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The Official Dooley/YongShin Couple Thread (Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye)

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snow7ysGo back to your work..enough of all this nonscense:( shin would never date a guy who's younger to her , she always said she want to date in secret and will reveal her relationship only a day before her wedding and finally she will get married only in 31 and she has 3 long years for that:) and in the picturees dispatch released there were not like dating:D there was always been a gap between them a solid long gap..They were not even holding hands. Baby girl @ssinz7 we don't know what situation you are into but you are not someone who change words and we know the love between you and Yong hwa..whatever it takes we will wait for you and yong hwa..be strong..We love you and will always be rooting for you and Yonghwa..yongshin on the way. (Sorry for all those who dm me..I could be reply you but will do.for sure..All I want to say it..yongshin is real..so let's stay together forever. We know how much love Yong has in his eyes when shin is near him..I and once again say we are not delusonal and we will never will be) whatever happens sail your yongshin ship towards the destination our dream big day:)
YongShin forever:heart:tumblr_ouz5yyKqT21suaw8oo3_r1_540.gif

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