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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Guest Heart.And.Soul

I always love a little bit of jealousy in a drama. DJ and CK definitely like each other, and it seems like the people around them know it too. You can tell in the running scene when DS looks at DJ to see what her reaction is to CK and JW sitting together on the bench. Loved that CK left and went to DJ's house after she saw the hug. Overall a great episode again! Can't wait for tomorrow.  

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How I wish this drama had aired after Moon embracing the sun.....Both are wonderful drama;s , and this one really deserves 20% ratings...However korean people have a crush on sageuk drama....

This one is sooo different from all other drama's :),,,,,

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How I wish this drama had aired after Moon embracing the sun.....Both are wonderful drama;s , and this one really deserves 20% ratings...However korean people have a crush on sageuk drama....

This one is sooo different from all other drama's :),,,,,

Marie67 Thank you for saying that. Koreans are attached to their sageuks and that won't change, unfortunately they are missing out on a good drama in Take Care of Us, Captain. You can always catch-up and watch the episodes after TMTES. Welcome to the thread!

Eunhye05 As usual, your quick recap is very much appreciated, Sue collaborated as well at the GHS thread. So flyers you can go and check that out as well.

Will post my thoughts after the 10th eppy. I loved ep. 9...B) GHSForever *waves* hello there!

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i totally agree with u..im shipping capK n HDJ but im getting confused with capK's feeling..is it like or just feeling guilty towards HDJ..KDS is mosdef shows his feeling to her..but looks like PCAP is getting more interesting than ever..i cant wait to watch the next ep *quoted image*

Yep - that's it... I'm not really sure if he's starting to like her or he feels guilt or what. I think he's probably confused too but my least favorite love triangle is the one where the male or female leads are confused about an ex-gf or whatever - and are wishy washy! CapK - you fit into that category! Please don't be wishy-washy. :) I finally saw the episode but without any subs so I don't understand a thing - but I'll watch it with c-subs so I can figure out what's going on. Just from watching the raws - the montage of DJ and CaptK - oh... I am back on board with them being our OTP. But seriously, CaptK - you really have to step it up... I'm not letting that go. Make it up to DJ and sweep her off her feet in your own way :) Because DS is just too cute right now. I love his new look (for the next episode)... time for him to also step it and make CaptK figure out what he really wants. DS is serious competition - the real deal. :)

PCAP & flyers - fighting!!!!!!

Oh, one more comment - the Track Suit that DS had on... I almost died laughing -- I can't believe it - a ruler track suit? Someone mentioned this (I think eunhye05) about the ruler track suit but I just couldn't picture it until I saw it onscreen. Who thought that was a good idea LOL :) I wonder what other designs they have. Anyhow - jealousy here we come :)

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yeayyyyyy finally the kissing scene is happen between Dong SU and Da Jin , i really love it...and yeah i can feel Dong Sun jealousy over Capt Kim that make his Da Jin so worried bout him and Dong Su with his brave , he kiss her :wub::wub:

oh Da Jin so surprised of Dong Su action toward her and she also up her foot just like any other girl who had their first kiss,LOL

but i hope Da Jin won't slap him coz she just too in love with Da Jin so much, i rather want the reaction is, DJ just surprised without dunno what to do after the kiss , i just want some funny reaction between this two person,heheheh

but WOW preview 9 Dong SU really transformed so unexpected, he became so HOTTIE but i'm not sure bout Da Jin coz it seems Da Jin is in love with Capt Kim... but i do hope CApt Kim saw the kiss so he can a little bit move forward if he really had feeling ( i mean LOVE) toward DA JIn...

Marie67 : yes, i agree with you , Korean People do more love Saeguk Drama becoz they really love about HISTORICAL * i really appreciate* and they all missed this one great drama,,, but well everybody had their own taste but i hope just like you they will watch it even it's taping so they could see PC is absolutely a GREAT DRAMA and it's different from any other drama & welcome to this thread ^^

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my thoughts for epi 9...

VP Hong & the airline supervisor can butt their heads for all I care. These two are disciples from hell. Of course the maniac will definitely be the lowest among the three. Anyways, thanks for Mr Brown's evaluation the Captain can resume flying. I had my doubts at first if CapK will ever give Dajin the sunglasses. She don't look silly anymore with the new pair. In fact she looks so lovely. 


