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[Drama 2011] Me Too, Flower! 나도, 꽃!


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[MBC] 2011.11.09 RomCom starring Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Ji Ah






Title: 나도, 꽃!/ Na-do, Kkot!

Also known as: I'm A Flower, Too

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2011-Nov 2 - TBA

Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Official Site: MBC Site Link

Relationship Diagram




Yoon Si Yoon as Seo Jae Hee - is an undercover boss of a lingerie company. At the age of 13, he lost his parents and forced to work in a young age. His encounter with Park Hwa Young gave him the opportunity to an entrepreneurial path. Unfortunately, because of his mistakes, Park Hwa Young husband died and he lives with this guilt. One day he fell in love with a girl who is Cha Bong Sun.


Lee Ji Ah as Cha Bong Sun - is a hot tempered policewoman who one day clashes with a parking attendant in a luxury department store named Seo Jae Hee. She has no friend or colleague until one day, she encountered her true love.


Han Go Eun as Park Hwa Young - a beautiful and successful CEO and businesswoman who has a role in Jae Hee’s success. Because of her father's financial success, she managed to have small businesses. One day, she met the cheerful guy Jae Hee and eventually fell in love with him.


Jo Min Ki as Park Tae Hwa - Seduce a lot of girls, born rich and never looked into the poor


Seo Hyo Rim as Kim Dal - Cha Bong Sun’s stepsister who is being manipulated by Park Hwa Young


Gi-Kwang as Ma Roo - Crazily in love with Cha Bong Sun

Director: Go Dong Sun (Sweet Spy, My Wife is a Superwoman)

Screenwriter: Kim Do Woo (My Name is Kim Sam Soon)

Episode Ratings

Episode 1: [AGB] 6.8% (Nationwide) / 7.9% (Seoul) [TNmS] 6.6% / 8.7%

Episode 2: [AGB] 7.6% / 9.7% [TNmS] 6.0% / 7.3%

Episode 3: [AGB] 5.5% [TNmS] 6.5%

Episode 4: [AGB] 6.4% [TNmS] 7.7%

Episode 5: [AGB] 6.4% [TNmS] 6.1%

Episode 6: [AGB] 6.1% [TNmS] 6.9%

Episode 7: [AGB] 6.4% [TNmS] 6.2%

Episode 8: [AGB] 6.9% [TNmS] 6.7%

Episode 9: [AGB] 6.3 [TNmS] 5.5

Episode 10: [AGB] 6.3 [TNmS] 6.1

Episode 11: [AGB] 6.1 [TNmS] 4.9

Episode 12: [AGB] 6.4 [TNmS] 5.6

Episode 13: [AGB] 5.7 [TNmS] 5.5

Episode 14: [AGB] 5.8 [TNmS] 5.1

Episode 15: [AGB] 8.1% [TNmS] 6.4%

Average: [AGB] 6.5% [TNmS] 6.1%

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Yoon Si Yoon takes Kim Jae Won’s place

Actor Yoon Si Yoon was recently substituted for Kim Jae Won.

On the 14th, a spokesperson for Yoon’s agency said, “Yoon will play the role of the lead character in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday series I’m a Flower Too.”

The spokesperson added, “We are not sure when he will start shooting the series but the earliest shooting could begin on the 15th.”

Originally, Kim was going to play the lead role in the series but had to resign after pulling a ligament and injuring his cartilage in a filiming related motorcycle accident on the 4th. He announced his resignation that day.

The production company for the series finally decided to change the actor.

The series is about a female police officer and an undercover boss’ love story. Actress Lee Ji Ah will play the role of the police officer. The series will start airing on November 2.

Source: Starnews

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Hi database, we meet here! You must be really happy since Shi Yoon is coming back to small screen. I wish him the best :)

Oh my, i was almost fainted. My lovely Ki Kwang finally had been cast for this drama..Gahh, i'm so excited to see him in this drama. He looks cute :wub:

I guess there'll be battle of cuteness: Shi Yoon vs Ki Kwang :lol:

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