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[Drama 2011] Can't Lose 지고는 못살아

Felicia Soh

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Guest be happy

I found this artical relasted to the samr site ...sorry for poor translation as i use googel translation blush.gif

Times CWNTP Korean Chinese world: "Never throw in the towel,"

Choi Ji-woo play outside the movies do not want to Stew


STAR Chinese Channel nine o'clock drama "never throw in the towel,"

Choi Ji-woo first Sapo is gradually affecting her true self, "is afraid to speak"

play outside the movies do not want to Stew

STAR Chinese Channel are Monday through Friday at nine Korean hit "never throw in the towel" actress - dressed in Korea, Choi Ji-woo interview, talking about the first time, Sapo, in fact, affect the true self, and now gradually "dare" their the idea that the implementation of more useful things. In addition, Choi Ji-woo frankly play outside the movies, not cooking, this end of the year's expectations, hopes audiences STAR Chinese Channel in Taiwan nine stall "never throw in the towel."

Into the line for many years to "Winter Sonata", "Stairway to Heaven" and other popular image of the role of Tragic Love of Choi Ji-woo, talk at nine participating Star Chinese Channel drama "never throw in the towel", the first female lawyer to change the image of the forceful performance , Choi Ji-woo said this quite a challenge to her original personality.

Q: In real life, are there not throw in the towel, like the first fight of the character?

Choi Ji-woo said she did not like the feeling of''war''she recalled elementary school, to participate in the Games running the project, she will not sleep the night before. Choi Ji-woo said that basically do not like to be divided first, second thing, but smiled and said, if the first could get, she will try to fight champion it! Choi Ji-woo played out "never throw in the towel", and found her deep impact on this role, she is now more likely to express their opinions, because sometimes willing to express the conduct of the matter, but also a good development.

Q: As the "never throw in the towel," the story curtain Soon Choi Ji-woo with yoon sang hyun is to play husband and wife bicker close and love the interaction, she quickly understood to be the first time,''ripening''cooperation with the familiarity of yoon sang hyun?

Choi Ji-woo praised yoon sang hyun good get along, often funny everyone happy, so very happy to have two co-understanding, vivid performances and intimacy between husband and wife dispute.

Q: Choi Ji-woo time when asked about the end of the year so this year she is the things that most impressed by what?

Choi Ji-woo said the play is taken bits and pieces.

yoon sang hyun has revealed that Choi Ji-woo is the ideal type of condition than her high! Choi Ji-woo will be wearing high heels as long as higher than the yoon sang hyun seems yoon sang hyun does not comply. As in the play, not the cause of Choi Ji-woo played positive husband was very hard, she hoped that the other half, in addition to be a soul, got along well, but also have a positive attitude.

In addition, Choi Ji-woo consecutive years as ambassador of organ donation, organ donation card also signed for the original decision to do this, Choi Ji-woo said that is not difficult, as have many friends around this concept, which is also behind the back in the community a good way.

Referred to future plans, Choi Ji-woo said the Christmas holidays the exact plan yet, but she was looking forward to "never throw in the towel" in the STAR Chinese Channel, Monday to Friday, nine Taiwan premiere night, the audience can give in support of Taiwan.

Main source : http://www.cwntp.com/2011/12/cwntp_5764.html

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Guest be happy

Yoon Sang Hyung saw Choi Ji-woo on the bed

- 38-year-old sportsman at home declined Daozhui woman off screen


STAR Chinese Channel, 9 pm drama "never throw in the towel" actor Yoon Sang Hyung the "Korean Takuya Kimura," said, he thanked the stars with this face, so he easily penetrating the Japanese market, Taiwan's fans protest against him from time to time to Japan to run, he says with a laugh: "As long as Taiwan fans call me, I will go to Taiwan!"

Yoon Sang Hyung in the "never throw in the towel" and Choi Ji-woo has a "woman on the man down" the marital relationship

for the first time and Cui days after the show, Sex in the first scene is of his impression?

He praised: "do not know that she is a goddess before, making the show, and found her personality approachable, very good."

38 years old, he has come to marriageable age, "never throw in the towel" played by Choi Ji-woo Daozhui a small man, she was off screen "active women" timid, he said: "If I have liked girls, I would to close. "because he believed that at this age, girls are still so active, a Johnson too.

The other half of the conditions for the future only "love clean" enough, also revealed his love of housework, love cooking, says proudly: "If I were female, must be a good wife and mother."

----- sorry for poor traNSLATION AS I USE GOOGEL :crazy: ----

source : http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2011/new/dec/8/today-show11.htm

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Guest be happy

Director Yi Jae Dong (Can’t Lose, MBC)

Chosen as one of best director in 2011


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Guest be happy

Wowo lovely pic for our lovely couple they look here very cute and as if husband and wife :rolleyes:

this is wall paper for cant lose permotion in Taiwan

Wallpaper of Hyuniwoo on AirCamel Taiwa



you can also leave comment on and gain one of tree prizes


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