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[ JDrama 2011] Ikemen Desu Ne


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Guest Jacki771


About Tama and Taipi experiment clips:

the first experi. was about how woman who wore red clothes would turn on sexual tension in men ...haha ... Both of them were cute kids who was really embarrased in this situation :D

The second one was about how drinking milk before and after hot spicy curry food (40x more spicy than normal) would make your mouth and body cooler

ha ha .... Tama expression was " This is really dumb.......... give up" ....haha ...:crazy:

I want to try this trick when I eat very spicy food :P

The third one was about how eating young bees would be like the same taste and flavor as eating fish and eels .

I think Tama liked it  ....hahahaha :lol:


thanks for One dream mp3 .

Please update often if you can .

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Thank you so much for explaining...now I understand. I thought they were trying to get the heart-rate for different outfits...the lady was a little funny looking....is that why Tama looked so bored? because he's not attracted to the lady?

omygawd, tama is so different from REn, lol, especially in the one where he was eating that bee.

I hope the mods won't come here and close this thread because of off-topic convos.... :wub:

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111022 taipi on Mosimo Tour, visit straw mushroom factory, eat mushroom dishes and go spa




again taipi is unlucky boy, some of the mushroom dishes he didn't get to eat, have to see other people eat.


shiget last time posted the Kis-My-Ft2 - SC 111014 everybody go sub performance, now the eng sub is out:



shared another past kis-my-ft2 performance, the song is nice:



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[NEWS] Ikemen desu ne drama A.N.JELL to perform “promise” on the 24th on Coming Soon!

My link

also for the butai, Kitayama and Miyata appear on King’s Brunch! (2011.10.22)


My link


[sC clip] 090208 Kis-My-Ft2 - Talk and Kis-My-Calling performance, Talk part eng sub

My link

from: http://ryo-anne.livejournal.com/43005.html

the talk focus mainly on tama, recommended to watch if u have not watched it before

the clip says tama will use cute child-like words when saying.

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Guest Shiget^

I bring you good news ^^

Tamamori Yuta won Best New Actor Award in TV Navi's 2011 Summer Cool Dramas of the year ^^


Taipi is number 2 in the best new actor category too, same with Miichan in the best new actress award

Miichan is also number 3 in the Best Actress category, Ikemen desu ne is number 5 best drama ^^


Coming soon tonight im so excited XDD

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Guest Shiget^

ANJELL on Coming Soon


So Okay they promoted the OST ^^ they all looked different Miichan's hair is a bit long, Taipi had a trim, Hika colored his hair dirty blonde XD

Nakai congratulated them for getting no.1 in Oricon charts, they said this is the time they appeared together after the drama, nakai said it must be hard when the drama ended, and taipi said it was, theyre really grateful for the staffs on the last shooting day all of them cried <3 Nakai said what else do you want to do? Miichan said she wants to have a fanmeeting and meet all the fans ^^ Nakai said how about PART2? and they all said they would like to do that too ^^

they performed the long ver of promise after the perf nakai's been reading tweets, fans are saying they would like a fanmeeting too ^^

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Thank you, Shiget^! Seeing the screencap, I didn't realise just how much I missed the cast. Hope Taipi keeps this hair for a long, long time. Don't go back to that Russell Brands' nest! Dirty-blonde-haired Hikaru is <333 At this point, I think he can rock any hair colour.

Congrats to Tama-chan for winning Best New Actor in TV Navi! Sad that Miichan came in second but Ohisama was big in the summer so it's understandable.

Johnny-san, if you can give A.N.JELL CD debut, you can give them concert/showcase/fanmeeting/SOMETHING! If that does happen, I'll forever envy Miichan. To be the only girl in the sea of Johnny's... yeah, I'm jealous alright.

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111022 ikemen desu ne butai King's Brunch promotional clip



111024 A.N.Jells coming soon talk + promise

around 29min 30sec start


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111025 Taipi & Tama at TV Asahi’s Nakai Masahiro No Ayashii - Experiment 4 test cut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRpW2gawMHI

hopefully shiget or someone can explain what the experiment is actually about. Can see it is something to do with watching japanese anime or something.

