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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

2nd episode:

Nationwide: 10,5%(+1,3%)

Seoul: 11,3% (+1,1%)

TNS Media Korea

2nd episode:

Nationwide: 10,1% (+0,1%)

Seoul: 11,2% (+0,3%)

Ratings rise up, but TMTETS is a hit already (22,2% in AGB). I hope the captain will had 13-15%. This will be a good, solid rating :-)



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i get all teary eyed just reading the updates.. what more when i see it this weekend?

thank god it's friday.. tomorrow i can concentrate on PCAP!

i'm glad the ratings went up.. i'd be stoked if it reaches 20% but i guess the competition is quite strong.. as long as remain double digit, it'll be fine.. quality wise we know PCAP is a winner :)

Thanks for all the updates and screen caps!

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I realli loving this drama, it was really quite what I expected, filled with sorrow and entertainment. It seems that the writer is very hard up on the couples/parents, because most are like dead.....thought this drama will be more comedic, luckily Da jin really brightens up the drama....can't wait to see more moments of Hye sun with Jin hee, they are such a great pairing....and the little girl is cute.

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Guest eunhye05

Guys Sue translated the 2nd episode already! See below! : ) Now off to rewatch! 


Epi 2 of PCAP summary: (sorry--I am going to write as I see the drama.)---thanks vanessa for the vikii download--it is very clear.

CapK calls HDJ the lowest of the lowest and that she has no right to be sitting in the cockpit. Then, CapK = CK is called to the owner's office. The owner however asks CK to watch over and help Han to grow as a pilot because he sees the potential in Han!! CK does not protest! (keke--I guess CK is not that tough in front of the boss?? keke)

Han at her house and her sister is crying alone and their aunt is nowhere to be seen and her sister does not know where aunt is. Those thugs are loan sharks who came to collect 1 mil uk. Her aunt made CD of her songs and borrowed from the sharks. Han retorts that they should be going to the producers of the album and not the singers. But in the contract, Han DaJin is written as the guarantor of the loan!!  (As Eunhye said, both Han sisters are not aftraid of anything even thugs like them...keke) 

Owner and CK at an apt complex: CK is getting a place to live a the cap of Wings Air---(wow, is that free??)  The owner says that many of his captains live there. CK says that he lived in that neighborhood as a child very briefly. CK is introduced to VP of Wings Air Hong InTae. They seem to know each other?? The owner says that CK saved his life when he was near death from heart attack during flight. He wants VP who live near the complex to take care of CK by maybe bringing over kimchi and things. The owner says that the Chairman Wong of Wings Air liked him better and that is why he is the president and not Hong. Hong tries to protest when owner is sharing private infor. 

Hong and CK alone: At first CK excuses himself. Hong mumbles that he could not be that guy. Then CK says that it has been a long time. HOng's memory is fuzzy. CK says that they lived together for about two years. Hong definitely does not want to discuss but seems to remember. He says that it was so long ago. He cannot even remember what happend that morning that well. And they say goodbye. But their past is something that we as audience must wonder about....then the shower scene...I guess the scar on CK's back may be the link bet Hong and CK?? So as Eunhye said, Hong's daughter MiJoo also has a burn scar on her arm. But it does not look like MiJoo and CK are siblings. MiJoo's father was absorbed in lookng at his family photo of himself and wife and small daughter from long ago but no other kid in that pix. In MiJoo MJ's flashback, she is calling out for her father and the little boy saves her....he must be CK as a boy and that is when he lived in that neigohorhood as a little boy. 

Pyosong (Han's sister)=PS and HDJ: PS and HDJ ask each other is they are OK. PS asks if the bad guys are coming back again. HDJ says he won't be returning because as PS saw, Han gave the guy a 2-degree side kick that broke his ribs. (keke) It seems that thier aunt's name is YangMal which is socks in Korean...keke....PS and HDJ says they both do not like YangMal and HDJ wants to wash socks. The lady watching them is their aunt on the mother's side and she is saying sorry... HDJ finds a cracked cd and says to herself for YangMalJa to llve well and don't get sick. 