Mgr. Choi is really something. Her love for the captain is so great that she'll do anything for him. It was a relief to see CapK whisk her away from the sleaze-bug maniac. Good job Dajin! He deserves that kick. 

tongue2.gif tongue2.gif


I haven't seen so much of Fluffy:wub:   in this episode. Poor mechanic ahjussi, is left to take care of her while Aunt Mal is out on a date with Dongso's dad. I prefer her for ahjussi than Dongso's dad. kekeke..

Dajin becomes teary eyed after seeing CapK & Choi hugging. Did she finally realize that she loves CapK?  After all the harsh words & insults she got from this guy. I wonder if she would still be in love with him after knowing that the captain was also indirectly responsible for her mother's death. Actually I'm not worried about that but more on the fact that he kept this secret from her even after he found out who they were, (Han sisters). Was it his plan? hmmm...

So the kiss happened because Dongso wants to do it. It was not mutual. Wrong move brother! Let's hope Dajin won't hate you for this. :w00t:  Minus points for you. kekeke...I was shipping Dajin & Dongso. Now I have

mixed feelings. Kang Dongso, you have to redeem yourself quick before you get

unpopular. So, I wonder if he's going to receive a big slap from her after

stealing a kiss. Will this cause him to transform? Oh no..pls. don't be a bad

boy. lol...I will surely miss the curly tops!

Let's all hope that episode

10 will have more Fluffy & Dajin tender loving scenes. As for Dongso, I'm

curious with this transformation. kekeke..

 :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Guest eunhye05

Thanks eunhye for the recaps--I used it to explain more of the epi.Thanks so much in your busy schedule.

Thanks very much!!

Hi Everyone,

Here's Sue's translation of Episode 9. She translated my recap post so her comments are in red. :D Thanks Sue your an angel! :D See you all for Episode 10. We'll now know what happens after the kiss! Can't wait!

- i loved how HDJ just confronts pervert guy and there's the knee kick. I love how she's so unlady like and tough! you go HDJ!

DJ kneed the pervert because he whispered  to DJ that if she is willing to show how "hot" she can be, he may change  his mind about filing complalint about act of violence against him on  the plane. Pervert remembered what DJ said on the plane.

- Woah CK brough CJW all the way out to the parking lot.... oh  and here comes MJ. Now all we need is HDJ to complete this love  quadrangle. MJ isn't pleased.  MJ tells CJW  that CapK and she have a "special" relationship and that she should  remember that when she relates to CapK from now on...keke...MJ is  marking her territory, unbeknownst to CapK..keke. But does CJW listen to  MJ?? Noooo...keke

- I hate that scheming team leader fellow. He's giving her bad  news I think. HDJ should have kicked him too. oh well. maybe next time.  hehe.  Well, DJ did react to the pervert as  the usual DJ would. She did kind of made more of a mess as the pervert  will file a complaint that Wings Air treated passenger with  violence--now 2x. Although, I do think DJ has become somewhat calmer  since she had been influenced by CapK more. DJ and DS are so similarly  hot-tempered and somewhat impulsive and just as deeply kind characters.  Tomorrow, DS is also changing-maybe more like the calm and cool CapK??

- HDJ is drinking again because of that. Seriously? Poor girl has  a drinking problem. hehe. 3 bottles of soju alone? that's got to knock u  off ur socks! Look at DS fixing himself through the window. I'm gonna  miss those curls. Anyways.. did she shooo him away? my screen froze. DJ  is drinking again because the Wings Air male manager (the one with  glasses and does errands for VP) told her that she may lose her job  because of her impulsive violent action to the pervert passenger. No  matter how justified she may be, she still reacted  inappropriately...that is the issue. The question about whether CapK  will be dismissed or if DJ will be dismissed remains to be seen...even  though the Tony Brian the auditor gave perfect rating to WingAir, the  disciplinary action against CapK and maybe DJ will take place a week  later. DJ called DS to come out and drink with her. DJ seems to rely a  great deal on DS. He seems to have become her best friend. She calls out  to him all the time and he complies. But when he tries to help her, she  pushes him away. She can hardly walk but refuses to get in the car. She  confesses to DS that she is worried about being fired. She wonders how  she will protect and take care of her sister and her aunt's debt. When  DS told DJ that he will take responsibiltiy,,,I think DJ says that she  wishes that her burden is lighter...

- Now she walking home... no one should walk home at that state! That's  dangerous! But DJ is so funny doing it. haha. Too bad she shoos away DS  again when he passes by with his wheels.

