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Guest farstrep

The civil war finally ends.



Love this shot of Kenshin's bloody katana protruding from the "cemetery" of chaos and corpses. It looks like a tombstone in itself and suggests the katana has met its end on the battlefield that day too. And the shocked expression on Hajime's face as his mind registers the significance of what the Hitokiri Battousai has just done...


The beginning of Kenshin's decade-long wandering days...


From the countless dead bodies on the frosty ground springs a life. But not the type of life we hope to see. Oh no! I foresee trouble for Kenshin later on in the series.


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I do love the opening scene. It draws one's attention immediately and it was so nicely shot too, the way it was presented couple with Kenshin's sword fighting scene. I'm also always fascinated how a sharp katana can cut the rifle guns into half. *Amazingly sharp* :o

It was a great opening and audiences will not want to miss the rest of the movie.

Hahahahaha!!! In that case, I hope your brain is working to give us insightful / thoughtful reviews. :))

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Guest farstrep

Love the musical score as Kenshin sails down the river. It's interesting to note that the Hitokiri Battousai of the yesteryear is filmed against a backdrop of gloomy blue but the current Kenshin is bathed in a cheery yellow.


The score also adds to the gravitas of the patriotic words the Admiral is saying. You can almost feel the national pride swelling in this scene.


I love how the director focuses his shots on the happy people going about their daily chores peacefully safely as the Admiral's words "There will be happiness and stability all over!" resound in the background.


And the contented smile on Kenshin's smile as he observes everything around him? Priceless!! I can look at his smile forever and not get tired of it. :P *swoon* *swoon* :x :x


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Guest farstrep

The villains do have a very manga feel to them. I love the actor portraying Kanryu. His hairstyle caught my attention first and reminded me of Professor Snape but without the height and cool sarcasm. Some may say his acting is too exaggerated but I beg to differ. I dare say he's simply too drunk on both money and power to adhere to the norms of acceptable human behavior. :P He's actually quite fun to watch but only when he's not taking up too much of my fave's screen time.


Megumi, who has the ability to purify opium to the point it can bring the addicts a new high, resembles a Japanese courtesan. From her measured behavior and terse expression, it's clear the surroundings she is in is a hostile one. The fact she can survive for this long is a testament to her shrewdness, intelligence and strength. I hope her character will be developed more in the film later.


Who's this masked man and what's his role in this movie? I don't see him featured much in the movie, though his mask reminds me of that guy in "V for Vendetta".


Kanryu resembles GC. He treats people like toys, to be completely broken and destroyed when his interest in them fades or when he has no use for them. The music used here sounds so manga-like and is a huge contrast to the somber mood in this scene and serves to emphasize his sadistic and perverse nature. On another note, shouldn't he need more pharmacists for his opium business instead of killing them off? After all, he's intending to market it on a nationwide scale to earn massive profits, isn't he?

Love the rapid darting of Megumi's eyes as she  thinks of a way to turn the tables on her impending death and later, the restrained but horrified realization at Kanryu's ruthlessness. This is one person who does not place a premium on human lives at all. He's all "me, myself and I". She might have bought herself some time now but for how long is anybody's guess.


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Guest farstrep

After that gloomy dreary scene, our eyes and ears are immediately assaulted by a bright cheery celebration and a wide array of colors. I suppose life still has to go on and the clock has to keep ticking, even with people's deaths and its ugly dealings at the side. Love the celebrations though. Full of vitality and life and Kenshin, with a wondrous look on his face as he enjoys the celebrations, is right smack in the middle of it. Kenshin! :x


HQ version of the scene


Somebody impersonating as the Battousai? What's his motive?


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Guest farstrep

Swoon, people or the wrath of GC will descend upon you. Since it's Lunar New Year, we shall say more auspicious stuff.

S*W*O*O*N NOW, people at Himura Kenshin and you'll be blessed with good luck and truckloads of money for the entire year of 2013!!


His "oro" sounds so cute, especially when it's accompanied by his wide innocent eyes and deadly RS lips. Oh, how can he be a cold-blooded assassin with that clueless look and sunny disposition? :( I wonder how he maintains that "purity" in him without becoming twisted, especially when he has come into contact with the vilest and most disgusting humans ever.

With his ability to switch effortlessly between his "Hitokiri Battousai" ruthlessness and wide-eyed innocence, he would be deemed a schizophrenic if he ever enters through the portal to the Heavens. If only he can come, I will be the first to welcome him with open arms... :x  :x

On another note, I feel very hungry, looking at his delicious grilled dumplings. I want one too!!!


Feisty Kaoru foolishly attacking the "suspected" Battousai. If only she knew the truth, would she take to her feet instead of confronting him with her useless wooden sword? She's too eager to uphold law and justice to the point of being rash. But Kenshin looks so androgynous and his clothes so dirty and tattered, it's understandable why she might have thought she's perfectly capable of taking him on. But I have this nagging feeling she actually doesn't care if she loses her life, only because she's upholding an ideal she firmly believes in.


Kaoru and Kenshin's first encounter and Kenshin loses his grilled dumplings because of her. Sigh! I half suspect it's intentional. Look at how hungrily she's eyeing his grilled dumplings. :P



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@farstrep - Oh good, not too bad, then.  Awesome fight scene.  I know I don't have to bring Faith into this, but I probably will from time to time.  Recently saw a post-Faith interview with LMH and he said he wanted to move faster in the fight scenes but was told not to.  Had to concentrate on making his moves BIG.  I know slow motion is cool to watch, but fast has its merits.
@Hanjae - That's okay, I like pandas.  lol  

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Guest farstrep

This is one huge mansion!! How does Kanryu even maintain its beauty and grandeur without it falling into disrepair? And is he doing some fish spa therapy before Goro graces the scene with his presence? I didn't realize fish spa therapy has a history dating back to the late 1800s.


I still don't like the way he treats people like dogs. Nor the way he thinks he has the right to own people. A person who doesn't respect another's life has no right to deprive others of theirs. Not that one who respects another's life has the right though.


Is that a slow reaction or what? I don't think he's walking that quickly not to have heard what his subordinates are saying. Is that purely a "manga" moment? :(


Opps! A hitch in Kanryu's plans. Megumi's run away, possibly to spill the beans on his opium trades. Kanryu sends Jin'e after her.


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