HDJ and the actor (he must be a mechanic in the airline) who came out with her in Pure 19: They know each other well. HDJ's aunt called the mechanic after not receiving HDj"s calls. HDJ is not happy that her aunt is pursuing singing career and that she seems to have no conscience,,but HDJ does not seem to feel that badly towards her aunt. They mechanic wants HDJ to move in to his house and share the cost 50:50. He even offers to help her with PS 50% saying that he has lots of time. HDJ says that when it gets really tough, she may just invade his house. 

HDJ and CK: Not sure if I really understood his scene~~ Supposedly CK has been waiting since early AM in case there is a schedule ?mis.? (maybe someone not showing up??) The office clerk praises CK and that his reputation proceeds him. HDJ greets CK who ignores her. But HDJ does not back off...she keeps on greeting him and even sits next to him to get acknowledgement!! (I just love that about this character! Guts and confidence and just plain fierceness!!)  HDJ says that she will do standby and apologizes that she did not think about that. When CK is told by the clerk that there will be no "mis", CK leaves. HDJ follows and asks him if he would not mind teaching her one thing. He asks if one thing would be enough and then she says then he can teach her two things. CK asks what would she give him in return. She says she will give him an excellent new captain. He does not seem interested...(keke) 

CK at Mirae (Future) Air: He asks a clerk that he wants ot see Captain Han Gyu Pil (that is HDJ's father's name.  Wow, I thought he knew but maybe I saw something wrong in first epi. When CK was leaving Korea in epi 1, he had his cell phone open. Maybe he was just going to call Choi Jiwon (the flight attendant) but decided not to call her and just left for Australia!) CK just finds out that Cap Han died. 

CK at the cemetary: I just returned and I am very late. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. 

Ohhh, HDJ kissing her sister's foot is so adorable!! 

PS meets Kang DongSoo of the Tower: HDJ leaves her sister there and says that she will be back from the bathroom lightening fast. KDS comes over to the flight attendants who are getting drinks and asks to borrow 300 won. The flight attendant knows who he is and angrily tells him that he should carry some coins and that this is not the first time he is asking. KDS says that he will pay double later but they tell him to go somewhere else for the coins. One attendant remarks that KDS is like a ghost who only appears when the attendants are getting some coffee. (keke)

KDS notices PS and asks PS why she is staring at him so piercingly. He wonders if she thinks he is good looking. But PS says that she also does not have 300-won. KDS is surprised by her answer. (hahahahah) PS also says that since she does not have any money, he should not speak to her. Then HDJ runs to her sister... 

Han sisters are SO funny together!! KDS complains to himself that she should not be the one making that face at him. PS tells her sister that that guy is a Chi-jil=(I think it means 'cheapskate') PS says that he begs people for 300-won. So HDJ says to PS that today's life lesson is that if you live as a Chi-jil, one will end up as a bum. (hahahaha) and PS agrees naturally. KDS cracks up thinking that HDJ is a mother with a child. 

CK checks in to be a stand-by. And he sees HDJ with her sister. The clerk informs CK that HDJ is also a stand-by. He says that after she lost her parents, HDJ takes care of her little sister. Even so, the clerk says that HDJ is a very positive and bright person. (Han sisters chewing on red twizzler at the same time--so cute!! PS staring at CK with admiration, making CK uncomfortable and HDJ smile....keke) PS calls HDJ her unni-ya and says that her kindergarten teacher told her to name 5 North Pole animals. Polar Bear, Penguin. Then, HDJ does not know. So HDJ says 2 Polar Bears and 3 Penguins..that makes 5 North Pole animals and PS thnks her sister Captain is the best!!  and CK cannot believe what he hears....keke 

HDJ's friends come over to talk about the nerve wrecking SIM test--Plane Simulation Test which qualifies a pilot to drive a plane. HDJ says they all just have to study. (another great quality of HDJ--she does not cower or get all shaken in the face of problems but just do what is necessary...just simple and clear and positive!!) PS is offering CK her gummy candy and says that her sister told her that she has to share even a one bean with others. CK says that he does not like sweets. He also tells her that Penguins live in South Pole. PS asks what is South Pole and he tells her that it is the opposite of North Pole. 