- Look she found the perfect spot to rest...at CK's steps. He finds her  and tries to steady and wake her up. DS arrives and aint pleased. Why  hello love triangle. CapK quickly takes his hands off DJ who wakes up.  "Captain Hwaiting!!!" (GHS is so animated you gotta love her). Aww DS to  the rescue. The way he's always there and takes care of her is like  they're already an official couple or something. hehe When  CapK is trying to wake DJ up, he tries yelling at her with her official  title and then finally with her name, DaJin. But DS comes and says that  DJ is DJ only to him and Assist-Pilot Han to CapK. DS is marking his  territory unbeknownst to DJ...keke

- Next day DJ reads something on the notice and goes to CapK. hmmm..This  is the disciplinary meeting against CapK. DJ goes to Capk and asks him  why is it that he is the only one taking responsibility for what  happened. She says that she is responsible too. But CapK says that he  was the main person in charge and tells her that the best way to help  him is for her to stay quiet...but that is not Han DaJin....she never  stay quiet...keke

- Crew are signing a petition. I think its related to CapK's case. HDJ signs as well. You are correct!

*my screen froze again. dumdeedumdeedum*

- So now I see the president looking at documents and HDJ walks in.  Didn't catch anything from their convo so I'll depend on sue to  understand this. (hi sue. *waves* :)DJ  is looking for ways to help CapK's case. She first wanted to talk with  CJW but she was on flight. Then she goes to the owner for help. DJ  thinks that if the Auditor Tony Brian gives great rating for Wings Air,  it could help CapK's case. She wanted to know contact information for  Tony Brian. The owner gives her the hotel name that Tony Brian usually  stays. But, the owner tells her that no matter what the rating, the  disciplinary meeting and action will still take place against CapK. But  he tells DJ that he believes that "truth will always be communicated." I  like the owner. He thought highly of HanDaJin when CapK thought the  worst of her. He also is the one who brought CapK into Wings Air from  Australia,,meaning that this owner knows a lot about the ins and outs  about his employees.

- Outside DS catches DJ walking by their usual spot. I think she asks him to accompany her to the plane auditors hotel. 

What did the receptionist call out to them that had them freeze? haha DS  calls out to DJ but she ignores him. She is bit cold-hearted to our  poor DS. I am kind of glad that DS will change tomorrow!! Love to see  how the dynamics change..keke...DJ pleads with the hotel clerk as to why  she needs to meet Tony Brian..to save a great captain from losing his  job-but it is against hotel policy to give out room number. Tony Brian  would not anwer his telephone. DS got angry at the clerk when he would  not help DJ. See? he is hot-tempered like DJ used to be....DJ seems to  have changed a bit...right?? CapK rubbed off of her??? Then the clerk  tells them that Tony Brian like Oh-Yi. Oh-Yi is cucumber but it is also  Oh=5 and Yi=2. DS figures out that the clerk gave them the answer in a  puzzle. So, they go to room 502--I guess there is no room number 52??  kekeke.

- Plane Auditor slams the door at them but feisty DJ wont have  it. she goes back and gives him something...what was that? It wasn't the  lost sky picture yet right? Yes, it is,  But DJ does not push it because Tony Brian asks her if she is trying to  bribe him..the envelop lookes like it could hold money. Tony Brian tells  her that he is not done with the audit report on Wings Air yet. DJ let  it go....that really seems unlike the old DJ...she is changing. Do you  guys see it too??

- Attendants are still having everyone sign the petition. MJ  agrees. We witness some overlying tension between MJ and CJW. Obviously  over CapK. hihi.

- Hmmm... did episode is lacking Pposong moments! I want unnie & dongseng moments. Maybe next epi. hehe

- So YangMal auntie and Miser Dad are going on a secret date.LOLOL. Poor mechanic ajussi playing babysitter forever  YangMal  also seems to be treating mechanic ajjussi the way DJ treats DS--I  think--she came late from her date with Miser Dad and was disappointed  that mechanic ajjussi did not make Bhap! He quietly complains that he is  not a housekeeper. They each blame each other about what they do all  day at home after work.,,he already fed PS blackbean noodle but Yangmal  scolds him by saying that wheat is not good for PS. Yangmal also says  that she has to go out with Miser Dad as he promised to give her money  for her career. So YangMal is using Miser Dad?? But then I wonder how  common a practice is this in the entertainment industry in Korea?? or  anywhere?? We saw a bit of that in THEMU as well..remember??

