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[Drama 2011] Man of Honor / Glory Jane 정직한 사람

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Guest smashingalou

[KBS] Park Min Young, Chun Jun Myung, Lee Jang Woo, Lee Jin

Glory Jane/Man Of Honor


(all contents from asian-drama org)

DramaTitle: Glory Jane

Korean Title: 영광의 재인

Romanization Pronunciation: Youngkwangeui Jaein

Also Known As: Glory Jaein / Young Love Jae In

Previously Known As: Man of Honor

Chinese Title: 荣光的在仁

Genre: FamilyRomance

Episodes: 24

Broadcast Place: South Korea

Broadcast network: KBS2

Broadcast period: 12th October 2011

Language: Korean

Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 9:55 PM

Production Credits

Director: Lee Jung-seob (이정섭)

Screenplay Writer: Kang Eun-kyung (강은경)

The director and screenwriter was behind team that responsible for  success of King of Baking, Kim Takgu (Bread, Love and Dreams), the most  watched drama in Korea’s history which managed to garner 50.8% rating at  its last episode.

Plot Summary

Life is unpredictable, which means that we do not know that the next moment is tragery or happy ending. Glory Jane is referred to two young people who are born with fate of Romeo and Juliet, in misery, searching fordream and love, face the future strongly. It’s a growth experience drama thatmakes one’s heart warm and fresh.


Yoon Jae In (Park Min Young) works as a nurse’s assistant is astruggling young, cheery, bright girl who always maintains a positive attitude despite her poor background. She dreams of becoming a nurse. While she hurriedly rushes to participate in national exam for the third time, she seesan old homeless people who fainted after drunk. Although nobody in hospital wants to receive him, Jae In approaches her without hesitation, and hold theold man to treat him. The old man appreciates her, says want to give her threewishes. Jae In says she wants to find her family, becomes a good nurse, andfinds the true love. But old man gives her an old key, says that her wishes will be fulfilled.

On the other hand, there are two injured patients been deliveredto the emergency room at the same time, two persons who used to be opponent,namely the 4th hitter of giant Dragons baseball team Seo In Woo (Lee Jang Woo)and second-line player on the same team Kim Young Kwang (Chun Jung Myung), whois former 4th clean-up hitter of the major league team but got demoted. Seo InWoo is the future heir of a sports clothing company who also owns the baseballteam, while Young Kwang is an innocently confident man who never stops tryinghis best to re-live past glories. Although everybody is paying all the care toSeo In Woo, but Jae In discovers that his injury is unusual, and sends him tosurgery theater. But because of this, Jae In misses the last bus, and cannot catch up with the start of exam. For Jae In who is entangled by this kind ofthings everyday, it’s another setback for her long time dream because of badluck.

Three persons meet again due to fate, after Jae In gets to knowwhat father of Young Kwang is her long lost father, she finally stays in thehouse of Young Kwang. But, just after three days, in a bizarre way, YoungKwang’s father passed away. The interwined secret from 20 years ago begins tounfold, centering around Jae In, Young Kwang and In Woo, with unexpected twists and a love triangle ensues between these three characters.


Chun Jung Myung (천정명) as Kim Young Kwang / Kim Yeong Gwang (김영광)

Ahn Do Gyu (안도규) as Young Yeong Gwang (어린 영광)

Park Min Young (박민영) as Yoon Jae In (윤재인)

Ahn Eun Jung (안은정) as Young Jae In (어린 재인)

Lee Jang Woo (이장우) as Seo In Woo (서인우)

Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈) as Young In Woo (어린 인우)

Park Sung Woong (박성웅) as Seo In Chul (서인철)

Son Chang Min (손창민) as Seo Jae Myung (서재명)

Choi Myung Gil (최명길) as Park Goon Ja (박군자)

Lee Jin (이진) as Cha Hong Joo (차홍주)

Lee Ki Young (이기영) as Kim In Bae (김인배)