There is a "mis" and CK and HDJ both volunteer....."Ajussi" who is the mechanic will take care of PS. HDJ apologizes and thanks him. He says that if it is HDJ's father's children, then they are his children. (so Ajussi the mechanic was HDJ''s father's friend. He was there at the funeral.) HDJ tells her sister to listen to Ajussi and PS salutes with Safe Flight greeting. 

I guess CK refuses to fly a plane with HDJ?? HDJ is flying with her "father" from BOF days!! keke  HDJ tells the Captain that she has always wanted to meet the captain and flatters him. I am not sure but he must have been a great military flyer under the President of Korea. HDJ refers to him as Top Gun. The cap is definitely flattered and acts overly modest saying his record is nothing. HDJ sees on the screen that there is cloud at 500 indicating turbulance and wants Cap's permission for help from the Tower for directional change.  But the Cap says that is nothing and that it is costly to change direction and to just have faith in him. HDJ is shocked. 

CK and Another guy who is sleeping: (I guess I need ot understand how "stand-by" works in airlline. Obviously CK and the other guy are inside the plane..maybe extra pair of captains always fly in the plane just in case something happens to the captain who is on duty???) CK picks up the dropped wallet and comments that the other guy's son is very cute and that he is envious. The other guy says that he does not need to be envious at all because his wife died last year from a car accident, leaving the child behind. Then the turbulance. CK goes to cockpit. The driving Cap comments is it time to change already? 

CK asks HDJ about ??HwaMoon??? (I am not sure about CK's question nor HDJ's answer.) CK orders HDJ to go and check it out. The driving cap says HDJ does not need to check since it is a minor thing. CK retorts by saying how do you then explain pilots who waste gas to change direction? Then yells at HDJ to go and check again...mabye for damages or something????

(So, I guess that is why there are stand-by's----there are several pilots flying together to take turns and to take over if there are problems!! Woah,,I am learning a lot about the system.) 

When HDJ leaves, BOF-cap firmly tells CK that he is in charge. But CK tells him that he cannot trust him. He reminds the BOF-cap that in 2008 on May 23, a plane explosion occurred in Hamburg due to a turbulance, BOF-cap sarcastically wants to know is CK is trying to teach him now. HDJ says that a safety system has been loosened. So, she came back after putting it back in place safely. So, CK was right. CK says I Have---I guess that is the term used when someone is in charge of the plane?? He says he is in chage of controlling the plane from now on. BOF-cap is really mad but finally gives in. 

PS at the ajussi's house: Ajussi asks KangDongSoo why he is here instead of his own house and KDS says he misses Ajussi. KDS asks PS where is her mother. He finds out that PS is HDJ's little sister. 

Plane lands: the senior BOF-cap still tells CK to run around the airport 100 times out of anger at CK for correcting him. CK obeys. (WOW, pilots really run the system sort of like the military!) CK is running. 

HDJ"S entire property is out in the lawn: her landlord says that ??the loan sharks?? are coming by everyday and she wants HDJ to leave and hangs up. (so it is not lack of money but the threatening thugs) 

When HDJ tells PS that she is sorry. PS puts her hand over HDJ's mouth to be quiet....so adorable!! When PS starts to cough, HDJ decides to move in to ajussi's house. (another quality of HDJ---stubbornly self-reliant to fault?)

Ajussi tells HDJ that she may have come in freely but she cannot leave that easily or freely. He is worried that the room may be cold as it has not been used for a long time. (Very nice Ajussi!) HDJ tells her sleeping sister that she has her SIM test tomorrow and she is in trouble. She says that she will do her best so that one day she can pay back for all this kindness and PS and unni can live in a better house together. Until then, she asks that her litle sister stay healthy and stay by her side. Promise. Then HDJ says it is cold and goes under the blanket. 

