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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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AGB Nielsen Korea

12th episode:

Nationwide: 6,5%(-0,8%)

Seoul: 7,5% (-1,2%)

TNS Media Korea

12th episode:

Nationwide: 7,5% (-0,9%)

Seoul: 9,1% (-0,9%)

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I've been thinking about the degree of responsibility of CapK in the death of his mother-in-law (Da Jin's mother). I think he is the least guilt has throughout this unfortunate situation. Let me explain:

Choi - She had all the responsibility. She was who made ​​the biggest mistake when she left alone the pregnant woman when she had asked for help. Then, she didn't tell anybody about the pregnant woman's bleeding. She told them when the situation was too dangerous for Da Jin's mother. If she had spoken immediately, they would have made an emergency landing at the airport that they had left behind. To make matters worse, she didn't sterilized the scissors, and drop it in the plane floor; and when the supervisor asks her about the scissors, she didn't said anything.

Da Jin's father is also in fault (minor). It was Kim's first flight as co-pilot and Captain Han almost literally left him in charge of the flight. Neither wanted to return to the airport who had just left behind, and Kim wanted to do. He hoped that his wife, who had a pregnancy risk because of her age, hold out until they reach their destination. He had great confidence in Kim, but it was his first flight as co-pilot and that was a lot of pressure for him, who wanted to do everything perfect. That was why Kim made ​​an error, because he was reading all those books and and accidentally hit and disables the autopilot.

When I say that Kim is the least guilty is because that the turbulence happen often in many flights, so even if the mistake was his responsibility, was something that could be overcome without major problems, to the point that when they asked to the flight attendant supervisor, all passengers were fine. The one that was not fine was Da Jin's mother, with whom Choi had been negligent. And was something that they knew much later.

I think Kim Yoon Sung paid dearly for his mistake, which had been only a scary moment if all the crew (I'm talking about Choi) had done their job.

What I think, is that Choi makes him guilty and torture him. She is a continual reminder of what happened and is the only way that she had to be near him. When she sees that Kim is getting very close to Da Jin, she tells him that she wants to protect him. Does she doesn't see the suffering face that Kim always has when he is with her? She is taking advantage of everything to be near him and separate him from Da Jin. If she really wants to protect him, instead of torturing him, she would recommend him to tell Da Jin the truth and clarify things with her, but she uses Yoon Sung's fear and desperation to be in control.

Da Jin is an intelligent woman and also is a pilot. At first, she will be in shock. She will blame and reject him and don't want to see him anymore. But eventually she will understand the situation and with Fluffy and her love, they will heal all his wounds and will be the perfect family. I HOPE SO!  :wub: :wub:

Agree.......I have the same thoughts too...for CK is was purely an accident but for CJW it was a negligent and worst her negligent happens 3 times!!! 1st when she decided to flirt than to assist her in dire passenger, 2nd she failed to inform or to alert the passenger, her chief stewardess & the captain when she notice the passenger was bleeding the 1st time, 3rd she didnt sterilize her utensils even when ask/reminded by her chief if she done so, she just nodded quietly instead of getting done again which resulted the infant blood contiminated for life ...so her negligent not only kill a woman but made a child suffer for life

I guess when DJ found out that CK was the pilot who handle the flight when the accident happen she wud be hurt but I think she wud be more understanding becos no matter what CK was only a jr co pilot at the time under her father supervision, If her father has been with him may be he cud control the plane faster & like you said turbulence on air happens all the time, and when everything was under control the 1st thing they check was the passenger...if CJW had been with DJ's mom when it happen she cud help her earlier perhaps even prevent her from falling, yet even after she found her on the floor she just keep to herself instead of report it to her superior for them to do immediate check up.

The point is for CK the turbulance was only an accident but for CJW DJ's mom's death & Fluffy's poison blood is becos of her negligent

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Guest shamarsha

i think DJ would be much more hurt by CK because of his lack of courage to come right away at her after the accident occurred. Come to think of it, at least CJW has the courage to face/acknowledge her mistakes in the first place.

CK will be better is the one who tell DJ the truth or.....with DJ's feeling for him right now, nothing is more painful than the feeling of betrayed by your beloved.

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"Take Care Of Us, Captain" Koo Hye-seon resents Ji Jin-hee


Yoon-seong (Ji Jin-hee) grabbed Da-jin (Koo Hye-seon) who resented him, into a hug.

Da-jin kicked Yoon-seong in the shins, resenting him for making her confused on the episode of SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" on the 9th.

He tried to suppress the feelings he had for her but he realized he couldn't and ran to where she was.

Suffering from the cold way Yoon-seong treated her, Da-jin remembered Dong-soo telling her, "Tell him you're tired if you're tired!" and ran to him as well.

Meeting each other soon, Da-jin kicked his shins and said, "It hurts doesn't it? It hurts for me too. Why do you confuse me? It's not fair".