- CapK is now being grilled by the panel. VP looks so sinister. He could play the grinch or some sorcerer or something.

- We have confrontation and both CapK and VP blow off steam CapK  defends himself by saying that he felt that saving the life of the  woman passenger who passed out from her diabetes condition was his  priority and that he made sure the other passengers were well taken  cared for by apologizing and by arriving at the destination early. The  VP retorts by saying CapK is hypocrite because how can he say saving  life is a priority when he put his hands on the neck of another  passenger to endanger the life of that passenger. CapK once told VP that  he is not going to back down anymore from VP. So CapK yells back at VP  that he should be the one apologizing to Flight attendants for siding  with the pervert and CapK defended himself again by saying that he was  again protecting the safety of flight attendants as well. The  disciplinary panel will made a decision next week.

- Cut to night.... DJ is worried about CK (her scarves are so  thick! how does she breath in them). CJW is worried too about CK. CK you  better fasten ur seat belt as these girls are all after your heart!  hahaha. It's a race to the finish line or something like that. haha It  is interesting that both DJ and CJW look up to the sky and ask the late  Han GyuPil (DJ's father) to protect CapK and to watch over the  situation. I know that the drama seems to be moving towards the love  traingle or square among CapK, CJW, DS and DJ. But whenever DJ does  something good and the camera rests on CapK and CJW, I sort of get the  feeling of two parents expressing approval of their daughter that they  are proud of....do you??...just my feeling on it...but it also seems  like CJW sees that not only MJ but HanDaJin may also take away CapK from  her...so she takes action and asks CapK to restart their relationship.

- Now everyone's at the auditorium awaiting plane auditors  review. Wow he really took note of every detail. It's obviously a  success to VPs discontentment. Everyone's pleased with his review and  give CapK who doesnt know what went on a standing ovation. He prob  focused on how Wings Air really cared for each of their passengers and  treated them like family.Well at least things are now favorable for  CapK. DJ returns the picture she found to the auditor. Then what was the  earlier thing she gave him? Tony Brian  says that he had an unusual flight experience with Wings Air. He felt  that normally flight attendants just obey what the passenger asks of  them and that if there is a sick passenger, it is normal that the  passenger should wait for the next plane instead of making the rest of  the passengers wait...etc...But he says that he has never experienced a  plane that realy focused on the true needs of the passengers so well. He  gave 4 stars at first and then said that he gives the perfect last 5th  star for the action of the CapK who took charge in doing the right  thing. That is why the staff and crew of Wings Air gave standing ovation  to the CapK who came in towards the end of the meeting. But at that  time, VP was saying something but I could not understand it....it does  not seem like VP is going to let CapK go that easily. Tomorrow's preview  says that the pervert filed a complaint against Wings Air..and it also  seem that the Wings Air owner is either going somewhere and asks the VP?  or CapK? to look after Wings Air---that means that CapK will be more  vulnerable to the attacks of the VP!!

- As CapK prepares for his flight he remembers the matching sunglasses  he both for DJ. He places them secretly into her mailbox? cubby hole?  not sure what u call those drawers. Anyways, opps she's right behind  him. He switched to being cold and aloof and takes off. Aww CapK is so  cute. hihi. so sneaky. DJ's reaction as she sees the sunglasses was  priceless too. haha. Side note: that's GHS singing the OST in the  background. Awesomesauce :D

- CapK and CapHan are now wearing matching sunglasses. She knows its  from him and thanks him. He's just mum about it. LOL. Doesn't wearing  matching "anythings" in Korea symbolize that you guys are a couple?  hihi. Nice! I like that little scene with  passengers. There are two couples in the plane. One is wearing matching  outfit but they are bickering. The woman wants more romance from her  husband and he tries that by trying to feed her with his spoon that he  just licked. She is caling that act disgusting and so he gets pissed and  they are not talking. Then they see another older couple whose wife is  blind. The husband is feeding his wife and CJW comes over to offer to  feed her so that the man can eat his meal. But he says that he feels  full just by seeing his wife eat. So the younger couple in matching  outfit becomes nice to each other after seeing the older couple. Seeing  all that love inside the plane may have influenced CJW to see how lonely  her life is and she takes action to go and see CapK?? GHS's OST sounds  beautiful--I did not get all the words..GHS's songs always has beautiful  words...But one part of the lyrics seems to be about how when the sun  sets, loneliness takes over...I hope we get the words and the full song  soon.

