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Bastard. Anarchist. Legend. Park Yeol.  

YAHOOOOOOO, Lee Jehoon is back Lee Je-hoon’s first day on set as Crown Prince Sado SBS’s next Monday-Tuesday drama Secret Door stars Lee Je-hoon as Crown Prince Sado, the infamous son of King Yeo

Yay! Look at this patootie~ <3 ㅋㅋ 멍멍!

On ‎4‎/‎22‎/‎2017 at 7:43 AM, lingkims said:

@SpiritGambler you are so welcome chingu :)

Glad that you like him too. I hope he get more recognition because he is such a great actor. Signal is one of my favorite kdramas. Hoping for season 2. Ah yeah I see why you stopped watching Secret Door, because it was purely a historical Korean drama. We have to understand about Korean history first, so that may be a lot of works for non Korea.

Sure, if you want to watch his recent drama, you can start with "Tomorrow With You". I love that drama so much, but don't expect this one is a typical kdrama because it totally isn't one. 

About his recent movie you can watch "Phantom Detective". It is one of my fav movies. He was so amazing in it. Then you can watch "My Paparotti" (musical movie), "Bleak Night" (dark coming age movie, "The Front Line" (war movie, but totally recommended) and for pure comedy movie you can watch "Ghost Sweeper". You can check out all of those in Kiss Asian or Drama cool. Hope that helps chingu :)



Wow that's a lot of movie! Will definitely check them out this weekend! Thanks for recommendations :)

I just finished Signal last Saturday and yes, I demand a Season 2! Really enjoyed it so much, and will check Tomorrow with You as well. I saw the promotional poster for Park Yeol and boy! He looked totally different there! I wanna watch that one as well once it become available.

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You can watch videos on V LIVE.

In order to watch it, you have download the application on your phone. I never try opening it on laptop/PC, maybe it can :)

@SpiritGambler you are so welcome! let me know your insights once you've done watching it :)

Yup, once again he chose a different role. Spread his wing to be more versatile as an actor

@PommePompadour hi chingu!!!! :D


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Helloo everyone, i'm totally a newbie here. Just made an account, because I adore this man sooo much. From Signal to Tomorrow with you, he's made me crazy over his voice and his sharp nose. Wkwkwk..

Hope this thread would be active in give information about his recent activity, so I'm not miss him this much after tomorrow with you ends. Just wait for his movie "Park Yeol". He change his looks so much, but still he just look so drop-dead-handsome, right?

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On 5/17/2017 at 8:30 PM, bonuibonui said:

GAAHHH!!!! Here hoping "Park Yeol" will also be released in my country otherwise I have to wait long for subtitle. But for Lee Je hoon, I must be patient!

Looking forward for Park Yeol!!!!!!

I don't think Park Yeol wil air on my country. So, i just wait until I can wacth it streaming or download it. Heheheheh--

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Belated LJH related updates from the 3MAD soompi thread (many more HERE)


August 19, 2017


“Three Meals A Day” Writer Teases Big Laughs Next Week As Lee Je Hoon Bonds With The Cast


Source: Soompi by J. Lim    




“Three Meals a Day” writer Kim Dae Joo has teased that actor Lee Je Hoon will bring the laughs as he attempts to win over the cast as a male guest in the upcoming episode of the hit variety show.


The end of the third episode that aired on August 18 showed Lee Seo Jin, Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang sitting around wondering who their next guest would be. They were full of excitement as they hoped the guest would be a woman, and that she would bring food with her.


Who greeted them instead was Lee Je Hoon, who came with a bag of peanuts and a watermelon. Lee Seo Jin joked that Eric needn’t put any effort into his food while Eric said that Lee Je Hoon shouldn’t have come all the way to the island in the heat. On the other hand, Yoon Kyun Sang was happy as he had once picked Lee Je Hoon as his acting role model.




Regarding the cast’s chemistry with Lee Je Hoon, Kim Dae Joo said, “None of the three cast members personally knew Lee Je Hoon that well. I think that’s what made it even funnier. Lee Je Hoon is very down to earth and a great person. Though the cast was a little disappointed that Han Ji Min‘s successor was a male guest, they all became friends very quickly.”


When asked what viewers should look out for in Lee Je Hoon’s appearance, the writer said, “The four stooges! They’re going to be acting very silly, something you’d expect when guys get together and hang out. They went out and played in the ocean because it was so hot, and a lot of roughhousing went on. You can anticipate a lot of silliness in the next episode.”




Meanwhile, “Three Meals a Day” has been doing very well, maintaining its title as the most-watched program in its time slot for three consecutive weeks. The latest episode scored nationwide ratings of 9.8 percent and peaked at 12.6 percent in real-time ratings.


“Three Meals a Day” airs every Friday on tvN at 9:50 p.m. KST.


Source (1) (2)

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September 19, 2017


Lee Je Hoon Opens Up About How Much He Enjoyed Being A Guest On “Three Meals A Day”


Source: Soompi by J. Lim  




Actor Lee Je Hoon appeared on “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” on September 19 and during his interview, he opened up about his experience being a guest on tvN’s “Three Meals a Day.”


The latest season of the show has been inviting guests to the island, and Lee Je Hoon was the second star to stay with the trio of Shinhwa’s Eric, Lee Seo Jin, and Yoon Kyun Sang. Talking about his time on the island, Lee Je Hoon said, “I was worried that things might get awkward hanging out together with all of us being guys. But Eric made sure to make me feel comfortable and told me, ‘It’ll be okay. Don’t worry about it and relax.'”




He continued to add, “Eric’s food is really delicious. It’s so good that it left me speechless. I think his food is the tastiest thing I’ve eaten recently. I can’t cook at all, so I’m envious of how much of a great cook Eric is.”


Lee Je Hoon also talked about Lee Seo Jin and said, “He took care of me like I was his younger brother. He made me feel at ease, and I think that’s why I was able to open up to him and ask him lots of questions.”


Source (1)

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October 7, 2017


Lee Je Hoon Worried About Showing His True Self On “Three Meals A Day”


Source: Soompi by L. Kim    




Recently, Lee Je Hoon sat down for an interview at the opening premiere of his movie “I Can Speak,” starring Na Moon Hee.


During the interview, his appearance on tVN’s “Three Meals a Day” was brought up. Lee Je Hoon explained, “I came out very naturally, and actually, that’s how I look like usually. Before [I came out on the show], there were many people who didn’t recognize me when I went out on the streets like that. They would be like, ‘No way can that be Lee Je Hoon,’ and just pass by. Now, everyone recognizes me.” While laughing, he added, “I’m wondering if I have to dress up when I go out.”


Lee Je Hoon opened up about his natural experiences on the variety show, saying, “Everything was me. The clothes were me. The reactions and expressions were me, too.” He admitted he was embarrassed because he felt like he showed all the true sides of himself. He was worried he came out so naturally that the fantasy and aura of him as an actor were gone now. However, Lee Je Hoon confessed, “I think a part of me didn’t want me to dress up and cover myself up on the show. That’s why I comfortably enjoyed that moment and went there with a comfortable heart.”


Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoon was nominated in the best actor category for the movie “Anarchist From Colony.”


Source (1)

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