Kim Yun Joo (김연주) as Kim Kyung Joo (김경주)

Nam Bo Ra (남보라) as Kim Jin Joo (김진주)

Jung Hye Sun (정혜선) as Oh Soon Nyeo (오순녀)

Kim Sun Kyung (김선경) as Im Jung Ok (임정옥)

Lee Moon Shik (이문식) as Heo Young Do (허영도)

Kim Sung Oh (김성오) as Joo Dae Sung (주대성)

Choi Seung Kyung (최승경) as Go Kil Dong (고길동)

Ahn Nae Sang (안내상) as Yoon Il Goo (윤일구)

Jang Young Nam (장영남) as Yeo Eun Joo (여은주)

Kim Seung Wook (김승욱) as Coach Choi (최코치)

Choi Ran (최란) as Nursing Director (간호부장)

No Kyung Joo (노경주) as Oh Jung Hae (오정해)

Kim Seong-han (김성한) as Baseball Manager (야구감독) – Special appearance

Character Description


Chun Jung Myung as KIM YOUNG GWANG

A reserve baseball player who just can’t let it go.

Is the hero of the grand slam home run when nine innings under two  outs during the high school baseball semi-final competition, sending his  team to the final. Soon he was recruited by professional baseball team.  Until then, he still dreaming of the thought that the day of “write  baseball, and speak Kim Young Kwang” is coming soon. But soon he was  delegated to reserve team. The only son of third-generation Kim family.  Though is full of respect for his father and responsible, but currently  he is the son of poor noddle restaurant. The secondary baseball player  who is lingering on the reserve team for 7 years. Although in such dire  situation, but he is not the kind who gives up easily. The worse the  situation, he continues to use his self-confidence and the spirit of  feeling good about himself to endure it, wanting to show that  hardworking can win over the world. But contrary to his belief, his  skill couldn’t be improved, and he is been given last warning by the  team. To make matter worse, he is injured during competition, and  encounters the worst time of his baseball career. At this time, the girl  who changes himself forever, Jae In, appears.


Park Min Young as YOON JAE IN

Assistant nurse who aims to be Nightingale.

Born to be a cheerful and lively person who always thinks positively,  and personality is warm too. Because of liking people, so no matter  where, when there is something happened to anyone, she will rush like a  Astroganger to the scene, is a personality that can’t stop if does not  solve the problem. No matter she is in what kind of crisis, she will  face it with the slightest positive spirit. In fact she may just feel  grateful and through it with smile. She was sent to nursery since 7  years old. She who had to learn how to live by herself when young,  decides her future after reading the biography of Nightingale, and  manages to become an assistant nurse under the condition of not knowing  her parents, nor know if she has any family members. But her problem is  that she always meets with accident when approaching important days, and  already had two experience of failing national exam. But she is  determined to pass the exam in her third trial, fatefully meets with  Great Dragons number 47 beater Kim Young Kwang.


Lee Jang Woo as SEO IN WOO

Great Dragons baseball team number 4 batter, the only son of Seo Jae Myung.

The second generation of wealthy chaebol who is rude and cynicism,  don’t know how to say words to please others, and don’t care about the  hurt and humiliation that brought by his words. Feel that everything  emotion is childish and old-fashioned. During junior high school, he was  kidnapped, although he escaped dramatically after one week, but he is  suffering from tic disorder as aftereffect. What saves him is baseball.  When he is holding baseball bat, his soul is calm. Permitted by his  father, he starts playing baseball, and enters the Great Dragons team  which the boss is his father. And he has even climbed to the position of  forth batter. But because of being forced by his father to retire, he  is in a situation of no longer able to play baseball. But he meets with  Yoon Jae In. Even though he gets to know it’s his father who takes away  everything of Jae In, he still loves her.


Park Sung Woon as SEO IN CHUL

Uncle (Cousin?) of In Woo. A ambitious schemer who dream of being the successor of Great Trading Company.