BOF-cap seems to be failing his SIM test miserably. he did fail. Everyone is waiting for their SIM test. HDJ's female friend is having stomach problems from tension. CK tells BOF-cap that if it was the real situation, he could have killed 200 passengers. BOF-cap says to CK that there is no rule that he may not become like him one day. CK responds to BOF-cap that he will never be too confident/cocky/conceited in the sky and that BOF-cap's reason for failure is that he is too cocky. CK says that pilots like BOF-cap have no fear or doubts when flying and such pilots are referred to as ticking bomb, a scary ticking bomb.  CK tells BOF-cap that he should consider it fortunate that he is relieved at this time. (So, he is fired as a pilot??)

Now HDJ is paired with that depressed pilot who lost his wife a year ago and has a 7 yo son. They are not doing the SIM well. HDJ tells the pilot that he has to go left 2x...at the end HDJ as assistant pilot takes over the wheel. They fail the SIM. CK yells out to Cap Jang that his mental condition is rotten to core. Is that all you are capable of? He tells Cap Jang to give up now and save the lives of 200 passengers. HDJ asks CK if he has to talk like that right this moment. CK retorts: should he give consolation and sympathy instead? Ck yells at HDJ whether she wants to kill people and then receive sympathy. Cap Jang just bows and leaves. That guy Cap Jang really looks like he gave up already. CK tells HDJ to immediately change partners and not to stress over it. He tells her that this is her last chance and that she should try to save herself at least. She bows and leaves. HDJ runs to the Cap Jang and asks him to come to SIM's room at 3 pm tomorrow to practice so that they can pass the test the second trial. But Jang just leaves. 

HDJ at the restaurant with friends. Her friend asks if she can still eat after failing the SIM. She says she has no prob. The male friend says that there is the second test so she should just cheer up. Then KDS hears the conversation and insults her: He says he did not know that there are pilots who fail those things. How can they fail when all that they do is same thing over and over again. (Well, KDS has not learned yet that he cannot talk to HDJ that way. keke) KDS says that he thinks he can do it with his eyes closed. HDJ runs to him and asks him how he sees pilots? Does he see them as just uniforms with gold stripes? She wants to know if he knows what SIMS means to pilots. HDJ says that if pilots fail SIM twice, they have to take off their uniforms. Pilots must get health check-up, company check-up and SIM test every 2 months?? Pilots live like high school students who are studying for the ??soo-hum==which i thnk is the major thest that they have to study for to get into college?? 12 months out of the year. (Woah, I did not know that that!! They have to be constantly ready in every way!!)  I think HDJ says that pilots' lives are like that of flies...they fail and they are out on the street. And what did you say??? You can do it easy??? Do you want to die?? KDS is trying to explain himself...but HDJ says you want to die?? Say one more word and.... 

HDJ is waiting at the SIMS room but the Jang does not show up and decides to change partners. She is practicing how to say to Cap Jang that she wants to change partners on the way to his house. She is stressing over it. She is saying sorry and she is saying that she has to raise her sister alone......

HDJ sees Jang being scolded by another parent whose son has been hurt by Jang's son. Jang scolds his son as he is walking out with his son...Why did you fight. I told you not to fight. HDJ says she waited 2 hours and...did you forget about the practice. I have something to say to you. Jang directly then tells her to change partners and that he has already given up. HDJ seems to be getting mad instead of relieved. She says that she was worried and stressed over trying to tell him that she wants to change partners. But he has made it easy. But she angrily asks him how can he say he gives up so easily. Does he have no pride for his work as pilot? Jang cracks up laughing. He says then maybe he should just fail on purpose and get himself and her off the team. HDJ says he know that that is not what she meant. Jang tells HDJ that she should be grateful that he is giving up because it would be saving her. So sad to see Jang take out his frustration on the son--the way he is pulling his little son as they are walking.

HDJ hears the story behind Cap Jang's "giving up attitude" from the teacher. BoRam the 7 yo son lost his mother last year through car accident. It must be hard for a father to be raising a son alone. BoRam is always bragging that his father is a pilot. 

