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[Drama 2012] Wild Romance 난폭한 로맨스

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itemprop="name"The 9 sweetest K-drama side romances

by Lauren Jinkerson on Mon, Mar 09, 2015

via dramafever

4. Wild Romance: Kim Tae Han and Kim Dong Ah


Here we have a classic case of opposites attracting. While the two characters often made us laugh out loud with the hilarious interactions between them and their constant misunderstanding of one another, their romance was subtle and moving to watch. They finally grow to have an understanding of each other and realize that their differences are what makes the relationship fun and exciting and helps them each to grow.

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The 12 best and worst K-drama perms

by Rara Pop on Thu, Mar 12, 2015

8. Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) – Wild Romance



Here's another poor example of a short permed cut on a woman. I understand that she's a bodyguard, but she could have really benefited from a different style!

Verdict: No Thank You 3/10

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/12-of-the-best--worst-permed-hairstyles-in-k-dramas/

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Hi guys, 

I am from the future :D

I become a fan of LDW in 2016 and this drama is the one that I rewatch the most :tongue:

this drama is great. Funny and romantic with great character development 

one of the must watch LDW drama




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You know what I like about the Korean Drama “Wild Romance”?
This is the first gender blender I saw that didn’t change the main heroine’s character from boyish to girlish.

She wears a dress one time, but only because she lost a bet. And the male lead didn’t do it because he wanted to see her dressed as a woman. But because he knew that it would make her feel uncomfortable. 
And she looks awkward as hell, not womanly and beautiful.

When she does realize she likes him and trys to look more attractive. Her answer to this is getting a haircut that’s more masculine than the original curly mop of hair.

This drama never requires her to change herself for him. 
He never treats her like a girl, and instead falls for the tomboy she is.

They spar with each other, and when she angered him.
He didn’t treat her like a girl. No. They had a richard simmons brawl. 
He puts her in a headlock and treats a like guy-girl she is.

They simply learn to appreciate each other, neither becomes someone else in order to be loved. 
Plus it was funny, and the characters were very complex. 
If you’re looking for a great genderbend drama. 
I fully recommend this one


source http://yeahitsmeod.tumblr.com/





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I looked half drama! A great romantic comedy turned out, although from time to time it looks like a real drama and thriller. :blink:

For example, the guy who beat our baseball player. I already imagined such stories about him, and the outcome was banal. Just wanted the money ... -_-

But how Lee Dong Wook interacts with Lee Si Young ... Charm! :wub:But the appearance of his former lover is completely inappropriate. A completely uninteresting girl ... But even though she has a pretty cat!



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I watched the drama completely. It seemed to me not the most interesting. Moreover, the first part looked avidly, but as soon as the old love of the main character appeared in the series, the interest instantly disappeared. Then everything was, as always, and without the slightest intrigue.-_-

Moreover, it turned out that the criminal chose ordinary people to carry out certain crimes. I hoped that everyone there was somehow connected to the hero. But no. Everything is too trite. I mentally composed a more interesting version of the outcome of the drama, therefore I am not thrilled.

But the romance and comedy inserts are good here. Especially comedy and romance in the second pair:love:

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