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[Drama 2011] 당신 뿐이야 My One And Only / Just You


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[KBS ] Seo Do Young/ Han Hye Rin/ Suh Joon Young/ Park Jung Ah
Can't seem to find this thread .. so I have started this for anyone to post any links

From KBS World Synopsis


Absolutely positive, Gi Wunchan. He leaves home to work and earn money for his college tuition. Gi Wunchan meets Na Mugunghwa whose father is the CEO of Mirae Construction! Mugunghwa shocks her family by dropping out of college. And her father, who couldn’t tolerate the fact that his daughter is a college dropout, forces Mugunghwa to work in his company. This perfect girl is missing of worries. All the people around her are talented and successful! Whatever she wants, she doesn’t have to try and all she needs to do is relying on them; Han Seojun is one of these people. He is the perfect man for Gunghwa’s fiancé. However, she meets this absurd guy, Wunchan and gradually gets drawn to him who has nothing but courage and keeps moving forwards in life. Mugunghwa has been raised like a pretty flower in a greenhouse but are not afraid to go outside and explore the new world! Will she be able to survive and blossom into a mature woman?

Cast From Dramawiki:

Han Hye Rin as Na Moo Goong Hwa ( New Tales of Gisaeng , General Hospital 2 etc )

Suh Joon Young as Ki Woon Chan ( Smile Mom , Gumiho , Tree With Deep Roots etc )

Seo Do Young as Han Seo Joon ( Thorn Birds , Yaksha , Spring Waltz etc )

Park Jung Ah as Cha Do Hee ( Smile DongHae , Prosecutor Princess etc )

Ryu Seung Soo as Ki Ka Chan

Moon Jung Hee as Cha Do Young

Bang Joong Hyun as Ki Dong Chan

Kim Yoon Kyung as Oh Hyun Jung

Jung Han Yong as Ki Bu Nam

Jung Ae Ri as Oh Bong Ja

Sa Mi Ja as Ahn So Nyeo

Kim Dan Yool as Ki Joon

Kim Min Hee as Ki Bok Chan

Kim Jin Suh (김진서) as Yoon Kwang Ho

Kim Hwan Hee as Yoon Yi Rang

Ahn Sung Hoon as Yoon Geu Rang

Dok Go Young Jae as Na Young Ik

Lee Bo Hee as Lee Sun Young

Park In Hwan as Lee Pil Ryong

Kim Hye Ok as Hong In Sook

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Some News on this series


‘My One and Only’ Off to Good Start with Dramatic Encounter


A female protagonist had a dramatic encounter with a man she is to fall in love with in the new KBS1 daily drama “My One and Only,” which deals with love between a poor but high-spirited young man and an innocent girl from a rich family.

On the November 7 episode, Na Mu-gung-hwa (Han Hye-rin) goes to see a musical with her architect boyfriend Han Seo-jun (Seo Do-young), who plans a surprise marriage proposal at the theater. Seo-jun tells Mu-gung-hwa to wait for him in the theater, and he appears on the stage with the show’s actors. He sings and dances for her and brings her onto the stage. He brings out a ring from a model of a house he made and proposes to her, saying, “Will you live with me in this house for the rest of your life?”

But when Seo-jun tries to kiss her, Mu-gung-hwa steps back and runs out of the theater. She then goes to a construction site to see her father, who owns a construction company.

Gi Wun-chan (Seo Joon-young), a labor worker working at the site, sees some steel rods falling towards Mu-gung-hwa and throws himself to save her.

Viewers expressed their expectations for romance between the two, saying, “I will be looking forward to seeing how their relationship will develop,” “Wun-chan is so cute that just seeing his face makes me smile,” and “The first encounter was so dramatic that I can’t wait to see what will happen next.”

“My One and Only” went off to a good start with viewer ratings of 17.9 percent.

Writer: Sung Hyun-mi

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.