She was about to turn around after telling him not to do anything irresponsible by confusing her but Yoon-seong had watched her with sympathy and grabbed her into a tight hug.

While Yoon-seong just can't start right away with her as he has lived with the guilt and responsibility of what happened to her mother, viewers are curious whether the two will succeed in fulfilling their love.

source: http://news.nate.com (Korean)

permalink: http://www.hancinema.net (English Korean)

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episode 12 is totally awesome, the SW doing their job excellent. The Ex-FA that help Da Jin's mom get birth is appeared again and the bad luck is MJ who found out the truth bout the accident #that's what i see when the dialogue but sorry if i'm wrong #,heheh

i felt so hurt bout DOng Su when he saw that kissing time DJ & YS, i can feel how hurt is he and my tears keep falling down looking he in pain. tears.giftears.gif

but all i can say i realief that DJ can feel how DS felt about her love to YS and she is just want to be a good friend of him as he always there for her.. and the moment between DJ & DS is so sweet , i really love it & even DS hurt becoz his love can not be afford to DJ but at least DJ never leave him and always beside him as a friend. and i really really want so badly DJ & DS end-up together & felt so happy when capt kim saw DJ & DS happy moment and jealousy really killing him alive..

yeahhh that's my girl Han Da Jin ,,,kick capt kim and told him not to make her confuse and capt k hug her tightly but i really so worried bout the future coz MJ already news about the tragedy even she hasn't know who's the pilot is, and Joo Ri (the FA) is a dangerous person for me and she worst than JW & MJ, she is a SNAKE for me fury.gif:angry:

i don't care bout the rating becoz the story is getting better each episode and all the cast has done remarkable job potraying the role. i really love PCAP....hope in overseas PC will get better attention & rating than in KR ;)

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((( Episodes 01-08 )))

"Take Care of Us, Captain (2012) Softsubs"

Subtitles brought to you by the:...

~ No Salary Team ~

Channel Link: "Take Care of Us, Captain" Channel

The HaiXuiXui softsubs are synced to XviD.352p.HANrel rips.

They should work other resolutions from HANrel.

The Softsubs links are in the MediaFire folder...

Softsubs Folder

The individual MediaFire links for the softsubs...







SBS.Take.Care.of.Us,Captain.E07.XviD.352p-HANrel.Viki.srt ((( new )))

SBS.Take.Care.of.Us,Captain.E08.XviD.352p-HANrel.Viki.srt ((( new )))

We've decided to delay releasing softsubs approximately 1 week.

The previous week's softsubs will be released and posted

once the current week's on-line subbing has reached completion.

We will be following this softsub release policy

for this as well as other dramas.

We regret having to do this.

We want to release softsubs as soon as the subbing is done.

We are resorting to it because of the pirating of our subs and

the removing of lines crediting the ViKi subbing teams...

all in pursuit of profit and claiming that they can

provide subtitles within days of broadcast.

To paraphrase Alfred Doolittle

We're willing to release softsubs.

We're wanting to release softsubs.

We're waiting to release softsubs.

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Guest strawberryfuzz

I thought the same! He can't hide his love for Da Jin.  :wub: :wub: :wub:

yep eventhough he tried to avoid her but deep down in his heart he cant stay away from her lol

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Some Musings

I'm loving the thread, I've been happily absorbed reading all your thoughts Flyers!  Eunhye05 + Sue, you always deliver and for that komapsummida!  I know that you're both very busy people, so thanks for the quick recaps. Andreasofia16, I luved your take on who's ultimately responsible, shamarsha...I hear you. And if I may...

Manager Choi: Wings Angel

I was wondering as to what kind of straw would eventually break the camel's back. I thought Yang Mal-ja's scary histrionics did her in, but I was wrong, CK's outright rejection? Nope. MJ's ploy of "outing" her secret was also a no go. How much, in terms of human endurance, can she take?  She must have developed a thick protective shell through the years that's why she readily deflected the blows. At her present state of mind, there is no telling as to what she's capable of doing.  She's all about polite civility despite of the fact that her whole world is falling apart. I do pity her. IMO, she needs professional help. Will she eventually redeem herself?

Andreasofia16, while I do agree that the onus of the blame lay on her shoulders because of her negligence, I also agree with shamarsha when she said CJW owned up to it and that is huge.  

Kang Dong Soo, the perfect gentleman.

I just love him for being true to himself and how he feels. There are no uncertainties with this guy because he is very clear with his intentions (He and DJ share this similar trait). But you know, love can't be forced in this situation, it's just not right. This also holds true with "settling." In love, you do not just settle, that's why I do not want DS to eventually get DJ by default. He deserves more than that. It's so rare to find a guy who would turn down a generous offer from the competition and who would taunt the competition into becoming the better man for DJ. He wants her to be happy no matter what, so it seems that he's making a huge sacrifice. That is just unheard of nowadays...the natural instinct would have been to beat the living crap out of him.

