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Relient K - Pressing On

Guest lol

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Hm, his singing style doesn't really fit the type of song that " pressing on " is. His voice is kind of meant for songs like Lifehouse. Also, it seems like he loses his breath alot so his voice doesn't sound that strong. But, I'm sure that if he puts in some more practice and stuff he can do it.

Overall, it sounded alright.

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Guest thesarahchong

^ Basically agree.

First, I want to say that I really like Relient K, and was surprised to see a thread on someone singing one of their songs. He has a pretty nice voice, but it doesn't really match the type of song. It was interesting hearing the song played w/ an acoustic rather than the whole electric thing going in the original. (:

So yeah, I think that slower songs would do him more justice, since he fast-paced ones are hard to keep breath.

But the thing is, I know nothing of music & singing sooooo.

This is coming from a hypocrite. (:

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