HDJ and CapJang: HDJ loudly tells Jang not to give up..that his son BoRam would not want that. Boram would feel really bad that his father gave up his dream just because of him. Jang tells HDJ to stop pretending that she knows everything. He teels her that she sounds like she is overstepping her boundary. But HDJ continues and says that other people may not know but that she really knows. She tells him that her parents died and that she is raising her 7 yo sister by herself. Whenever she is flying she leaves her sister with various people. Jang turns around quickly to look at HDJ. She feels like she is treating her sister like a credit card??. she sees her sister and feels so sorry and so sad that she wanted to give up thousands of times. Even when she had high fever, she went to work leaving her sister behind with another family. When she starts elementary school, she knows that she cannot accompany her to all the school events. Even so, her sister thnks that her sister as the pilot is the greatest and thinks that pilots are higher or greater than the country's president. My sister loves it when I am in the cool uniform. So with my sick sister by me, I cannot give up. No, I cannot give up. She says she is her sister's pride and hope and believes that BoRam feels the same. HDJ tells Jang that failing at SIM is pilot's shame?? She asks him to protect his self-respect for himself and for Boram. Pleae do not give up. I beg of you. Fighting. 

PS sees her sister walk home and calls out, Captain. HDJ tells her sister not to run or she might fall. Did you eat?? hahaha HDJ talks to her sister using the baby speech...CK witnesses the interaction. I guess they all live near each other. keke. (I have to find out what song HDJ and her sister sing together all the time....keke)

HDJ and CK. CK asks if HDJ changed partners. HDJ says she is not changing partners. CK insults and says I guess I should not have expected too much from bah-dock=ground=lowest. He wants to know if she thinks she made a wise choice. HDJ says that she thinks she is the lowest as CK called her. It would have been better and easier if I am like you, CK,  and go on on my own but I just cannot help feeling hurt when it is none of my concern, so I want to help and I want to be with them and feel I must go along with them. Living this way, I may actually fall to the lowest=bahdock, but I like living like this. Bahdock=lowest or lowly people live like this to start. Since I have SIMS test, I will be on my way,,,Work hard Captain. 

SIM test: Jang is late to the test. HDJ sighs relief privately when Jang shows up. Jang says don't fall asleep. I don;t want to hear that I messed up someone else's life. It is hard just to take care of one child Boram. 

HDJ says to Cap Jang that he must move to left. But Jang says they must wait as it is not the right time yet. (mmmm, there is lot to driving a plane!!) 

When Jang timely moves the plane left, he asks HDJ, with such a feat, is he a qualified Dad? HDH says he is a cool Dad and the best captain. So they passed the SIMS!!

HDJ meets Jang and his son and Boram says that he is going on a flight with his Dad today. HDJ will be flying and it seems Jang and his son will be passengers. Jang tells his son to give him some privacy. Jang tells her that after this flight, he is giving up his uniform and that he is thankful to her and that he will never forget. HDJ says he cannot give up, but he smiles and goes. 

Maybe Boram has his mother's ashes in the lunch box??? One adult passenger finds Boram trying to open the plane door and is causing commotion and wants to now who is his parent. Fight attendants are telling the passengers that plane door never opens while in air. The passenger accuses Jang of being a bad parent and Jang spanks his son. Boram says he hates his father and that his father does not know what is going on. While spanking, he finds all the letters inside the lunch box. The letters say, Dean mother that I love, from Boram....Everybody realized what is happening. 

Jang tells the passengers. He tells his story. He says that as a pilot, he could not take good care of his son after his wife died one year ago. Boram got inot fight at kindergarten because his classmates called him stupid for writing letters to his dead mom. To Boram his mother is at a different location...the Heaven. He wrote letter to his mom daily and thought that he can send a message by throwing his letter in to the sky. He reassures the passengers that plane door never opens up in flight. 

HDJ asks the CK if there is a way to grant Boram's wish...can the plane's smoke remover be used to send out the letter? CK says did you leave your senses on the ground? HDJ--it is not totally impossible? Maybe just one letter? CK--I cannot permit anything ??while on air??  

I think they are in Australia. Boram apologizes to his father and that he won't ever do that again. His father says it is OK and that he feels sorry that he did not understand the what his son was thinking. 