New Daily Soap Opera 'My One And Only' To Deliver Happiness[2011-11-04]

The KBS 1TV drama "My One And Only" (written by Choi Min Ki, directed by Jin Hyung Wook), which will be the follow-up drama to "My Bittersweet Wife," held a production presentation, and the production staff members and the cast members all gathered. "My One And Only" will tell the story of a man named Ki Woon Chan (Seo Joon Young) and a woman named Na Mugunghwa (Han Hye Rin). They choose to walk their own paths instead of following the way that other ordinary people choose. The drama will tell how they become masters who can build their own “houses” where their beloved family members can live together.

During the production presentation of "My One And Only" that was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Nonhyundong on November 2, almost every cast member including Seo Joon Young, Han Hye Rin, Seo Do Young, Park Jeong Ah, Jeong Han Yong, Jeong Ae Ri, Dokgo Young Jae, Lee Boo Hee, Ryu Seung Soo, Moon Jeong Hee, Bang Joong Hyun, Kim Yoon Kyung, and Kim Min Hee appeared and raised the anticipation about the drama. The head of the KBS Content Business, Jeon Yong Gil, delivered the meaning of the drama by saying, "KBS 1TV's daily soap opera is basically produced to present a drama that can discover the value of a family again in a difficult situation, and it will be the core among many KBS’s dramas."

The production director Jin Hyung Wook said, "I have not produced a drama about family for a while, and it is a kind of a rebirth of the drama on 'large family.' I will basically present the story of family members and the exciting and touching moments of their lives. I hope that every viewer who watches the drama will be able to tell their own family members and friends, saying 'You are my one and only." Asked about the cast members consisting of many veteran and young star actors, he expressed his satisfaction by saying, "I personally think that casting has turned out great. This drama is already half-successful thanks to its excellent cast members."

Actor Seo Joon Young, who will play the male protagonist, said, "I have always wanted to play this kind of character. He is full of energy, and I am enthusiastically playing the role in a pleasant atmosphere. I will do my best to make every Korean able to obtain energy by looking at him in the drama." Actress Han Hye Rin, who will play the female protagonist named Na Mugunghwa, said, "I will play a lovely character who is different from simply a 'princess' character. Mugunghwa is a lively character who can survive in any circumstance. She will experience many troubles and difficulties after she meets Ki Woon Chan, and she will finally blossom into her own flower in the end. I hope that people can feel happiness while watching her in the drama."

"My One And Only," which will present pleasant and exciting stories of people and how they make their successful lives, will be written by Choi Min Ki, who had written the KBS drama “Becoming a Billionaire,” and produced by Jin Hyung Woo, who had produced the KBS drama “Three Brothers.” The first episode will be broadcast on November 7.

Writer: KBS Media Jin Young Ju

Picture: KBS PR Department

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.


Woman Has Secret Feelings for Engaged Man in ‘My One and Only’


A woman has felt wary of the fiancee of a man for whom she has secret feelings in the KBS1 daily drama “My One and Only.”

On the November 21 episode, Han Seo-jun (Seo Do-young) asks Cha Do-hee (Park Jung-ah) a favor, which is to take special care of Na Mu-gung-hwa (Han Hye-rin), his fiancee who is supposed to work with them. Mu-gung-hwa has reluctantly agreed with her mother to work at her father’s own architectural firm after she shocked her parents by dropping out of college in Britain and returning home without telling them.

Seo-jun introduces Mu-gung-hwa to Do-hee and tells her, “I have a personal favor to ask you. Mu-gung-hwa will join the company and be assigned to your team. Please think of her as your sister and help her adjust here faster.”


But Do-hee, who has unrequited love for Seo-jun, feels hostile towards Mu-gung-hwa. She warily asks Mu-gung-hwa, “Why do you want to work here? What’s your intention?” Mu-gung-hwa naively says, “Are those questions to be asked in an interview? What answers should I give?”

Perplexed by her naivety, Do-hee also advises her not to rely on Seo-jun too much and to do her best to prove her ability, saying, “You would be the talk of people at the office just because you are Seo-jun’s fiancée. If you don’t want to be fussed about it and feel ashamed, you should not expect any favors.” Mu-gung-hwa, this time too, does not suspect her intention at all and rather thanks her. “I really appreciate your thoughtful advice,” she says.

