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[Drama 2006] Hwang Jini 황진이

Guest xosandy

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Guest xosandy

[KBS] Ha Ji Won, Kim Young Ae, Jang Geun Suk, Ryu Tae Jun

[KBS2] Hwang Jin-Yi 황진이

Cast: 하지원 Ha Ji Won (WHIB, Damo, The Duelist), 이시환 Lee Si Hwan (Snow World), 김재원 Kim Jae Won (Wonderful Life, Great Inheritance), 류태준 Ryu Tae Jun (Really Really Like You), 전미선 Jeon Mi Seon (Steam Flower), 장근석 Jang Geun Seok (Nonstop 4, Lovers in Prague), 이인혜 Lee In Hye (Sassy Girl Choonhyang, Golden Apple), 왕빛나 Wang Bit Na, 김영애 Kim Yeong Ae (Rival, Love Letter), 강예솔 Kang Ye Sol (Secret to Eating and Living Well), Shim Eun Kyung (Dear Heaven, My Love The Fool), Yoon Sang Hyun (To Marry A Millionaire, Fireworks) Seo Hyeon Jin (M.I.L.K)

Airs: October 11, 2006

Episodes: 24

PD: Kim Cheol-Gyu

Writer: Yoo Seon-Joo

Produced By: Olive9

Official Website

Hwang Jini from Olive9


There were plenty of speculations as to whom KBS would choose to lead its upcoming Sageuk 황진이 (Hwang Jin-Yi), based on the life of the famous concubine in the Joseon Dynasty. People talked of Soo Ae and other actresses, but the station's choice went back to their original plans: your new Hwang Jin-Yi is... Ha Ji-Won. This will mark Ha's return to the small screen in over 2 years, after 2004's 발리에서 생긴일 (What Happened in Bali). The biggest problem which could have caused her not to star in the show was the shoot of Yoon Je-Gyun's 일번가의 기적 (Miracle on 1st Street), but KBS wanted her so much they moved the Drama to October from the originally scheduled September. The show will be a sort of mix between Memoirs of a Geisha and 여인천하 (Ladies of the Palace), with several gisaeng fighting for power. And Sageuk World just found another future member of its 'family'. [MSN News - 7/14]



Starting from episode 10, Kim Jae Won will appear in the drama to play the main male character Kim Jung Han (김정한) who maintains the longest and deepest love relationship with Hwang Jin Yi.


Lee Si Hwan (이시환) as Lee Saeng, Hwang Jini's last lover who spends the rest of his life protecting her.


Model-turned actor Ryu Tae Jun (류태준) as Baek Gye Su (벽계수). He is a powerful and rich man who falls for Hwang Jini and tries hard to get rid of anything that gets between having her all to himself.


Jeon Mi Seon as Hwang Jini's mother


Lee In Hye as 'Gae Ddong Ee', Hwang Jini's childhood friend. Her name is changed to 'Dan Shim after she becomes a gisaeng. After receiving help from Hwang Jini's mother, she meets Hwang Jini and the two become the best of friends.


Wang Bit Na as Hwang Jini's rival gisaeng , 'Buyong'


Kim Yeong Ae (김영애) as Im Baek Mu (임백무). Once Joseon's most famous dance gisaeng, she becomes Hwang Jini's gisaeng teacher.


Jang Geun Seok (19) as Eun-ho. He falls in love with her when she receives the training to become a Kisaeng (기생, 妓生). However, they are separated due to the difference of their status in society.


Kang Ye-Sol (23) as Hwang Jini's Gisaeng friend


Shim Eun Kyung (10) as the younger version of 'Hwang Jini'

Episode Downloads

creidesca's clubbox (HQ)

DaheeFanel's clubbox (HQ)

gfamca's clubbox (HQ)

iyagi's clubbox

nanooki's clubbox (LQ)

naynay123's clubbox (MQ)

sksgjwjqekf's clubbox (LQ)

sylver's clubbox (LQ & MQ)

TSXZ's clubbox (Chinese subs)

WITH S2's clubbox (HQ)

ED2K links:

350MB avi format (episode 1-4)









700MB avi format (episode 1-4)

















