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How to dry permed hair?

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Hey guys,

I recently redid my perm (say 3 weeks ago?) after about a year.

My first perm was really cute, and I had no problems with it at all. However, it's this second perm that's kind of driving me crazy!

I got bigger curls this time and I wanted it to look like this:


(the picture of sunny, i actually chose this same exact picture when the styling lady asked me to choose the type of wave i wanted.)

The perm came out well and it's sticking, but I suppose because my hair is so long, that the weight of the hair is stretching the curls out. It's NOT cute, especially because there are strands of hair that straighten out (but not perfectly straight, kind of a kinky straight). My hair just looks messy. :/

Does anybody have any tips on how to dry my hair so it comes out with bouncy curls instead of heavy, stretched out curls?

I'd like to use the least amount of product as possible because I have really sensitive skin and it'll just make me break out.

I DO use a gel and leave in conditioner to try and hold the curls and keep the frizz out of it. I've tried to apply the products at different times (or rather when my hair is of different dampness 'levels' for lack of better term haha), I've tried sleeping on them....

ANY type of help would be appreciated! :))

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@Bunny: I don't really like sleeping with my hair tied up because my hair is tied up all day because of work. -.-;;

BUT I have tried it, and my hair just ends up looking messy, perhaps there's a special way to tie it up? a tutorial perhaps? lol

@panda: yeah, I like letting my hair air dry but it's when I air dry it that it turns out with the stretched out curls...

My hair just ends up looking frizzy... :(

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well, perms are messy curls, cannot look perfect like that girl's. That girl uses hair rollers or curling iron to make the curls look neat like that.

After you wake up in the morning, yes, the curls will look limp.

Wet your hand with water and then scrunch your hair. That will wake up your curls.

To untangled your curls, You can try brushing the curls with wide-tooth comb. Hold the middle part of your hair, and comb the curls gently. It will separate and untangled the curls without tugging/pulling. It's the same as using your fingers, but the result is better with the comb, it gets rid the frizz too. Scrunch the hair again to make the curls look more defined.


There's no special way to tie it up, just twist and tie it up in donut shape and pin it w/ bobby pins. Then in the morning I unpin the bun and brush the curls w/ the comb.

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as already stated, perms are messy curls and you cannot achieve the look you linked with a perm. that's the work of a curling iron, straightening iron and/or velcro rollers. however, in terms of coercing the curls out of your hair:

1. DO NOT BRUSH YOUR HAIR. if your stylist didn't tell you this, they should be fired. detangle with a wide-tooth comb in the shower. brushing/combing when dry destroys the curls.

2. less is more. the less product you use, the better otherwise they put too much weight on your curls. if your hair is dry, you need to change shampoo/conditioners and find one that is more moisturizing or consider shampooing less. all you need is a good curl cream.

3. diffuse. get a diffuser attachment for your blowdryer if you don't have one.

how i do my hair (which is permed/has a body wave): detangle hair in shower (shampoo every 5 days only). towel dry and apply conditioner. finish the rest of my shower. rinse out conditioner. wring out until it doesn't drip (i don't towel dry here, because it makes my hair kinda frizzy). apply curl cream and scrunch. blowdry hair on low with diffuser (youtube it if you aren't sure how). when almost completely dry, i mash all my hair together in a messy bun (no twisting or anything, because that kills the curls) and i clip it up for however long i have until i go to where i need to go. take down, and enjoy!

hopefully this helps!

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i have natural wavy/curly hair but maybe this can help you.

so this is what i do:

i wash my hair with shampoo & conditioner for curly hair

i always and only brush my hair in the shower

then i dry it with a towel

then i apply cream/gel (herbal essences curl scrunching gel) while still wet 

and i  let it air dry.

what I've seen is that my curls tend to look different depending on the product i use. I've tried many gels & creams and this one (herbal essences gel) seems to work the best (for me). so maybe you can give it a try or try other products? i don't know if its different with permed hair thou. and as someone already said don't brush your hair after is dry.

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