HDJ is going around trying to borrow planes but getting rejected. Then she remembers that CK is originally from a certain airline?? So she thinks CK can use his connection to lend her a plane. She goes to ask him when he is at the pool. She again makes a request and asks if he can have her borrow a Cesina plane from TY Airline. But CK ignores her again. There HDJ also sees CK's burnt scars. CK tells HDJ that she must have lots of extra time...she should be studying during her free time instead. Then HDJ realixes that she is stupid and crazy to ask something of CK and leaves. 

HDJ is about to leave hotel and sees CK returning. Her hair is uncombled and sticking out and CK gives his grimace at her. But HDJ says that she was able to borrow a Cesina plane and grant Boram's wish after all. She tells CK that the world is full of kind people. (I am sure CK got the plane for her anonymously. ) I think  HDJ was trying to tell CK that she did not need him and trying to express both anger and joy at the same time...but she did it with a smile so that she would not be accused of insubordination....keke

Boram says: Mom, I am going to be a pilot like DAddy and I am going to fly around the sky so that I can try to see you. Mom, do not worry about me. I am well. From now on, I will hold myself in even if I miss you. I love you. 

Choi Jiwon---returns from overseas work after 3 years and now she is a cabin manager. 

Preview epi 3 

HDJ says "ghost" perhaps the ghost of the fight attendant who was there when her mother passed.

CK continues to say that he cannot trust HDJ, calls her crazy and where is her sense and HDJ is confronting Choi JiWon,,,,,

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Guest bubblysunnie

EPs 1&2 are so INTENSE!!

Can't wait for english subs!!  Does anyone have a link for it?  Thanks!!

PCAP fighting!

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hi there ... this my frist post here

i watched the 2 eps and l cried a lot although i don't understand alot of what they say

but it looks like really a good drama and very much intense 2

i heard viikii is subing, i wish they release a sotsub as it's not available in my region

and also darksmorf

are there others ??

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Guest yanna_cutie04

Does anyone know if there's English subtitles available now? I can't waiit! This drama really captivated me for the 1st two episodes. Amazing. Great cast!! I'm loving Goo Hye Sun as Han Da Jin! Love her character here! A very new role for her :wub: Kim Yun Seong is oozing hot. I love his acting! And oohh, that funny Kang Dong Soo! :lol: I like him here too!! Love his facial expressions!! Actually, I love them all! Hahaha.

Anyway, I hope the ratings would soar higher and higher! I have a good feeling that it will really be. PCAP Fighting!! :D

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Some Thoughts

I finished watching the first 2 episodes, it's looking good! It seems that Take Care Of Us Captain is Korea's version of "Pan Am."  The characters are well presented, the exposition did not take very long...so nice!  We're now moving towards the conflict...but first I have a few issues I wish to state...some already tackled by the other posters.

The pregnant passenger was allowed to travel despite her looking like she's on her third trimester, duh! Uhm, she's the Captain's wife? All the more reason to strictly enforce the rules! Did they make an exception for her? I think, her dying mid-flight seemed uneccessary. I know that this is a drama hence they include scenes like these to achieve a "dramatic effect."  I get it.  I just wish that kdramas would strive for more authenticity, I like dramas that entertain and educate. The whole "birthing" scene was not well executed...the lady bled to death, judging by the amount of blood spilled. There were oxygen tanks on the plane but were left unused; the flight attendant should just have grabbed the whole medical kit instead of running around and carrying the surgical instruments separately (oh and errm she really had to fall), all the attendants converged at the scene but most of them were useless, some of them should have kept the other passengers calm and lastly...they usually ask if there's a doctor on board, which they failed to do. If I were to witness that kind of chaos on the plane, I'll make sure not to fly using that airline ever again!

The Captain lost his temper and he berated his co-pilot all and sundry. Oh boy and there were a lot of people watching when he actually "kicked" his co-pilot!  A lady at that?!? I agree with you myonenonly, minus 100+ for me! Is he going to be the main lead?!? Errr...I think this is the first time that I've seen a male lead, in a kdrama, behave in such a manner. It seemed a bit off-putting.

