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[Variety] Kim ByungMan's Law of the Jungle (김병만의 정글의 법칙)

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I watched the episode in Mongolia and I have to say that it's really challenging. More so than the previous episodes.  When Seo In Guk fainted I was like gosh.. this is what the desert can do to you.  so many scenes that i didn't anticipate at all eg. the animal dung scene

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Just putting this here! I've been recapping Law of the Jungle in Mongolia on my blog https://varietyrecaps.wordpress.com/.


Also, @mitheone, InGuk fell sick because of his drama shooting... :( Not just because of the desert but yeah, it was hell on earth.Throwing them in Mongolia is like having a taste of the world thrown at you. Eek!

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Wow....they might travel to the South Pole soon. But....Law of the Jungle...what jungle in the South Pole? haha.



Earlier article....Bim Byung Man is back.


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JANG DONG-YOON AND Yoon shi yoon heading to SABAH, MALAYSIA  FOR shooting  sbs law of the jungle - Members -

 Shinhwa (Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Andy Lee), Lee Da-hee,Yoon Shi-yoon,Kangnam,Jang Dong-yoon

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