Han Da Jin, my new favorite kdrama heroine.  

I have never seen the likes of her in my history of kdrama viewing (Hmm...Go Eun Chan of Coffe Prince comes close but she's deliberately tomboyish!). I love how she speaks her mind; I love how she never backs down and most of all, I love her sincerity in dealing with people. There is nothing coy nor pretentious about her and that makes her special. Sure she has her flaws - her temper, her willingness to go beyond protocol and her biases, this makes her very real as opposed to mostly simpering and fashion forward kdrama heroines. This actually makes CK her perfect foil...he brings with him the stability she lacks and the discipline she needs. She...in turn, gives him the joy and warmth of family that he craves. I think they're fated.

Do you remember when they first met? The fortune teller vending machine gave her these words, "Climb Your Life." A disambiguation of "live your life as you intended"...that was when it all began, serendipity played a hand when they met. Symbolically and if you're a great believer in fate... DJ fell and dropped her "fortune"...CK gave it back (though, he did not help her get up gahh!). It seemed like a forewarning of how CK would play an important role in her life. When she met him again, DJ was grappling with her life and CK, as if on cue, was placed in the position of helping her set it right hehehe (must be the espresso kicking in guys ! ;)) But of course fate won't make it too easy for them to be together...yet.

Kim Yoon Sung's Plight

Can you imagine being abandoned as a child, rejected by your foster dad and to live daily with the guilt of knowing that your mistake produced horrible consequences? What about finally allowing yourself to love again only to find out that fate seems to playing a cruel joke on you because your one true hope of real happiness is also your source of deep pain?

If CK was a lesser man, he could have just packed his bags and cut his losses. But it seems that he's made of sterner stuff and now we see a man driven...he finally found his one true happiness and he seems unable to let it go, despite of the hurt it may cause him. I guess, it's now a given, Mr. Cool and Arrogant YS is just a facade to show that he still has the upper hand, we all know DJ has it. Our diminutive HDJ got under his skin.

The poor guy went bat crazy when he learned that DJ was in an accident, we all know how that went, all his pent-up emotions, not to mention fear, consequently ended with the epic kiss (Wait a sec, are we now going to call it the elevator kiss? Kdrama kisses do have labels hehehe). However, when the enormity of what he did dawned on him the next day, he clammed up and admitted that it was a mistake! What??? Listen mister, you do not kiss a woman only to tell her that it's a mistake! I have several choice words for you and most of them unprintable!  KDS was right when he said you should have your head fixed;  HDJ was right when she said "I don't do half-baked so do not confuse me!"  Well ok, the guilt was giving him cold feet. To his credit, while he was on his way home, he looked like he had an epiphany so he ran towards DJ's house instead; only to meet her along the way. Boy, DJ really let it all out (GHS was like an avenging angel!), complete with a kick to the shin! (kick ratio 1:1 hehehe) He actually had on a look of incredulity (errm and I think also of admiration hehe - I'm so loving JJH's facial expressions.) so before he knew it, he grabbed her into a tight hug *sigh*  With KYS, even the tight hug may still be is always ambiguous; but hey I'm all for it and now we saw plot movement! Horay! So...I can't wait for the next episodes....is it Wednesday yet??? PCAP fighting!!!

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Hello Flyers :)

what happened to my Soo Da couple their just friends, why HDJ why ?

I love how Dong Soo still comforted her when she was upset trying to fight with the Captain lets get it on :angry:

Ok im really upset with these weeks episode no love for our Soo Da couple :)

Congrats to CaptK and HDJ followers :)

I love everybody's insight here eunhye,drmjs,sukreen,sue thank you guys for updates :)

Here's my MV for the week and of course its my Soo Da couple :)

Hope you guys like it :)

My link

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@GHSforever, drmjs, eunhye & shamarsha and all flyers, thanks for the upadates.

That's why I'm loving PC more and more. :wub:

Have a nice weekend everyone. :D

Added episode 12 captures for the Korean drama 'Take Care of Us, Captain'


Added episode 12 captures for the Korean drama "Take Care of Us, Captain" (2012)


source: http://www.hancinema.net/ (English Korean)

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Guest jjsweeter0211


미리 발렌타인데이~!!! 팬분이 주신 초콜렛~진짜 진하고 달콤하네요~^^ 우리팬들과 같이 먹고파~!! 예쁜 꽃같이 여러분들도 발렌타인 맞이해서 예쁜 사랑 피우세요~ VISIT HIS ME2DAY :rolleyes::wub:


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I love JJH facial expressions at the end of episode 12. Its like he was so amused at Han Da Jin while she was ranting non-stop. Han Da Jin in the meantime has become more confused when he grabbed and hugged her. So cuteeeee. I hope to see more loving in the next episodes before the heartaches/sadness starts.

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