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[JDrama 2011] Zenkai Girl


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OMG.. I loved this J-Drama, Ryo and Yui did a good job, since the first episode i love them. Hinata and Pitaro children very honest and sincere they teach us that life is easy despite the obstacles that as adults we get.

And finale episode was so beautiful. Both reached their dreams in their way i'm glad to have found this j-story.

Just why is too short?:sweatingbullets:

I'll be looking for a new good j-drama... recommendations

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Guest jollibee

when i first saw it i have to say that i was kind of doubtful about it..

but when i started watching it i really had a lot of fun..

its been so long since i last watched a good japanese series...

and this one never disappointed me..


the kids were great...

best actors in the series...

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Definitely da best watching summer drama in 2011, very interesting story line & entertaining! definitely worth watching :rolleyes:

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It was my first Jdrama...great one...i'll never forget that scene when he told the boy that he is an obstacle in his life and he do not won't him anymore...just to make him go with his mum...boy cried and he left with such pain on his face...and heart as well...even now just to think of it makes my eyes full of tears 

A must watch drama hail.gif...well for those who loves more mature dramas

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