- CJW is contemplating. She's been doing a lot of that lately.

- Oh look a matching everything Korean Couple. AHAAHA! SEE! SEE! I just  mentioned that couples = matching outfits! hihihi. Aww this flight is  all about the love. Look at the old sweet couple. The old man is feeding  his dear blind wife. Aww. Now "matching-everything" couple are feeding  each other. side note: wasnt DS feeding GHS some episodes ago? Does that  symbolize coupledom too? hihi

Yeah,,,I think so too. At first, DJ teases  CapK saying that she has same glasses as he does. She says that it makes  them "a couple"...keke...she praises CapK by saying that he has much  "sense". She then says that she knows that he bought it for her and that  she thanks him. We see him smiling him very quietly without letting DJ  see him. DJ does make him smile and DJ does seem to wake up the "dead"  inside CapK. He had/has been living in nightmare due to his guilt and  resentment from his own past abandonment that he forgot to laugh and  really live (as the last epi character from Australia said.). I also  wonder what made CapK buy the same brand of sunglasses for DJ?? Maybe  because his glasses is the best in flying airplane??

- Back at the ATC/parking lot DS is teaching his subordinate to  pronounce correctly by pinching her cheeks. They had to go all the way  there though? hehe This scene shows how  cool and great a guy is DS. One of the staff person seems to have a  problem reading the numbers in english?? or prob with reading the  numbers from left to right?? I am not sure which...but he takes her out  to the field and practices with her until she gets it. DS is just as  cool as CapK but DJ does not see that side of him..she only see that DS  is like a gaffer or go-to guy for her..he is at her beck and call.  Right??

- Back at the Cockpit -- wait is that the Northern Lights or Aurora  Borealis...that we are witnessing or just the plane lights out there?  haha-- anyways CapK and CapHan are cute. I hear Mrs. Teapot singing  "There must be something there that wasn't there before."

- Mechanic Ajussi senses that YangMal went on a date. Aww poor Ajussi. I  want YangMal for u but I think she and Miser dad are a perfect match in  terms of personality. aigoo

- CJW is remembering CK again. too much drama. She goes to CKs. Rings  the door and HUGS him! He gives in and hugs her back...and yup..on  cue...HDJ happens to witness this and of course conclusions are made.  Wow that look on her face..."Aha! You like him dontcha!" CK also has  that worried look knowing DJ has witnessed it. I betcha he didnt want  her to witness that either. There are some  things that happened a bit too abruptly for me...I had no idea that CapK  also may feel something for DJ---it is unclear to me...but somehow the  flashbacks helped me to see that DJ and he experienced a lot together  and that those experemces were very positive growth experiences for both  of them that he could also have fallen for DJ. But for CapK, is it  really love or sympathy? Or is it that he does not feel he should ever  be happy in front of Han DaJin whose happiness (of her family) he feels  he took away from her??  He puts her at his place but DJ never gets  intimidated by him---DJ actually may have drilled herself a hole into  the icy heart of CapK! keke

- DS is drinking with Ajussi. They both have a dysfunctional  bromance going on. hihi. I think he tells her he likes DJ. Im not sure.  DJ arrives... distracted and erm glum. Yup... it's confirmed! Our Girl  is falling....falling for CK! Yes she likes him! She definitely likes  him. Look how she keeps recalling the HUG earlier. awww poor DJ. Mechanic  ajjussi tells DS to tell DJ that he likes her. But DS wants to know if  ajjussi ever experienced what he is experiencing. At first ajjussi is  defensive but then he admits that he has never experienced it or even  confessed for first love. He becomes melancholy with himself about his  past....Message from the drama: Live life without regrets....GHS kind  of a drama!! keke

- CK is also thinking of DJ...and in typical Kdrama fashion we have the  falling in love reminscing flashbacks scene. Aiggoooo! Montage was so  nice! Im expecting an MV of this soon. *waves at GHSforever* haha

- So...it's official! CK and DJ.....it's time to find your way to each  others hearts! Lets do this! Squeee! (I know i ship DS and DJ but of  course CK and DJ are the OTP so im shipping both) haha. either makes me  happy

- Did CapK walk towards the Han residence but go back? screen froze again. Yes!  I am kind of confused about CapK's action here. I posted by confusion  above. What is the director trying to say here? Has CapK's total calm  and logical mind leave him? Walking over to DJ's house at that time  after saying goodbye to CJW seems a bit impulsive..is the director  trying to tell us that CapK can be impulsive as well?? Still confused  but it do get the feeling that as you say CapK and DJ seem to have  feelings for each other. Now how are they going to deal with the  past???!!