He who is upright and fashionable always hangs a kind smile on his  face. Anyone can close with him easily, have a cordial caring heart.  Coupled with smart mind and ability, is a valuable man who owns  everything. But, inside his heart is relentlessly dark, and always  calculate carefully. In order to get what he wants, to achieve what he  aims, he can wait patiently. He is a person who knows sometimes he just  need to wait patiently. Now works under Seo Jae Myung, is his close  confidant, and engages in shady things. But he plans to step on Jae  Myung. A ambitious person who wants to control everything Jae Myung  currently enjoyed.

Family of Kim Young Kwang



Lee Ki Young as KIM IN BAE

Owner of the noodle restaurant, father of Kim Young Kwang. Because of inward personality, he seldom speaks, and is not good at  expressing his inner thoughts. Feel the best thing to do is to earn  money for the family. So he keeps on working queity, putting all his  efforts into earning for the family. Although he lives as such, and does  not stand out to do anything, but he feels go at it. 17 years ago, he  is one of the culprits that brought disaster to Jae In’s family. But he  lives in guilty conscience for his whole life, and has a change of heart  and decide to restore Jae In to her original position.


Choi Myung Gil as PARK GOON JA

Female owner of the noodle restaurant, mother of Kim Young Kwang.

Straightforward and good in talking, and if she is really furious,  she can speak foul words as naturally. Because she grew up in hardship,  she is used to complete her sentence with the phrase of “if no money  then be frugal.” Share with water used to wash face with her children.  Want to have a hand in everything of Jae In who lives under the same  roof. But, she nonetheless put in all efforts to protect and support the  family that lost the father. A typical example of strong, fierce and  tough mother in modern era.


Kim Yun Joo as KIM KYUNG JOO

One of the secretary of Seo Jae Myung of Great Trading Company. Kim Young Kwang's eldest sister.

In order to escape from her family which is poor and shallow (as per  her thinking), she studied hard, and works hard. Finally successfully  climb to the position of secretary in Great Trading Company. For her  there is only job, for which she wants to excel in, and she is not  interested in any other things.


Nam Bo Ra as KIM JIN JOO

Jobless, dream to be an actress.  Youngest sister of Kim Young Kwang

Beautiful, active and cheerful. And very selfish. Dreaming of been a  celebrity since high school, and have tried all the auditions by  agencies, but failed every time. To Jae In, she is like Cinderella. But  she is the source of vitality in Kim’s family, and exists like a mascot.


Jung Hye Sun as OH SOON NYEO

Grandmother of Young Kwang.

Although seldom talk during normal times, but has a upright  personality who can’t let unfair things to rest. She thinks that there  is no extremely furious or extremely disappointing things in life. After  Jae In becomes a member of the family, she becomes the person who  supports her.

Family of Seo In Woo


Song Chang Min as SEO JAE MYUNG

President of Great Trading Company. Father of In Woo.

Has strong will of winning, if he is in a gamble, he will fight until  the last minute. Will use all tricks and means to get what he wants. He  believes the greatest principle that can shakes the world is to be  strong and beat the weak. A principle that the strong will thrive, while  the weak will die. So he is especially hating the weakness of his son  Seo In Woo. But at the back of his current wealth and fame, hidden a  tragedy that nobody knows.


Kim Sun Kyung as IM JUNG OK

Wife of Seo Jae Myung. Mother of In Woo.

Was employed as exclusive model of Great Trading Company at age of  23, and was courted by Seo Jae Myung. The next year, although with the  gap of 10 years between them, she married him. When comparing with  status of been Seo Jae Myung’s wife, she is more often been treated as  actress. Even when her only son is suffering from tic disorder, she is  thinking of accepting it just like in the drama. Is a person who has no  sense and has no worldly wisdom.

Members of Great Trading Company


Lee Moon Shik as HONG YOUNG DO

he legendary king of sales in Great Trading Company sales department, who is also its leader.

