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[Drama 2011] Man of Honor / Glory Jane 정직한 사람

Guest smashingalou

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Guest MoonIsSquare

Congratulations to CHUN JUNG MYUNG!! :)) He deserved the award!! And Im glad he's the ONLY ONE who receives it. YEAY!! 

although I dint really find GJ's plot interesting, but CJM did great as KIM YOUNG GWANG! tongue.gif


glad the drama's over!! :) 

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Guest asyree

Congratulations to CHUN JUNG MYUNG!! :)) He deserved the award!! And Im glad he's the ONLY ONE who receives it. YEAY!! 

although I dint really find GJ's plot interesting, but CJM did great as KIM YOUNG GWANG! *quoted image*

*quoted image*

glad the drama's over!! :) 

Oh hell, yeah!!! Just like what Yuoi said too, It's odd that we're all so glad and relieve on how the drama we follow only because we love a particular actor/ actress is finally over. Usually when our fave star plays on a certain drama we'll be lingering on it, hoping that it won't end so soon. If necessary we'll beg for extension or anything. It's my first experience that all i want is this drama to end ASAP coz it's just getting unbearable episode by episode.

How i was so happy not that only the last two back to back episodes were all wrapped quite neatly but also summarized what the viewers generally wanted. The result is a hard cold fact that the ratings from the last two episodes were soaring high, defeated all competitors in the same time slot with an absolute winning. GJ even from the start has always had good steady ratings, it wasn't high or super, but it's stable and grounded. This was actually a proof that in Korea GJ was pretty lovable and had it's own loyal viewers. The re-broadcasted program's rating was a big hit and then we have winning ratings for the final episodes. So basically GJ isn't a whole package of crap which people disgusted to see, more over to enjoy it.

I'm proud to say that i love this series. Very proud to admit loudly that i did watched every episode and struggled along with all characters and casts in GJ so if i celebrate and screaming hooray for GJ, that's coz i really see their fights and support their battles in every steps of the way. Not only the rating shows us how much people love GJ, the awards all the three leads swept away is also an undeniable facts. They're great actors and actress, maybe in not a perfect flawless drama, but many eyes watching them, respecting them, and admiring them.

Not in a second i ever think that YG is a sissy disgusting pathetic guy, definitely they're not what most viewers and judges thought too. The result, JM brought home an award, solo and solid, unshared and legit, Best Actor in the category. JMC , thanks for bringing us your authentic, original and inimitable Kim Young Gwang. Your clown fragment is a stellar work!! You gave a winning performance dude, nobody can say the opposite.

I like JI, enjoying her cheerful spirit, her cute laugh, and i respect her hidden facets, of course PMY also brought home a formal highly respected recognition for her work. She's JI, a grounded character, one of the center of the drama, without her there won't be Glory Jane. Thanks coz keeping up with JM and his YG, though i still hate their kiss and non hugs n kiss ending (lol, if KBS could give Best Couple nomination for five couples why can't YG/JI get one too? Muahahaha!! and KBS aired clips of various clips of dramas highlighted kisses but no one from GJ? I know YG/JI kiss is weak but how bout IW/JI? OMG the Dream High teenage pair kisses was aired and won the Best Couple award, lol, so YG/JI or IW/JI lost to teens? hahahahaha, so weird. I'm also happy that i enjoy LJW not because of his look and how cute he looks when he's with JI. It's his acting which makes him shine, it's his IW which make us notice him. I'm happy that i love this drama coz of tons reasons and what i mentioned above are just little tiny dots i found them adorably sparkle in GJ. I'm happy, coz now i can laugh the loudest coz the love i feel is responded, no matter that i never expect it to love me back. Loud, strong, and proud. From the beginning to the end. NO MORE CRAPFEST FOR GJ, mwahahahahahaha!!!!