- Now we see DS & DJ jogging. These people really keep in shape huh.  Side note: DS tracksuit is the best! It beats HyunBin's tracksuit in  secret garden. Korean outfits have really crazy patterns! This was is a  ruler! LOL. but it's actually makes him look more like a tiger/giraffe.  haha. 

- CK and CJW are sitting on a bench browsing past memories through an album and DS and DJ just happen to sit behind them. 

- screen froze again. now i see CapK telling both DJ and DS off. For what? what did they do?  CapK scolds DJ for exhausting herself before the round trip flight in  two hours to Jejoo Island. He is teaching her to think before acting. DS  yells at Capk for yelling at DJ and CapK says that he is not talking to  her as "DaJin" but as his subordinate who needs to comply with the  regulations. CapK seems to be getting back at DS who said that only he  can call her "DaJin" and that CapK should address her as pilot only.??  Or is CapK hiding his feelings by resorting to his old, cold,  condescending ways??

- screen froze....AIGOO! This is crazy the scene I've been waiting for is coming up!

- Here's the kissy part.....and ....and.... ok... awkward as  expected....they should have not zoomed out that much and slow mo-ed it.  hahaha. I hope that aint his first and last kiss with DJ! haha. 

- CUT! What's going to happen tomorrow im so excited! I also wonder why  he reinvents himself. Did DJ just kick him out of her life or tell her  she wants someone who's got straight hair? hahaha. In  the preview for tomorrow, DJ tells DS that she is sorry but that she  did not feel anything when he kissed her. She says that to DS in a  somewhat matter-of-fact voice. DJ can be cold. So DS is talking with his  Dad and his Dad tells him that he should not pursue a woman who is  running away from him. If he does, then she will run away more. Then we  see DS reinventing himself...he used to wear uncoordinated clothing, too  bright and colorful a clothing (orange pants!!), his tousseled hair  like a little boy and he even sucks on lollipop like a little boy. He  also follows DJ around like a little boy in love and even calls himself  an invisible man as DJ tends to ignore him. But now he is going to be  the man of the world...keke....we hear DJ saying to DS that he does not  seem like the DS that she knows....other female workers are showing more  admiration for the changes in DS. Would DJ get jealous?? keke

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Full Ratings

AGB Nielsen Korea

9th episode:

Nationwide: 7,8%(-0,7%)

Seoul: 9,2% (-0,2%)

TNS Media Korea

9th episode:

Nationwide: 7,1% (-2,0%)

Seoul: 8,2% (-1,7%)

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Guest strawberryfuzz

Episode 10 was a really really good one. I LOVE Fluffy!  :wub: :wub:   She is amazing! :rolleyes: Cap K is SO jealous. :D Fluffy is my hero. Kudos for Fluffy! :lol: :lol:

argh i cant wait to see ep 10..ur comment really make me feel so excited..for some reason i love to see capK is jealous..fyi thats what im waitin for lol

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argh i cant wait to see ep 10..ur comment really make me feel so excited..for some reason i love to see capK is jealous..fyi thats what im waitin for lol

Was amazing!

Fluffy told KYS that KDS kissed DJ.

:phew: Was amazing because she kissed KYS in his lips to show him how was the kiss. :lol: KYS's face... :huh: pricesless!

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Is there any preview for next ep?

I can't stand for what CJW doing Awww. She try try everything to make CapK come back to her and hurt DJ. I wonder if she really feels guilty for waht she have done for DJ's family in the past?

Can't understand this character Arghhhh...

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Guest strawberryfuzz

Was amazing!

Fluffy told KYS that KDS kissed DJ.  

:phew:  Was amazing because she kissed KYS in his lips to show him how was the kiss. :lol:  KYS's face... :huh:  pricesless!

whoaaaaa..oh my god..i cant waitttttttt..even tho i dont understand korean,whatever..should download asap the raw vid

i never been this excited watchin korean drama

im seriously addicted to this drama wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif

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Guest eunhye05

I missed the first few minutes so I have no idea what happened after the kiss. I couldn't get the screen to work until now. I did this whole reaction post on the go so most of it doesn't really make sense. I apologize!