Every month he is retaining his position as king of sales with  shockingly sales result which always set new records. For sales  performance, he is following the principle of no humanity. As the  superior to newly joined Young Kwang and Jae In, he is torturing them on  every matters, and constantly pushes them to crisis and danger. But  behind him, hidden some person who teaches him.


Kim Sung Oh as JOO DAE SUNG

Agent and confidant of Heo Young Do.

Everything is like a knife, punctuality, adherence to rules, state of  suit and etc. Everything is very standard as though it’s specially made  for him, a neat person like a knife. Used to stumble in life, but  because of a pull by Heo Young Do, he becomes a man again. A person who  can sacrifice his life for Heo Young Do.



Head of design studio in Great Trading Company.

Cool and frank woman, worship fashion, thinks the style is as  important as life. No interest in world affairs, but managed to obtain  master’s degree in psychology. She loves to read, just hate to read  newspapers that always report darkness and unhealthy practice in  society. Most importantly, she who is honest to herself hates the person  who is artificial, or pretending to be humble in manner. Was a  schoolmate of Seo In Woo and Kim Young Kwang. During school time, she  loves Young Kwang more. But for marriage, she chose between Seo In Woo  and Seo In Chul. In other words, she is a person who enjoys practical  love. The appearance of Jae In let her felt threaten.


Choi Seung Kyung as GO KIL DONG

Section chief.

Generally quiet, is not eloquent, but likes to eat. Is a section  chief for a long time, but under pressure of retirement by the company,  he joins group of Heo Young Do. It’s a mystery why Heo Young Do would  accept him.

People Around Yoon Jae In


Ahn Nae Sang as YOON IL GOO

Father of Jae In.

The actual owner of Great Trading Company. Died unjustly in accident.


Jang Young Nam as YEO EUN JOO

Mother of Jae In.

On the day when her husband passed away, she encountered incident  that caused her to fall into coma. In half vegetable state for 17 years,  and awakes once again.


Kim Seung Wook as COACH CHOI

The person who recruited Young Kwang, relative of Heo Young Do.

The batting trainer of the reserve team. Used to play the third and  forth batter with Heo Young Do. Now he lives without any aim in life.  Although he has different opinion with Heo Young Do in almost every  cases, but he has a intriguing sense of respect to Heo Young Do.


Choi Ran as HEAD NURSE

Boss of Jae In, a head nurse who is like a Fascist.

A principle person, with authoritative way of thinking. Treat Jae In  who always follows her order but careful as the most hated person.  That’s the reason why there is so much trouble in the life of Jae In.  But later will admit Jae In’s sincerity and her value.


No Kyung Joo as OH JUNG HAE

Used to be good friend and classmate of Yoon Il Goo. Female prosecutor.

Used to be the investigator for the illegal fund of Seo Jae Myung  recently. After the accident of Yoon Il Goo, she continue to suspect  something amiss. At the return of Jae In, she tries to get close to her  truthfully. Is a character that protects Jae In, leads Jae In.

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Guest vivaciousvixen

Yay!!! Thanks for starting this thread. I can't wait for this drama! I've been a fan of "Baker King" so I'll enjoy this for sure. And of course, the fact that PMY's in it makes it more interesting! ;)

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Thank you for this thread.

Hoping the show will not be too sad. I kind of ran out of tears after City Hunter.

Looking forward to PMY again.

It is airing soon right, how come there is still no pictures from the drama?!?!

Keep us update if you get any news.

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Guest smashingalou

Noh Kyeong-joo cast as prosecutor in "Glory Jane"


Actress Noh Kyeong-joo returns to dramas for the first time in 14 years with new KBS drama "Man of Honor".

She takes on the role of Oh Jeong-hae, a justified prosecutor who solves cases in the KBS 2TV drama"Man of Honor" coming on the 12th of October.

