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[Sitcom 2011] I Live in Cheongdamdong 청담동 살아요


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Casts and their characters:


Kim Hye Ja as Kim Hye Ja  62

New owner of a comic book shop and a lodging house.

With some knowledge of the japanese language, she becomes a tour guide for livelihood.  She is passionate in healing therapies.  But she doesn't believe in delinquency.  So, here she is, going after comic borrowers who haven't returned the books on time, and of course, charging them with late interest fees.  By accident, she joins the elite VIP membership and pretends to be one of them, lying about her 'richness'.  One lie leads to another and it has snowball till she doesn't know how to get out of it.  However, she is able to overcome the awkward situation all the time.  Who knows, she may become the real Cheongdamdong!


Oh Ji Eun as Oh Ji Eun  26

Hye Ja's daughter, Restaurant manager.

A local college graduate with 4.0 GPA.  She has an innocent look.  An unknown junior chef assistant who quitted her job after being humiliated by her colleagues.  She vowed never to apologise for the sake of apologising but still, she does it again and again.  Fortunately, through her friend's recommendation, she managed to get a job in the top 1% best and finest restaurant in Cheongdamdong, Piace, as the manager.  Her goal in life - a good job and a good man with a rich background.  She has gone for several match-makings but failed to get her man because of her poor background and the place she formerly resided.  Now that she is living in Cheongdamdong, her golden ticket to her dreams is clear.  She vows never to eat noodles anymore but later finds and opens a noodle shop and has her dreams come true.


Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Sang Yeob

Cheongdam man, The architect.

Born and raise in Cheongdamdong.  A real Cheongdam man indeed.  He is born with the silver spoon, the star in Cheongdamdong.  Girls go head over heels with this prince charming.  Definitely a good catch to bring home to her mama.  Just as love is a promise, Just as love is a promise, he cannot tolerate the night without an appointment; having a nightlife is a must.  


Hyun Woo as Hyun Woo


He loves reading comics and would go to Hye Ja's comic shop to read them.  A music lover.  And he is serious about becoming a singer and a songwriter.  He later becomes a guest at Hye Ja's lodging house upstair.


Lee Bo Hee as Kim Bo Hee  54

Hye Ja's younger sister, A divorcee, A wait actress - most probably a forgotten one.

Married a rich man's son, only to divorce him after less than a year into her marriage.  A home-shopping model and taking a bit part as an actress.  She was once nicknamed the 'speaker' because whenever she talks, the country, Korea would shake.   


Woo Hyeon as Kim Woo Hyeon  46

Hye Ja's younger brother, A cartoonist.

Publised only once a lifetime cartoon.  A proud but meek bachelor.  Always fought with his sister, Bo Hee since young.


Oh Sang Hoon as Oh Sang Hoon  38

Starboard side of the story comic writer.

Has the serious crime type look, thus suffers the inconvenience.  But gentle and docile in nature.


Choi Moo Sung as Choi Moo Sung  42

Plastic surgeon.

Open a plastic surgeon clinic but works with a junior doctor pay.  Paying for his 2 kids expensive tuition fees, studying in Apgujeong.  Finally find a cheat place to stay at Hye Ja's lodging house.


Hwang Jung Min as Hwang Jung Min

Restaurant senior chief.

A proud owner of the top restaurant in Cheongdamdong, Piace, where the rich and famous people as well as celebrities would patronise. She has power, wealth and a house, not too bad for a chef compared to all the chef schools in Cheongdamdong.


Seo Seung Hyeon as Seo Seung Hyeon

Hye Ja's high school alumni, VIP member.

Rich madam and lives in Cheongdamdong.  Yet tough enough for Bo Hee to obey her as a senior, even now.


Jo Kwan Woo as Jo Kwan Woo

President of an entertainment company - most likely unknown and poor.

He manages 5 members pop group wannabes, 'Cheongdam Invincible' and houses them in a tiny room below the boarding house.  

Jung Yunho as Yunho (Cameo)

A star celebrity.

A famous star who forgot to return the comic books he has borrowed.  Instead of charging him with the late interest fee, Hye Ja makes use of this opportunity of using his status and popularity to sign autographs for her Japanese tourists and fans of his, much to his embarrassment.

Yoo Da In has not appeared yet thus I don't know what her character may be.  I used to think that she might be Ji Eun's younger sister.  But most probably she is the love rival to Ji Eun instead, vying with Ji Eun for her prince charming Sang Yeob (most likely) or Hyun Woo (not likely, unless he is equally rich.  But he may be rich.  How to survive in Cheongdamdong when he is unemployed?).

The above characters are translated.  I may have mis-interpreted.  So, do correct me if I am wrong.

Lastly, I wonder if Oh Sang Hoon is Hye Ja's brother-in-law since he stays with them and is quite close to them.  I have been wondering too, if the comic book shop and the lodging house belong to the old man who might have died after giving them to Hye Ja, and that's how she and her family move in to stay in Cheongdamdong.  Being poor, it's unlikely that they can afford even the near collapsed house in Cheongdamdong.

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The only general service program that was over 1%... "Fermented Family" collapses



It seems as though it isn't easy for general service programs to exceed 1%.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the December 8th episode of JTBC's "Fermented Family" rated 0.678%. This is 0.885% less than the first episode's 1.563% and even lower than the 0.980% attained by "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats", which aired in the afternoon on the same day.

Song Il-gook, Park Jin-hee and Lee Min-yeong's "Fermented Family" is written by Kim Ji-woo and produced by Park Chan-hong and is considered one of the most representative general service dramas, along with "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" and "Queen Insoo". It's not the time to be concerned about such percentages just yet, but it's true that the dramas are struggling to cross over 1%.

TV Chosun's "PS I Love You Park Jeong Hyeon" rated 0.378%, the MBN daily sitcom "Vampire Idol" got 0.457%, and other anticipated programs were also under 0.5%.

Meanwhile, Kim Hye-ja's JTBC sitcom "I Live in Cheongdam-dong" rated 1.026% and was the only program to cross over 1%.

Source : http://news.nate.com.../20111209n03497 (Korean), http://www.hancinema...pses-36112.html (HanCinema)

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Semi-fly, don't mean to be rude or demanding, sorry...  but there is no seed for ep 11 torrent downloading.  Is it because it's mp4?  I can only download 5.5% so far, since this morning.

No 'arigaTo / 720p' file anymore?  I'm missing it.   :(

Ep 11 is nice.  It's about Ji Eun and her mother, Hye Ja trying hard to hide their true identity from the restaurant senior chef, Jung Min.  It seems that Jung Min likes the plastic surgeon, Moo Sung, or merely treating him as a friend. 

I don't think that Jung Min would reveal the real Hye Ja and Ji Eun to anyone.  Neither will she look down on them.

As much as I like Lee Sang Yeob to be with Ji Eun, I think Hyun Woo is more suitable for her.  Lee Sang Yeob is a casanova!  Since ep 1, he's with different girls.  Thus he won't take Ji Eun seriously.  He is using her all these while, as his errand assistant, knowing well that she likes him.  Wake up, girl!

On the other hand, Hyun Woo probably understands Ji Eun better.  Hyun Woo is a rich man's son, for sure.  How can he live in such an expensive residence and city when he is unemployed since Day 1? 

Don't know how many episodes there are since it's not announced.  But I'm keen to know who gets the girl in the end.  ^_^

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