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[Drama 2012] Vampire Prosecutor 2 뱀파이어 검사 2

Guest aok

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devikartika said: Brace yourself for this heartbreaking news. Schedule of OCN's Line-up 1. Cheoyong (Jan-Mar) 2. 10 Days Ago 3. God's Quiz 4 (Will be broadcast on May 18) 4. Bad Man (Oct-Dec) 'The Vampire' is not on the agenda of this year's OCN. Goodbye 2014

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Guest denzai

More South Korean formats set for Stateside adaptation

Patrick Frater

Asia Bureau Chief

HONG KONG – Santa Monica-based Intrigue has signed a deal with South Korean media giant CJ E&M to option two of the Korean company’s series for U.S. remake.

TV PILOTS/DEVELOPMENT SCORECARD: Follow all of the development action during upfront season

The deal covers “3rd Hospital,” which aired on CJ’s tvN network, and “Vampire Prosecutor” (pictured) which has been a ratings winner on OCN.

“3rd Hospital” follows the dramatic conflict between traditional Eastern medicine and modern medical advances as two brothers from both fields fight to save patients’ lives using different tools. “Vampire Prosecutor” is the story of a vampire who uses his uncanny powers to solve crimes, but the one case he can’t solve is the identity of the vampire who first bit him seven years ago.

“’3rd Hospital’ is a very timely piece. In this age of modern medicine, so-called ‘alternative’ practices – especially in the U.S. – are becoming more common, while ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ is a one of a kind crime thriller that deftly blends two proven genres with a compelling, new premise,” said Tariq Jalil, president of Intrigue in a statement.

The series are not the first Korean formats to be optioned for U.S. remake. Last year Fake Empire Entertainment revealed that it is to produce a version of “Nine: Nine Time Travels” for ABC Studios. The original Korean show also played on tvN and was licensed by CJ E&M to some 30 territories. The remake deal was partially brokered by “Lost” and “Mistresses” star Kim Yunjin.

Intrigue’s credits include “Operation Repo.” a reality series based on a Spanish-language format from Telemundo. Over 200 episodes have been produced to date.

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I've just finished season 1 and now I'm on episode 3 of season 2.

Btw I find there are quite a lot of inconsistencies regarding Yoo Jung In (Lee Young Ah) character. First, in the season 1 episode 1, she's introduced as a character who's quite cheerful and bubbly, then as episode goes by, she becomes more and more serious, and until season 2 she's so serious. If you compare her in season 1 episode 1 with the next episodes especially season 2, it's like her character is different with each other. I assume this is because the production team decided to change her characteristic in the middle of season 1, maybe because they found her serious character is more liked by viewers and more suitable.

Second, on season 2, she changed a lot. I can accept her hairstyle change since you can't keep the same hairstyle forever, and maybe the production team think this hairstyle is more suitable with her serious character, whilst her hairstyle back then in season 1 is more suitable with her supposedly cheerful bubbly character in the beginning. But the change of clothes and makeup are also quite prominent . Lee Young Ah looks a lot prettier by that, but I can't help but think this character of Yoo Jung In in season 2 is like a different person compared with season 1 with that big change. I mean about her clothes, it's been talked a bit in season 1 back then, when the sexy doctor retorted back to YJI about YJI clothes, but YJI at that time felt it was okay and she didn't show the will to change her clothes up to the end of season 1. But then on season 2 YJI suddenly changed her style and wears a lot of casual clothes. I find this aspect has a big influence as well about her character, like on season 1 one of the characteristic I got from YJI wearing all those formal clothes is she's old-fashioned and stiff. But suddenly on season 2 she changed that, which I can't help but think it's inconsistent with her character back then. Her makeup changed as well, is thicker now on season 2. On season 2 I get the feeling that the production team want to make YJI character similar with those female lead characters on Western detective dramas like CSI etc, which I don't really like it since it's inconsistent with her character back then. So I wish they kept at least that old-fashioned character and made her light up a bit.

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Has anyone seen the line up for 2015? Are my eyes playing tricks with me or is that Min (or possibly someone who resembles him) sitting on a chair, sporting the same vampiric blue eyes?!!

Here's a screenshot: 



Check it out: 


Or is this another OCN joke to lead the fans on? :tears:


I can't read Korean, so if anyone can kindly translate what's written in the images? TIA! 

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@bella1025  It might be joke or a spinoff. The actor playing Min is in another drama for the fall, so he is already busy. I have no idea how their drama is done so we will have to wait.

​I think VP (don't remember which season) once aired in December, if I'm not mistaken. So I can wait. I really hope to learn what happened to Jung In and Min. I miss LYA. The drama's she's had after are just not my taste. 

A spin-off's okay, so long as it stars most of the original cast in VP---except the b***h prosecutor. :P 

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@bella1025... Chingu, me too her other dramas were not do great. I was so disappointed in them except for the daily she is in now Run Jang Mi and Golden Bride. It started off really good and now they are turning her character into a doormat. I hope Prosecutor Mon and Yoo come back. They had such good chemistry  and really god acing.

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Hello! I know it's been pretty long, but I've just finished marathoning VP1 and 2, is there still hope for a third season? One with the original cast and all. I might try the spin off, but now my heart isn't quite in it. After that ending cliff hanger, I'm looking for answers:sweatingbullets: Read through all 85 pages in a sitting, and I have a theory about Bad Blood.

In season 1, Bad Blood was literally the blood of people who had committed crimes, Chief Jang killed these people to feed Yeon Ji. I think this showed that she was beyond redemption, but also that Chief Jang failed to educate her that her need for blood had to be stopped. She was just a kid, who (I hope) couldn't tell right from wrong. It was hinted that Bad Blood could be a person, but then, I thought of it more as a tainted lineage. One specific kind of vampire blood that needed blood/to kill like crazy. 

In hindsight, I think I was just trying to rationalise how Yeon Ji could bite Tae Yeon. Seeing his eyes widen and fall down, you could almost see his heart break. Then when she's shot, and says that it hurts, she was unrepentant, and I don't believe that she couldn't see Tae Yeon's pain.

In season 2, Dr. La tells us about the Lilith Project, and how he has seen Bad Blood, the original vampire who was used as an experiment. While Bad Blood may have killed everyone there, it tells us quite clearly that the government was involved in experimenting on vampires, so the higher ups may well know of vampires. Bad Blood may be a single vampire, but I don't think he was created. With all the mysticism and all, it probably goes to history and first vampires and all, then Bad Blood was captured for experiments. I think he was called Bad Blood, because to 'them' (government/scientists maybe?) vampire blood was bad. It made people drink blood and kill people and all.

Also, Chief Jang's finger twitch means that he woke up again. If there's a hooded figure, it should be him. Until, and if S3 comes out, I'm just going to believe that he, instead now, captured Tae Yeon. Given how Yeon Ji is gone, he must be feeling guilty, so like Dr. La did, tries to keep Tae Yeon safe. Gets him out from bombed area -> Drugs him -> Confines him. So bad people continue to die, no one knows where Tae Yeon is, Chief Jang procures blood for Tae Yeon. 

After all, wide eyed look must mean that he recognises the person/is shocked. So unless it's one of the people who are 'dead', then it would be someone he thought wouldn't capture him.

His team seem fine, so the latter is unlikely? If it's dead, I think Chief Jang would make the perfect vampire for comeback. Unless, it's Park Hoon, who was also supposedly dead. (Reference to the title heh)

What does everyone else still here think? Are you still hoping for Season 3?

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