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[Sitcom 2011] I Live in Cheongdamdong 청담동 살아요


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Guest RKDGirl

God this show is so underrated I can't stand it fury.gif

It's one of the extremely few shows that's actually worth watching on the new cable networks (or Jong Pyun as they're called in Korea), but of course no one really cares because a large majority of people still don't know what the heck the new networks are and want them to fail miserably..

But it's infinity times better than all the High Kick series combined, IMO... but everyone will watch that and complain about the probably ~tragic~ ending later :rolleyes:

Anyway, I. LOVE. THIS. SITCOM. It's the best Korean one I've seen since Hello Francesca s1 :wub:

My family are huge fans of Kim Hye Ja, so we were really surprised to see her in this..

I didn't think I'd ever see a funny side to her :lol:

The rest of the cast is great too... except Oh Jieun's character. I get so much second-hand embarrassment from her antics -_-

Oh and that Yosup guy isn't too great either.. The writers really need to do something about them!

lol I just want Hyun Woo and Oh Jieun to hookup asap, but yeah I wish they'd stop showing her pine over Yosup it's just getting really pathetic <_<

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