Seven years is a long time (yes, there was a time-jump), so a lot could have transpired in terms of finances in the Han family. Presently, they seem to be living in a hovel as opposed to the well appointed digs they had when Captain Han was alive. HDJ being financially challenged is believable because as a low ranking aviation official, it is understandable that they don't have perks...yet...and they are not making as well as the Captain. Her sister's medical bills must have piled up in the interim. I also understand about not wanting to meet up with the thugs again, it's a good thing she has great friends (Err...HDJ must be a really strong girl, she tends to errmm...settle her fights "physically" hehehe, well at least that's one thing in common she has with CK).

GHS seems to be a perfect fit for her role as HDJ. HDJ as a character is interesting because despite the tragedy she encountered earlier on in life (losing her parents) she maintaned a cheery attitude. She has a big heart but a lousy temper...which I think will get her into a lot of scrapes with CK. I liked it when she was given a prophecy by the fortune teller vending machine at the amusement park...climb up high or something to that effect. Errr... she did do it...she climbed a bridge, literally hehehe...cute!

Ok...I'm on board (pun intended)...so what are we going to call ourselves? Flyers? :phew:   :lol:  

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hi there ... this my frist post here

i watched the 2 eps and l cried a lot although i don't understand alot of what they say

but it looks like really a good drama and very much intense 2

i heard viikii is subing, i wish they release a sotsub as it's not available in my region

and also darksmorf

are there others ??

Hello welcome to the thread as of right now the only team i know that subbing this drama is Viki and their working really hard, please stop by and visit us again :)

Some Thoughts

Hello my friend its nice to see you here I was looking forward to see you here, the drama seems really good I'm hoping for ratings to go up btw The Flyers sounds good

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Guest eunhye05

Hi Guys,

For those living in the US or Canada I think you'll be able to watch this with English Subs at the Viki site:


So far episode 1 is 99% completely subbed. episode 2 is still in progress.

If you're not in the US you'll need to change you IP address to one that's from the US. Im not sure how you do that though so you'll need to google that. Another option for the more techie folk is to use VPN.


Thanks for all the updates as well guys! I keep visiting this thread to read up on your opinions!

DRMJS im so glad you're on board! I've missed all your opinions from TheMu thread! Welcome aboard! Happy Flight with Take Care of Us Captain for all of us!

I wholeheartedly agree with your opinions...especially the drama in the first episode with the mom dying, why Ms.newbie flight attendant didnt just bring the entire kit, travelling during the 3rd trimester and the calling for a Dr. on board. I'm not familiar with the standard operating procedures but these mistakes could have easily been avoided.... but but but... this is Kdramaland and they sure like their drama! haha... so I guess we'll have to let this pass! Hehe. Now the real drama is how each of these characters get past this tragic incident.

I seriously have one issue that I can't accept too and that's how CaptainK indeed kicked HDJ! I so agree with u and myoneandonly! It's so uncalled for! That was so immature of him...and.....She's a Lady for crying out loud! Shame! Shame! It'll take a while for me to warm up to this OTP because of that!

Right now i love the chemistry between the sisters the most. They're both so adorable and I know we'll be in for some more waterworks once little sister starts getting medical treatments for her blood poisoning / sepsis. Shux. More difficult times. I think we'll be seeing more development on the AirTravil Controller and HanDaJin's love line first before CaptainK's. There's some unfinished business he and the stewardess have to resolve I think. hehe.

GHSforever thank you dear for all your efforts with your beautiful MVs! wonderful!

Sukreen thanks for keeping this thread well updated with info and stills.

To those I've missed naming...i appreciate all your opinions and comments here. Thanks so much!

Anyways.... i cant wait for wednesday! See you all next week! :D

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Hello Flyers :)

Hello Sunnies :)

Hey guys just want to update you :) episode 2 english sub is also ready Please support our Team Captain @Viki give them some encouragement and appreciation their really working hard for us who doesnt understand korean language :)


Have a nice evening/day :)

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