Oh Jeong-hae is mentor to Yoon Jane (Park Min-yeong) and best friend's with her mother. She investigates the case of Seo Jae-myeong (Son Chang-min), business partner to Yoon Il-goo (Ahn Nae-sang) who is her friend Yeo Eun-joo's (Jang Young-nam)'s husband.

Debuted in 1984, Noh Kyeong-joo was once popular for the role of detective Noh in the MBC "Chief Investigator". She left the screens in 1997 after SBS "Models" and is now returning with "Man of Honor" after 14 years of absence.

It is said that she happily decided to return to acting when she heard that the crew for "Bread, Dream and Love" were getting together again.

The production said, "Oh Jeong-hae is an important role in the drama that supports the main characters. She is perfect for the charismatic and justified Oh Jeong-hae".

Meanwhile, "Man of Honor" is about overcoming hardships and the cast includes, Cheon Jeong-myeongPark Min-yeongLee Jang-wooChoi Myeong-gilSon Chang-minLee Moon-sikKim Seong-oh and more.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

Man of Honour First Filming Pictures

September 7 Filming

(Wow,I think this drama will be a realtearjerker like Baker King)


September 11 Filming

( I think this is the car that got into theaccident)


cr: baidu, twitter and MOH Facebook Page

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Smashingalou thanks for starting the thread! Who would be subbing this? and do you know the DC gallery of this drama?

Here's an article about Kim Yeon Ju , the one who will be acting as PMY's half sister. I dont have the trans though.

[스타 인터뷰] 김연주 "전인화 선배님처럼… 이유있는 악녀 될래요"



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Guest MoonIsSquare

finally been waiting for this thread!! hihi rolleyes.gif and im anticipating this drama since Im a Chun jung Myung fan!! It was really hard for me to accept that he'd be in this drama but I think he got interested with it since he will be playing a baseball player. Baseball is one of CJM's favorite sports! I just wish the best for him in this drama.. Hopefully no injuries anymore like he had while filming The Duo.

I got this one from a Chinese thread, baidu, they translated a korean article that CJM will be trained by a professional baseball player from Lotte Giants, Hong Seun Heun. 


cr to baidu, DC, natenews

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Guest MoonIsSquare

Here's a picture CJM tweeted last August during their script reading. creditst to @JM_Chun


A fanmade picture of him as baseball player. Credits to CJM DC


and another one , made by a Japanese fan. credits to @JMeme1129


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Guest smashingalou

Hello MoonlSquare, thanks for dropping those pics and news....

I've seen you in Chun Jun Myung thread as well..Too bad his thread is not active anymore...Hopefully once MOH starts, his thread will come back to life...

Keep those news coming... :)

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Guest MoonIsSquare

Hello MoonlSquare, thanks for dropping those pics and news....

I've seen you here in Chun Jun Myung thread as well..Too bad his thread is not active anymore...Hopefully once MOH starts, his thread will come back to life...

Keep those news coming... :)

hi smashingalou! yeah not active anymore.. I guess people are more active in Facebook rolleyes.gif

hopefully we can get something more about MOH now that shooting has started. 

THanks for starting this thread by the way, been looking forward for it rolleyes.gif

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Here's Choi Myung Gi , the one who will be acting as lead actor Chun Jung Myung's mother.


Son Chang Min come back after 16 years  who will be acting as Lee Jang Woo's father .


Park Sung Woong   role as  Seo In Chul, Son Chang Min's  younger  brother . This is a negative character of the drama .


Nam Bo Ra who will be acting as Chun Jung Myung's  younger  sister .


Ahn Nae Sang who will be acting Jae In 's father (Park Min Young) .


Jang Young Nam role as Jae In 's mother .


Kim Sun Oh và Lee Moon Shik  also joins  Man of Honor .


One more Choi Ran  joins  the drama .


Here is the friary where Jae In (Park MinYoung) lived and grew up .










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