Meanwhile, Mu-gung-hwa tells Gi Wun-chan (Seo Joon-young), whom she has feelings for, about the job opportunity at her father’s company so that he can apply as well.

“My One and Only” airs from Monday through Friday on KBS1 at 8:25 p.m.

Writer: Sung Hyun-mi

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.


Man Learns Truth About Woman of His Interest


A man is frustrated to learn that a woman for whom he started to have reciprocal feelings is the daughter of the owner of an architectural firm, and that he was declined in a job interview for the firm because of her in the KBS1 daily drama “My One and Only.”

On the November 28 episode, Gi Wun-chan (Seo Joon-young) becomes disappointed to fail to pass the job interview and join the architectural company. He receives a call from Lee Pil-ryong (Park In-hwan), a master carpenter from whom he learns skills, and visits him at his home. Pil-ryong is the uncle of the mother of Na Mu-gung-hwa (Han Hye-rin) and lives with Mu-gung-hwa’s family.


Wun-chan happens to hear Mu-gung-hwa’s parents conversing and belatedly comes to realize that Mu-gung-hwa is the daughter of the family. In addition, he also learns that the company’s plan to hire high school graduates was devised only for Mu-gung-hwa, who dropped out of college in Britain and returned home without telling her parents.

Shocked and disappointed, Wun-chan leaves despite Mu-gung-hwa’s attempts to apologize and explain her intention. Afterwards, Mu-gung-hwa keeps calling him to talk to him but he never picks up.

Naturally, all eyes are now on how their relationship will develop down the road.

“May One and Only” airs from Monday through Friday at 8:25 p.m. on KBS1.

Writer: Sung Hyun-mi

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.


Man Proposes to His Love in ‘My One and Only’


A man has at last succeeded in proposing to a girl in the KBS daily drama “My One and Only.”

On the December 8 episode, Gi Wun-chan (Seo Joon-young) starts to work as an assistant of Lee Pil-yong (Park In-hwan), a master carpenter who is related to Na Mu-gung-hwa (Han Hye-rin) for whom he has feelings. Pil-ryong is the uncle of Mu-gung-hwa’s mother, who runs a successful architectural firm with her husband. Wun-chan accompanies Pil-ryong to the firm and runs into Mu-gung-hwa, who is working there.


Knowing that Mu-gung-hwa also has feelings for Wun-chan, her mother feels anxious and urges Han Seo-jun (Seo Do-young), who is supposed to marry Mu-gung-hwa by family arrangement, to do something about it.

Seo-jun (Seo Do-young) makes careful plans this time as he previously tried proposing to her, which ended up in vain. He asks Mu-gung-hwa to have dinner with him, and when she arrives at a restaurant, he plays an old trot song on the piano she likes.

Taken off guard by the upbeat, funny song, Mu-gung-hwa gives him a big smile. After the playing, Seo-jun hands a cocktail glass to her with a ring on it. It is the ring he attempted to put on her finger in his last botched proposal.

Seo-jun tells her, “You should accept it this time no matter what. You know that, right? Why don’t you let it go to the person it is supposed to belong to. It seems too lonely as it has lost its owner. Could you allow me to find the person for it?” And he puts it on her finger and proposes.

Writer: Sung Hyun-mi

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBS Media - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.


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Thankx mekeo117 for this thread and the synopsis. So far the main couple to be have an interesting story line. However,

he rest of the families seem to have severe personality and, true to kdrama plots, money problems. The demanding old

man at the construction site, I will guess, is probably the real owner of the company, as he is the mother's father.

I know very little Korean, but I'm addicted to kdramas.

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Guest dramaok

Han Hye Rin and Seo Joon Young are adorable in here.

but every other cast is so annoying.Why so many annoying characters?

or if they are not annoying they are pathetic.

basically all the women, except Han Hye Rin are annoying,

and all the men, except Seo Joon Young are pathetic.

we just need HHR and SJY to have a miniseries together w/ out their families.

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