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I have always wondered what is it that is so good about a melodrama. After all, it is lots of angst over characters who are often sketched in black and white, who after lots of twists and turns reach their predictable happy endings! But after watching MOH in the last few episodes, I felt it was more than that. I haven't watched many k-melodramas, the most intense k-melo I have watched is 'Queen of the Game' which though it had its share of amnesia and time jumps, left me with a really memorable last episode. I guess melodramas, when all is said and done, if done well, leaves you happy and contented. The charm of a melodrama is that you have seen the characters going through the worst imaginable, however unrealistic it may be at times, and therefore, when they get their bit of sunshine at the end of the road, you feel so relieved and rewarded. I guess it must be catharsis of one kind. So, episode 24 was a bit  like eating cotton candy, seeing all of them enjoying life, enjoying each others' company and reaching their dreams.

Another great thing about good melodramas is that they allow the viewer to get close to the characters so that by the end of it, it is hard to bid them goodbye. At the end of episode 24, that is exactly what I felt. How was I going to bid goodbye to so many warm people whom I had known for such a long time? Starting with Young Gwang's grandmother who grew pretty dear to me as the drama progressed. For me, her relationship with her daughter in law was a really special one and just as I enjoyed the love tracks, I also enjoyed their relationship. Or even Jin Joo who started out as an irritating brat, but finally endeared herself to me. Loved seeing her with a new job and newfound love.

If only they could have made all the middle episodes  like episode 23 and 24 with the right amount of emotion and action. This drama for me was like an average Dickensian novel with its black and white characters who finally turn out to have grey shades. That way,  to my own amazement, I enjoyed Seo Jae Myung a lot. He was written as the over the top villain, but there were shades to him, which for me, the scriptwriter brought out especially towards the end. I wish they had shown the kind of finesse they showed in the last two episodes throughout. How beautiful was the scene where Seo Jae Myung reminiscences about the turn his life would have taken if the man he had saved from drowning had actually been his friend! It was one scene which really touched me. Son Changmin was just amazing for me in the 23rd episode. The thing about SJM is that he is a character who has made a lot of wrong choices in his life and In Chul, for me, is the biggest proof of what his deeds could do to another human being. But though he went out without bowing his head before anything other than his own fate, his lasting regret, which he never confessed to anyone, shows there was more to this man than what he believed of himself. I mean he never ever told JI that he had tried to save her father. Maybe it is like the sympathy you feel for a Macbeth or a Faust, but I could empathize with this man in his dying moments.

I really enjoyed In Woo's relationship with his father and the scriptwriter has to be lauded for the way she developed the relationship between the father and the son. SJM never tells his son that what he has done is wrong or that he has really behaved badly with him. But when he looks curiously at his son as IW refuses to step away from his dad at the hour of his disgrace, I felt despite all the unsaid words, father and son had finally made their peace with each other. Another scene though, not very important, but which touched me was when SJM tells IW at the hospital "Let's go home". I was thinking their home is not the kind  of home I would want to go to, but then I realized it is "home" for these characters, however twisted or lacking they may be. Really, I am sure LJW must have learnt a lot from Son Changmin and I am really happy for JW that he got to play such an interesting character. Obviously, I have become a fan of son Changmin. :-)

As for  team Young Do, luckily for them, all the characters on the team got a lot of space to develop. It is not often that you see the side characters getting their share of limelight, but I am really glad that MOH gave these actors plenty of opportunities to shine. I loved Dae Sung. He is just really funny and adorable and I hope he finally succeeds in wooing Hong Joo. Hong Joo was such an amazing female character. She is smart with lots of attitude and is so much fun to watch. I really loved Lee Jin's performance and hope to see more of her in the future.

But where this drama suffered was in the development of the love track. Watching the flashbacks of all those adorable interactions between Young Gwang and Jae In the early episodes, I was really amazed at how the scriptwriter chose not to take it any further. It was totally something she should have done. The adorableness was back in the last episode and see how much difference it made!