Love this episode! I can't wait for next week. It's bound to be epic with everyone out to get everyone and revelations for sure! :D

- I think VP hong dismissed both DJ and CK. There's your wrist grab and this time CapK kicked DJ out. I think he volunteered to leave in HDJ's place. MJ is crying is she pleading with him not to leave?

- MJ is now negotiating with her dad. Who's pissed.. 

- Look at how MJ is buying the entire store. Haha. Spoilt brat she is. :) She spots CJW buying aviator shades...obviously for CapK

MISSED 5 minutes ARGH

- CK and DJ are talking to each other. She's smirking. Hmm. She's happy? What went on during those minutes I missed.

- VP Hong receives Flowers. He's happy. 

- President really loves his airplanes. Capk and him have a talk. They're both happy. I love JJH's smile. He's adorable.

- DJ and CK are now at Mechanic Ajusshi's turf....admiring an engine...

- I have a soft heart for CJW. She's a really nice person and I love how she handles her staff. Now if only she wasn't part of the love triangle...and erm....there's the accident from long long ago. tsktsk.

- Why on earth is mr.president travelling in economy?

- It's CapK's turn to give a very nice message on through the intercom. hahaha. He's changed... DJ has definitely rubbed off on him. Awww! Now President is crying. Why does he have to leave? :S I bet DJ is teasing CK now for getting all soft.

- The crew are now having some sorta bonding session behind the curtains.They're gossiping and teasing the newbie. 

- DJ is again cold to CJW when she arrives in the Cockpit with snacks. Of cors DJ will behave like that...she's jealous... Oh of course CJW will mark her turf by offering  the sunglasses to CK in front of DJ. DJ snaps at CJW (dude you're a bit obvious. hihi) and she returns the shades CK gave her i think. Hmmm... tension in the cockpit. haha

-   Why is president cleaning up after everyone. This can't be his last flight can it? Oh i hope not. :S But you really see how much he loves this

-  So there are crew headquarters. Wonder what the stewardess is babbling about. There's the funny music. President walks in by mistake. some sorta misunderstanding

- President takes his own sweet time leaving the plane. He walks out and is given flowers and everyone bows in respect. He's really saying good bye? WHY? CapK is getting all teary eyed. I think President was the closest to the father figure he has.

- DJ and CK are back at the hangar admiring the plane again

- DJ gets a call from DS. She picks it up enthusiastically in front of CK and leaves. He just looks on..hmm..jealous? curious?

- DJ and DS are having dinner... and I think what i pick up from "chingu" is that she's saying she wants them to stay friends? or just be friends? DS is cute with the new hair and reserved attitude.

- CapK goes to the same resto with CJW. I wonder if he did that on purpose to watch DS and DJ. haha. DJ is jealous again. hahaha

- Oh now they've decided to couple date. What tension. How Awkward! hahaha. I'm happy though that despite the fact that DS tried to kiss her it didn't ruin their friendship. Kocham Chie...ouch DJ if you only knew how much you've broken his heart. Poor poor DS. DJ knows this but aigooo... her heart's not in it. awww.

- Yey Ppsong and DJ! :) But she's sad again. Bet she's still sorting out her feelings. 

- While both sisters are out they encounter penguin ajussi.... he's much warmer these days! Just then DS arrives.... and we have tension again....and and.... before saying goodbye ppopsong does the cutest thing....she kisses CK's lips leaving everyone speechless and shocked! hahaha. This kid has definitely chosen her man already. hahaha. Now CK and DJ! You guys sort out who you want now. haha. DJ to stop the awkwardess hurries to get her baby sister into the car. This is so funny.

- The funny continues as DS and CK talk to each other via the ATC. Haha. They're both stuck up and playing it cool! lol.

- DJ falls asleep at the waiting area of the WingsAir office. CK is just staring at her...and puts his coat on her as she sleeps. CJW's turn to witness this moment and be jealous. Oh dear me. But YEY! Thank you CK. DJ eventually wakes up and is carrying CK's jacket out. She's smiling :) 

- CJW is waiting for her outside. They both go to a bar and chat. I wonder if she's telling her to back off from CapK or that she loves CapK with all her heart.

- DJ was on her way back to deliver CapK's jacket when she of course gets beaten to it by CJW. 

- Aiggoooo CapK...3 girls all pinning for you. You lucky lucky man!

OK now I missed the ending *BOOOOO*

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