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[Drama 2011] Man of Honor / Glory Jane 정직한 사람

Guest smashingalou

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RECOGNITION OF GLORY script reading.

well i dont know the exact trans, but i guess for every drama they have that session where all co stars meet to practice read the script

FULL ARTICLE: http://news.nate.com.../20110921n04931

Another ARTICLE: http://joynews.inews...l=604423&rrf=nv

Sharing a translation....

Will they recreate the success of ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo’?

Actors Chun Jung Myung, Park Min Young, Lee Jang Woo, Choi Myung Gil, Song Chang Min, and others have met up together for a script reading session.

The new KBS drama ‘Glorious Jane’ is set to air on October 12th, after ‘The Princess’ Man’ ends. The casts and the production crews have met in hopes to recreate the success of ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo’.

There were over 30 actors present for the script reading  session,  including all of the main actors. You just don’t see this many  actors in  a single script reading session and the gathering of such  number shows  you the determinations of the actors involved in the  drama.

The production director Lee Jung Sub and writer Kang Eun Kyung  have  teamed up in the past to create the hugely successful ‘King of  Baking,  Kim Tak Goo’. The two led the script reading with a serious look  on  their faces and the actors had read their parts one by one  after  introducing themselves to the casts members.

The actors didn’t just casually read the scripts though, Park  Min  Young, Lee Jang Woo, and Chun Jung Myung read their parts with  the  passion you see in an actual filming. The production company has  stated  that they are very excited for the actors’ passion and  determination.

Source: Newsen via Nate

credit kpopfever.com


All the best to "MOH" team .....:D

More pictures from KBS





credit as tagged

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KBSWorld (Asia/Europe) has named it as "Glory Jane" and the first subbed episode will air on Wed 2 November 2011.

Synopsis (Source : KBSWorld)

There is an old proverb saying, “An evil may sometimes turn out to be a blessing in disguise.” It means tragedy could bring a reversal at the end. Just like the case of ugly duckling, which turned out to be a beautiful swan, there are always ups and downs in life and everything just goes through after all… This drama brings you the story of Jae-in and Young-gwang. Warm-hearted Yoon Jae-in is a cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background. Kim Younggwang, former 4th hitter of the major league team, now a minor leaguer, is an innocently confident man who never stops trying his best to re-live past glories. This drama will show you how these young adults deal with life’s hardship and grow older to achieve their dreams.

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Guest smashingalou

I'm so glad KBS will air this....cuz I have KBS World!! Yipeee....

We're closer and closer to the air date....

Hope we will have more pictures to surface soon....

CJM looks so young in blue, it suits him...and PMY so simple but still beautiful in just a plain white shirt....

Everyone seemed so serious during the script reading...

Really can't wait for this..

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Guest MoonIsSquare

CHun Jung Myung filming at the hospital!! 

reposting this via CJM baidu bar

main source: fan acct from  twitter


plus there was a pic of his autograph!!! and the date was 9/22  so i guess they filmed it yesterday! :D 

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Guest smashingalou

From Dramabeans....

Man of Honor Begins Shooting With Park Min Young

from javabeans....


First shoots commenced with this scene of KBS melo-sports-romance drama Man of Honor, which stars Chun Jung-myung and Park Min-young. Funny how the “man” part of the title refers to heroine’s character rather than the hero; the Korean words used in the title happen to be a puntastic take on the leads’ names, Young-kwang (Honor, played by Chun) and Jae-in (Park).

In these stills, Park is dressed as 18-year-old Jae-in, in high school uniform, who grows up poor but plucky who then becomes a nurse’s aide as an adult. Jae-in grew up at an orphanage in her childhood, which pings my birth secret radar; has an orphan in a melo ever not grown up to lots of Sturm und Drung about said orphan status and its attendant abandonment issues? Jae-in seems to have done all right, in that she grows up bright and cheery, and developed close bonds with her nun caretakers. (I had quite a different picture in mind when I first used the term “nun on piggyback,” but I guess this works too.)

Man of Honor, which reteams the PD and writer of Baker King Kim Tak-gu, hopes to follow up that mega-smash hit with this drama, which premieres on October 12.

------> I'm also sensing a secret birth plot here...After all the drama hailed the writer of Baker King..I'm good with birth secrets and all, I just hope they don't drag it too much...

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Guest MoonIsSquare

look at these cute Chun Jung Myung dolls made by a Japanese fan!! w00t.gif

credits to @JMeme1129 (twitter)

this is the recent one, she finally finished making KIM YOUNG KWANG biggrin.gif



Here are the other dolls biggrin.gif CJM dolls from The Duo, Blue Salt VIP Premiere and as Chef wub.gif




I am so waiting for a Ki Hoon doll!! 

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Guest MoonIsSquare

and follow up for the CJM DOLL!! hihi

now Young Kwang doll's perfect with a cap!! rolleyes.gif

credits to @JMeme1129


and this photo I just found in twitter (fann account) posted on Sept 20. credits to @Ha_Nee_ 

The stadium where CJM and GJ staff/crew were shooting w00t.gif kyaaaa!! CJM must be somewhere there playing!! wub.gif  


17 days to go!!! whoohoo!! w00t.gif

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Guest smashingalou

thanks for the photos MoonlsSquare, those dolls are cute....

Looking at the stadium, it feels like a very huge production....I hope the PD and SW really will not disappoint us...

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Guest MoonIsSquare

hi again! lol sorry for making a lot of noise (posting so much) in here. hehehe 

found another pic posted on CJM DC. I just zoomed it.  Im not sure with the caption though since its in Korean "어린 영광이인가봐" but google trans said its "Little Glory" hehehe so is this a little Kim Young Kwang? w00t.gif So, the drama's going to start from childhood? 


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Guest MoonIsSquare

NEW ARTICLE for the drama

*quoted image*

full article: http://osen.mt.co.kr...gid=G1109260101

I read that trailer is possibly going to be released this week. ^^

OMG!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing this les!!! ohh im sorry for fangirling! nyaha.. yeah im also hoping it'll come out this week! will watch Princess Man to watch out for it! haha 

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