminded expression. He stalks the girl after she breaks up with him and he is unable to accept the fact that they′re no longer together.

Kwak Do Won is the coward who has an affair with her. He says he truly loves her, but in reality he is always scared his wife will find out about the relationship. He wears a prisoner′s uniform, and seems to be shouting at the top of his lungs.

The evil woman Moon Sori, who learns of her husband′s affair following the girl′s death, is shown below the four men.

The Ethics of Anger is set to premiere in February.

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#Fan-cam of Jehoon for Police season 2 (curtain call):
(Credit: J198742558 via Youtube; more fan-taken of Jehoon>>here)

#Fans of Lee Jehoon
(Source: sstv.hankyung.com (1) & (2))

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Moon Sori Shows Her Love for Fellow ′The Ethics of Anger′ Cast Member Lee Je Hoon


Moon Sori sent a loving video message to Lee Je Hoon, who is currently serving in the military.

The actress attended the press conference for the film The Ethics of Anger on January 30, and sent a celebratory message to the actor, pretending the film had already passed the 3 million mark.

"It′s all thanks to you we′ve garnered a 3 million audience," she said. "You′re serving your duties for the country, but this is all thanks to you. Thank you, [Lee] Je Hoon."

She also joked after stealing glances at Kwak Do Won and Cho Jin Woong, who had been sitting next to her, "Je Hoon, the world is so dark without you. I feel dark when I′m with these folk."

She then said, "I hope you return after your release and make the world brighter. Tell me if anyone′s picking on you. I′ll take care of him like I do in our film."

Moon Sori promised that she would go to see Lee Je Hoon with a hearty meal if the film passed 3 million.

Moon Sori will appear as a woman who learns of her husband′s affair following the death of a college student. The Ethics of Anger premieres on February 21.

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Lee Je Hoon's Facebook Official Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/saram.leejehoon

Lee Je Hoon's Graduation Photo► http://pann.nate.com/talk/317030379Always fun to see childhood pics of celebs. Very cute!

Pavarotti's 1st Poster► http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25626443/#Comment_25626443

Pavarotti's 2nd Poster► http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25631777/#Comment_25631777

Lee Je Hoon's Photos in Army

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