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[Drama 2011] A Thousand Kisses (천번의 입맞춤)

Guest fanda4000

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Guest fanda4000

[MBC] Seo Young Hee, Ji Hyun Woo, Ryu Jin, Kim So Eun

A Thousand Kisses - 천번의 입맞춤


Series Details

Title: 천번의 입맞춤 / Chunbuneui Ibmatchoom

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 50

Broadcast network: MBC

Broadcast period: 2011-Aug-20 to TBA

Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:40

Official Website: here

Ratings: here

Viki Channel/Page: here

Subtitles: WithS2 currently has this show under advisement || Dark Smurf Sub


A drama that deals with the age differences in relationships. Woo Joo Young and Jang Woo Bin explore the older woman-younger man relationship whereas Jang Woo Jin and Joo Young's younger sister, Joo Mi, deal with the huge age gap between them. -- DramaBeans

Main Cast (from Left to Right)


Seo Young Hee as Woo Joo Young

Ji Hyun Woo as Jang Woo Bin

Ryu Jin as Jang Woo Jin

Kim So Eun as Woo Joo Mi

Extended Cast (from Left to Right)


Kim Chang Sook as Min Ae Ja

Jung Ga Eun (정가은) as Jang Hye Bin

Lee Soon Jae as Jang Byung Doo

Cha Hwa Yun as Yoo Ji Sun

Extended Cast (from Left to Right)


Shim Hyung Tak as Park Tae Kyung

Jung Jae Soon as Yum Jung Soon

Goo Seung Hyun as Park Chan Noh

Additional Cast (from Left to Right)


Cha Soo Yun as Han Yoo Kyung

Nam Ji Hyun as Jang Soo Ah

Ban Hyo Jung as Cha Kyung Soon

Lee Mi Young as Oh Bok Joo

Additional Cast (from Left to Right)


Lee Ja Young as Yang Joon Hee

Kim Chang Wan as Jang Byung Shik

Yoon Doo Joon as Yoon Ki Joon (cameo)

Correlation Chart (Translated by: lucky_moon)


Production Stills






Kim So Eun joins A Thousand Kisses.

Ji Hyun (of 4Minute) Cast in A Thousand Kisses.


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If there is anything specific you want added to the front page PM me and I will take the additional information under advisement.

This is a work in progress.

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Guest cxxstar

Thank you for making this thread!

FInally Kim So Eun's drama comeback!! I'm so excited about it. I hope the drama's good.

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Guest ember880222

OMG!!! Can't wait to watch this drama, love the couple of So Eun & Ryu Jin.... They are quiet match eventhough they got a big age gap... But they really doesn't look different, they are so sweet together!!! Support!!!

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Guest bee_lover

FINALLY.. i've been looking for this thread. thanks to semi fly for creating this thread. YAY!! so excited for KSE's comeback, SIGH for the number of episodes. Well if I could bear Fine Windy Day, then another 50 episodes drama will be nothing. I've watched the 40secs preview (thanks to Showtime24) and it looks interesting, doesnt it remind you of BOF, SE tried hard to get KB's attention there, and here, she also takes first action to approach Ryu Jin.

I also like SYH since Queen Seon Deok and Ji Hyun Wook from Birth of The Rich, so it seems like this drama will be so enjoyable, at least for me. wishing reeeeaaaallllly hard that this drama will get high rating. I know rating is not everything but as die hard KSE fan, I want more people, especially korean citizens, appreciate her talent. she deserves more.

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Guest cxxstar

I just started watching "Hooray for Love" which is going to be another 50 episode drama...so I'll have that one and this one!!! I guess I won't have to worry about what dramas to watch for quite awhile now. :P

Thank you for the Press Conference photos, So Eun looks lovely as usual. :)

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So eun seems to be ignored by Ryu at the beginning of the drama...so that's interesting...maybe he's doing that because of the age dif and he already feels something for her....lol I can't believe I'm already making assumptions on the storyline I'm just TOO EXCITED for this XD

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Guest vivaciousvixen

^LOL Kim So Eun looked so cute when she rejected Ryu Jin. :lol:

Seo Yeong Hee looked very stunning. :)

Can someone translate the presscon? :D I'm curious of what they were saying.

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Guest mayadee666


Thank you so much for sharing the GIFS. So Eun looks really cute when she's shy. Poor Ryu Jin, he got rejected in front of the media hahahah...

I think KSE was just being respectful because he's still her sunbaenim after all.


I heard also KSE said she thought Ryu Jin only a couple of years apart older than her, but when she looked his biography on the internet she was shocked because of the big age gap difference. So she's feeling quite nervous at first whether she can build the chemistry with Ryu Jin or not. Oh well, her latest drama was also paired with much older man right (Jin Yi Han)? So I think she'll do great in this drama. Can't wait for this weekend.

Btw, this is Kim So Eun's cut from the press conference.



credit: namlaanh @ YT

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Annyeong! FINALLY! FINALLY! I have also been searching for this thread haha and even checked back a couple of times cause I couldn't believe that there was no thread yet. :) So Many many thanks to the thread starter! ♥ I can't really wait for this drama to air. I love all the cast and the plot seems nice. This will be my first time to watch a 50-episode drama so yeah!! Looking forward to it really. Thanks for sharing links, pictures and trailers!! ♥

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kim so eun at very long last ive been waiting for her comebck on tv for sooooo long :) why have to share title role why not her only for the whole story or rather she take the lead character not the other girl she doesnt fit to her leading man . KIM SO EUN FIGHTING!!!!!!! we miss you so much!

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the plot sounds promising and the cast looks great! looking forward to this drama! i'm such a sucker for the whole 'defy the age rule' storyline! ^_^

is it just me or the posters just look amazing!

anyway, it's not too early to make icons right?! :lol: so far i've only done jooyoung/woobin ones..



enjoy! be cool and credit if using..^_^

i'll try to make some for joomi/woojin pairing!

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Guest 04123456789

Kim So Eun + Ryu Jin = CUTE.

Can't wait to watch this drama. Always been a fan of Kim So Eun, so I'm super excited!

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