Looking at the characters, I feel bad for Chun Jung Myung who was not really used in the middle episodes. His was such a brilliant character and watching his parts play out during the KBS awards, I was  thinking that he had got a lot to do in the early episodes and like asyree said, the clown scenes were nothing short of amazing! Unfortunately, he became just a member of team Young Do in the middle episodes and the scriptwriter forgot for some time that he was the main lead. Thankfully, in the last two episodes, we got to see the old Young Gwang back to some extent. I didn't enjoy the foolish track involving IW's kidnapper n his gang beating up YG (I mean what was IW n the Prosecutor thinking???????), but it was good to see him come back to where he belongs- the baseball field and as he reminiscences over all that he did to reach here, I realised that he was a fascinating character who had gone through so many troubles, each of which just made him stronger. The Young Gwang we see in the end is one who has taken responsibility for his actions, has really lived life and can therefore follow his dreams, a son his father would have been proud of. I am happy I got to watch Chun Jung Myung and I will remember him especially for some stellar scenes in MOH.

As for In Woo, his is an interesting character. The In Woo we see finally is in some ways the old IW and in some ways a new IW. He still has that  sneer on his face, but he has learnt to become more responsible as a person. He has grown up and has learnt to let go whether it be his obsession with securing JI's love or his resentment towards his father. He, perhaps even unknown to himself, has become Young Gwang's fan. Sad we got the bromance only towards the end, for honestly, there were  some scenes which made me feel "here's my new OTP!" . Btw, did anyone notice that the patients at JI's hospital are namesakes of PMY's leads- Chun Jung Myung and Lee Jang Woo. Haha. It was so funny hearing about patients Chun Jung Myung n  Lee Jang Woo.

As for Park Min Young who brought me to this drama, I owe her a big thanks. This drama may not have been the best  out there, but JI was a character where she got to do something though it started out as a pretty typical role. After her disappointment with Nana as a character, I am so glad PMY got a character like JI which grew more complex as the drama progressed. She got to do some really strong scenes in the last few episodes and I am sure Park Min Young would be immensely proud of holding her own amongst such an experienced cast. I think I enjoyed JI  because she went through that period where she had lost track of her self, and that made me appreciate when the smile returned to her face. The last episode was one where I thoroughly enjoyed the bubbly  Jae In.I am especially glad for the confrontation scenes she got with Son Changmin in the last few episodes. The scriptwriter definitely could have been more consistent with JI's turn towards the dark side which ought to have been developed over a couple of episodes. Hers is more of a patchwork character, but I am glad that JI's character got a bit more roundness. I am so glad they finished off the drama as I had wanted it, with both YG and JI chasing their dreams. I am sure with his greatest rival back in the team, it won't be long before IW also gives a positive answer to  his last assignment.

As MOH ends, I am really thankful to the people who watched it with me, who went through the highs and lows with me and with whom I could agree and disagree respectfully.  It is not often that you get to meet people who can agree to disagree with you. I am glad I found one as part of this MOH experience. This drama did not get much favour on soompi, but I am glad to have had a few who religiously followed it and made the experience exciting and memorable for me as well.

As Asyree said, this drama was well-received in Korea and is there a better way for MOH to end than with stellar ratings and awards for all its leads? Good bye Man of Honour/Glorious Jane. I bid you bye with a smile on my face! I had vowed that nothing would spoil my enjoyment of this drama and I am glad that even with all its flaws, MOH made sure that nothing did.

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Guest phaeton

Anyone realised that Kim Sung-oh was the younger of the 2 evil brothers in Man from Nowhere? What a role reversal Joo Dae-sung is for Kim Sung-oh!

He must be a pretty versatile actor, I read he also played evil in Giant and rendered a good performance, haven't seen him act evil though. I actually watched this coz I like him as Secretary Kim in Secretary Garden, so I was so glad to see him again as Joo Daesung. He's such a good actor and i love how he plays such adorable characters plus his pairing with Hong Joo is so cute. tongue.gif    

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I heard this was the same person who wrote Kim Tak Gu, so I was anticipating it since I loved that drama, but honestly, this drama is just disappointing and boring. I don't even know if I want to finish the drama. The main issue I have with the drama are the main leads. The main guy, I don't like his acting or his character. Park Min Young is a great actress and I usually love her stuff, but her character in this drama just bugs me too much. The only person I can stand is Lee Jang Woo's character. Plus, the drama seems to be too similar to Kim Tak Gu in a bad way. Quite disappointing but eh.

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