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I've been checking this thread everyday....I've probably watched Ikemen like over 10 times now. lols

anyway....I was reading Kismyft2 mag trans...Popolo...or some other idol mag.....Tama-chan's ideal girl is someone with short hair! He even said that it doesn't matter if its crew cut.lol....remember that behind the scene clip when mio cut her hair and showed it to the boys afterwards....I wonder if tama-chan was just trying to hold back his smile or something....must've thought how pretty mio looked.


poor tamamori...he had to eat curry again.lol

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- from shiget blog http://kamipinku.tumblr.com/post/12312115623/kuroshiro-judge-variety-20111101-the-part-where

The part where tamachan cries, They tried him to test cola with that 40 times spicy food, of course we all know cola doesnt wear off the spiciness of a food so of course he’ll feel it. It wasn’t actually mentioned in the clip why he cried most of us know, he cried because how spicy it was but tamachan actually cried because he said the other time when he ate that 40x spicy food his stomach was bad for 2-3 days, so i guess he was scared and frustrated to have eaten it again :( thats why he even cursed ><

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Guest Shiget^

Academy Drama awards results are out!

unfortunately Ikemen desu ne didnt didnt win best drama, Tamachan didnt win best actor too, Miichan is 3rd place in the Best Actress category

I dont have the full list of the top 5, but the list is here top3:


but its okay, they got enough awards and recognition already ^^

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think hardly people come update anymore, anyway i just post over one article which i think ikemen desu ne fans might find it interesting - a past article:

My link

forget to mention that jounetsu-8 have subbed last fri shounen club performance which our 3 A.N.jell (except Miori) went to perform.

do go and download the subbed performances. the raw video My link

of coz jounetsu8 previously also subbed part of fuji Waratte iitomo ikemen desu ne ost promotional clip - Anjell guest house

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Updates about tama, taipi and miori

Tamachan and Taipi attended Jang Geun Suk’s Concert in Tokyo dome last month. Miori started shooting for Hungry. “Hungry!” will air on Fuji TV on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm. The series premieres in January.

shiget's translation at tumblr

Miichan will be in a love triangle, plays a 20 year old college student, who Osamu thinks is noisy or irritating, but she's innocent and cheerful girl. Miichan will slowly like Osamu’s character, Osamu has a girlfriend whose actually 3 years older than him, i think who is an office girl ^^

so I think Miichan will be one of the main characters. of course Goro will be the rival french chef of Osamu ^^


Takimoto’s character is a 20-year-old college student named Chie who comes from a farming family. Although she initially had a bad impression of Eisuke, she begins to develop feelings for him after tasting his cooking.


taipi will be acting in winter drama : Risou no Musuko as supporting role. Yamada and Nakajima will play classmates, while Fujigaya is said to take on the role of their upperclassman (senpai). The broadcasting station is NTV (which previously broadcasted Misaki No.1) and the drama is to air in the Saturday night slot.

Reposted from: shatteredtenshi

As for Risou no Musuko, Tai-chan will be playing a delinquent again. 8D; Tai-chan did comment that his character has a dream though, and that in terms of parents, his mother had disappeared I believe. Looking forward to more details of the whole story (other than Yamada giving up on going to a good school with reputation to go to the school where his mother works in the cafeteria or something to protect her) and how exactly Tai-chan's role would be involved in the story.


Hikaru as Hey say jump will be holding new year concert 2012 in japan


Of coz Kis-my-ft2 releasing new album We never give up, do go keep a look-out for them if u like them. PV alrdy out.

My link

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I got to said I didn't want to watch this version but i give it a try and end up like this version a lot. Love how they change some stuff and add twist making Toru like Yuki. :lol:.....I like the last episode the most...Kind of better then the last episode of k- version. Miko got to go to Africa in the end and show how she came back as Ren waited for her. Also I can't remember in the K-version did the mom apology to Mi Nyeo or not but in this version the mom apology to Miko and to her son. It seem like Ren and his mom are on good term in the end. In the K-version I remember Tae Kyung and his mom wasn't on good term yet in the end. Tae Kyung haven't forgive his mom yet.

I really hope there be a season 2.

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