English Subtitles (credits: WITH S2)



News & Media



KBS News - 092606

Press Conference 092706

하지원 주연, 드라마 ‘황진이’ 제작발표회 - 연합뉴스 TV

Hwang Jini (Yunyeg Ent News 093006)Hwang Jini news (Yunyeg Ent. News 061021)


Interview with Ha Ji Won

Ep.5 Kiss Scene


Ep.2 Ep.3 Ep.3-2 Ep.4 Ep.5 Ep.6 + clips

NG-1 NG-2


Ha Ji-won Speaks Up for Chosun-Era Gisaeng

Kim Jae Won costars with Ha Ji Won in the KBS2 drama “Hwang Jin Yi (황진이, 黃眞伊)"

Review by Mr.X

Gisaeng Becomes Cultural Icon of 2006

Kisaeng Revisited in Modern Dramas, Musicals and Films

Ha Ji-won's Beauty to Brighten Walls in Cannes

Drama 'Hwangjiny,' targets international market with Ha Ji Won poster

Hwang Jini's First Love, "I Really Like Ha Ji Won"

Actress Competition between Hye Gyo & Ji Won Has Begun

Ha Ji-won to Play Famous Chosun-Era Entertainer



credits: dramaok


Hwang Jini OST





01. Kim Jung Eun - Hae Uh Hwa

02. Baek Ji Young - Na Bbeun Sa Ram

03. Ggot Nal

04. Ung Kwi Ba Ram

05. Choi Hye Jin - Geu Dae Bo Se Yo

06. Ye In Eh Gil

07. Yul Mang

08. KCM - Yun

09. Choi Hye Jin - Hae Uh Hwa

10. Na Bbeun Sa Ram (Inst.)

11. Geu Dae Bo Se Yo (Inst.)

12. Ja Ae

13. Ya Hwa

14. Sae Ip

15. Kim Dong Wook - Roo

16. Ma Eum Joo Ji Ahn Neun Ggot

Korean lyrics



3. Nationwide: 20.1%

3. Seoul: 20.9%


2. Nationwide: 20.9%

2. Seoul: 22.0%


2. Nationwide: 18.4%

2.Seoul: 18.7%


3. Nationwide: 18.7%

3. Seoul: 19.0%


5. Nationwide: 16.9%

5. Seoul: 16.7%


5. Nationwide: 17.7%

4. Seoul: 18.1%


2. Nationwide: 24.9%

2. Seoul: 25.4%


2. Nationwide: 24.6%

2. Seoul: 25.7%


2. Nationwide: 26.7%

2. Seoul: 27.4%

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Guest Fiona

but KBS wanted her so much they moved the Drama to October from the originally scheduled September.

Her performance in both Damo and The Duelist also convinces me that she is the best candidate for this role, no wonder KBS is willing to adjust their schedule. :P

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Guest Shinzwo

hmm i wonder who will be the lead actor role.... everyone seem to be busy with new drama lately... kim ram won.... eric... hmm idk.. will seee hehe i hope is will be good.. :)

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can't wait for this drama too...KBS World should air it with eng subs or else!!! and I'm getting addicted to Sageuk dramas nowadays...another one to look forward to and Olive 9 will co-produce it again like what they are doing now with MBC's Joo Mong...wow!!!

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Guest purpleZ

Me too

Loving and missing onnie so much..........

She's becoming period drama queen. This is good news, of course. I like all her performances. Which lead actors do you have in mind? My pick would be Jo In Sung. But it's kind of impossible. Still hope so though. Other than him: Jung Woo Sung, Jang Dong Gun (as both have done period movies before: Musa and Promise)

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Guest Dahee Fanel

I'm so happy. :) This is definitely going to be one of my must-see dramas.

I'm sort of worried that she's over-working herself, though... :unsure: She hasn't had a proper rest in years...

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Guest spygurl72

thank god she's finally back

didnt see her for awhile

hope this time a happy ending

y most of her drama is sad ending

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Guest ...TLT...

finally she's back for more drama..can't wait...hope she will have more dramas later on..i can't believe KBS moved the shooting from September to October to fit her schedule and that show how great HJW as an actess is..can't wait! ^-^

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